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December 16th, 2013

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 methods for the treatment of psoriasis

Methods for the treatment of psoriasis

For the treatment of psoriasis in the complex therapy can be used Chinese patch of psoriasis delicate skin. He is well softens the skin, makes it thinner psoriatic plaques, promotes the total destruction of psoriasis.

The adhesive composition comprises borneol, camphor, eucalyptus oil, flyuotsinonid, methyl salicylate. Such a formulation of the patch allows him to exert the following effects: skin tone walls of capillaries and improves microcirculation, inhibit the excessive reproduction (proliferation) of cells of the epidermis, to remove the inflammation and swelling of the skin, inhibit skin sensitization. Borneol with camphor relieve swelling, reduce pain. Methyl salicylate, stimulates local blood circulation, has a soothing property. Antiseptic eucalyptus oils provide skin disinfection.

The patch is applied in the following way: remove the protective film, paste plaster on the damaged skin for one to three days. If the patch is spontaneously separated, you need to remove it and stick a new one. The procedure must be repeated until the complete elimination of the psoriatic lesions.

Side effects of patch: prolonged use can cause atrophy (decrease in volume) of the skin at the point of blending, telangiectasia (dilation of small blood vessels and the appearance of visible vascular mesh or asterisks), folliculitis (superficial pustules on the skin), contact dermatitis (skin irritation).

Do not use this patch if you are hypersensitive to its components of the patient, during pregnancy and nursing Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice
   breast, as well as damage to the surface of the skin. Not recommended for use on the face, and during hot weather.

Of course, to apply a patch of psoriasis can be just talking to your doctor.


Treatment of Psoriasis using power

Effective treatments for psoriasis today are increasingly associated with the nutrition of patients. Of great importance in the treatment of psoriasis is the correct nutrition to the exclusion from the diet spicy, fatty, fried, smoked foods and sweets.

Today, it found that eating large amounts of high-calorie food (especially fatty meat) provokes the development of relapses.

In contrast, a temporary transition to vegetarian food can prevent relapse, or to suppress it in the beginning. Some experts practice starvation treatment of psoriasis, and if this method is suitable to the patient, it can also prevent a relapse.


Psoriasis Treatment method Pagano

There are new treatments for psoriasis. Thus, the American osteopath John Pagano has developed its own system to get rid of psoriasis by means of cleansing the body and nutrition. The system is based on its contention that psoriasis is caused by toxins formed due to improper digestion. A wrong is directly related to the digestion of food consumed and the high acidity of the blood.

To translate acidic blood alkaline, D. Pagano recommends that you clean the body of accumulated toxins over a long period and then use the constant diet to stop the process of further poisoning toxins.

Cleansing should take place from the inside using a cleansing diet, herbal teas complex, treatment of the spine and some external means. Toxins are derived by cleansing the colon using a laxative food and beverages. From the lungs and skin toxins are eliminated through sweat during a steam bath, and with the help of a specially developed technique of deep breathing. For deeper cleaning effect Pagano recommends a course kolonoterapii (washing the intestines with the help of special equipment). In order to safeguard the right composition of intestinal microflora Pagano advises kolonoterapii accompany the procedure with a three-day apple diet.

Diet method Pagano should strictly regulate the acid-alkaline balance. The daily diet should consist of 70-80% of schelocheobrazuyuschih products and 20-30% of the acid-forming.

Schelocheobrazuyuschih products - it's fresh and stewed fruits (except for cranberries Cranberries for health and beauty  Cranberries for health and beauty
 , Currants, prunes, plums, blueberries) and vegetables (except tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, limit - beans, rhubarb, pumpkin, brussel sprouts), freshly squeezed lemon juice, grape juice, pear, apricot, papaya, mango, pineapple Pineapple: caloric and other features of sweet fruit  Pineapple: caloric and other features of sweet fruit
 , Grapefruit and orange; Fresh vegetable juices of carrots, celery, beets, parsley, spinach, onions, alkaline mineral water "Essentuki-4", "Smirnoff" and so on.

Acid-forming foods - is meat, cereals, cheese, sugar, potatoes, dried peas, beans, butter, cream and meat.

Because the diet is better to exclude the union of several acid-forming foods at one meal, sweets, vinegar, canned foods, alcoholic beverages.

It is also recommended to eliminate drug overdose, irregular bowel habits, sedentary lifestyle, mental inactivity and negative emotions.


How to treat psoriasis - complementary therapies

It is increasingly used today such additional treatments like color therapy, which was used in ancient times. It turns out that a new treatment for psoriasis - is well forgotten old. The method is based on the fact that each color has its own frequency of the radiation, which has a definite impact on the human body. Color therapy for psoriasis recommends the use of the following colors:

  • green - has a soothing and anti-bacterial effect, returns a good mood; You can hang the curtains in the room green color;
  • blue - blue clothing helps to part with unpleasant memories;
  • blue - it helps get rid of the itch, restores metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   and the breath of the skin, helps to protect the skin from aging; Blue can be any accessory clothing;
  • purple - it is necessary for correction of immunity, and also helps to smooth out conflicts, increases the body's ability to adapt to the outside (including social) environment; purple pansies can be planted in front of his window.


As psoriasis is treated using ozone therapy

Ozone therapy for psoriasis is considered an effective method of treatment. Ozone - this is quite toxic oxygen species. In order to reduce this toxicity, ozone is mixed with oxygen and used for treating various diseases.

Under the influence of ozone therapy improves blood circulation in the upper layers of the skin, the blood is saturated with oxygen, removes toxins from the body, regulating the work of the immune and endocrine systems, suppresses the activity of infection (reduced risk of infection of psoriatic lesions).

Ozone may be performed in a special chamber using ozone injection around the psoriatic plaques ozone applications, intravenous ozonised saline intramuscular injection of oxygen-ozone mixture.

Of great importance is the prevention of psoriasis, especially for those with a family has psoriasis patients. Such people should avoid stress, maintain a moderately active lifestyle and carefully monitor their health - in time to cure all diseases and sanitize the foci of infection. One should not traumatize the skin (including the hard sponge), a long stay in the sun.

Be sure to get rid of bad habits, especially smoking. In recent years, it has been proven not only significant association between smoking and psoriasis, but also dependent on the number of relapses of psoriasis smoked cigarettes per day. The biggest risk are patients who smoked a pack or more of cigarettes a day. Smoking violates the circulation and the immune system and weakens the body's ability to protect themselves from the toxic effects of free radicals.

Prevention and treatment of psoriasis should be carried out consistently and strictly controlled by the attending physician. News in the treatment of psoriasis should be a cause for visiting the doctor, but in any case no cause for self-medication.