Nail psoriasis - a difficult problem - Treatment

January 6, 2014

  • Nail psoriasis - a difficult problem
  • Treatment

 Nail psoriasis treatment

Treatment of nail psoriasis

Appearance nails means a lot in today's society. Therefore, patients are often asked how to cure nail psoriasis. Such an approach is incorrect - cure psoriasis nail completely impossible. But if you properly care for your nails and treat them on prescription, the process of destruction of the nails can be suspended.

In psoriasis, the nails in the phase of stabilization and regression of the process required to prescribe vitamin and mineral supplements, which contains vitamins B, C, D, A, E and trace elements involved in the formation of the nail plate - zinc, selenium, silicon calcium.

To date protivopsoriaticheskim tools include retinoids - drugs on the basis of activated vitamin A. Retinoids inhibit the amplification process of cell reproduction surface epithelium (peeling of the skin decreases) at the same time stimulate the maturation of new skin cells, and improve the growth and metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   in the nail plate.

But the effect of retinoids on the skin and its appendages are not fully understood, moreover, with the systemic use of these drugs have many side effects, so they try to appoint only in severe forms of psoriasis of the nail, including the onycholysis with defeat at least four nail plates. Long course of treatment - from six months to a year, you are advised to regularly verify the function of the liver.

In severe cases, the requirements as prescribed medications that suppress inflammation and proliferation process (reproduction power) skin cells - immunomodulators and glucocorticoid hormones.

Mild forms of nail psoriasis do not require treatment. Usually quite a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, vitamin therapy to halt the spread of psoriasis. Apply special nail polish, psoriatic. When applied on the nails a varnish, firstly, hides defects Nail, and secondly, inhibits the process of destruction of the nail and infections.

Good daily massage helps periungual tissue, which is best done with an oil solution of vitamin A or sea buckthorn oil. Treatment of psoriasis fingernails massage is particularly effective. The procedure should be done before going to bed for three months. If it affects the toenails should also remember that you can only wear soft, loose shoes, the best of the leather.

Modern medicine for psoriasis The cure for psoriasis - it all depends on the form of the disease  The cure for psoriasis - it all depends on the form of the disease
   Nail - calcipotriol cream. It is applied to a thin layer on the nail and surrounding tissues once a day for 1-1 months 5.

It is widely used for the treatment of nail psoriasis (especially if it appears in the form oniholizisa) 1% solution of 5-fluorouracil (under tight bandage). Treatment long, for six months.

From physical therapy methods for the treatment of nail psoriasis Nail psoriasis - particularly the treatment and care  Nail psoriasis - particularly the treatment and care
   diathermy is used - a type of electrotherapy, based on the use of high-frequency alternating current. The flow through the tissues of the body it is accompanied by irritation of thermal receptors and the formation of heat. The procedure improves blood microcirculation, activate cell metabolism and restore damaged tissue. Diathermy is particularly effective for non-severe lesions in the form of nail thickening, increased fragility and unevenness of the nail plate.


Nail Psoriasis Treatment folk remedies

Traditional medicine keeps a lot of recipes for the treatment of nail psoriasis. On the nail plate can be applied tincture of golden whiskers (10 joints golden mustache 100 ml of vodka, insist month), the juice of celandine diluted with dry red wine (their calculation juice squeezed from 150 g of herbs in a glass of wine).

Inside you can take a decoction of laurel leaves (10 g of leaves per cup of water) on a tablespoon three to four times a day. This helps strengthen nails. Will also herbal infusions - celandine Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries  Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries
 , Striped, root elecampane.

It is of great importance and proper nail care:

  • Nails should always be clean and cut short; as a protection to them, you can apply special nail polish;
  • Avoid nail injuries, so contraindicated procedures such as manicures and pedicures;
  • domestic work, especially if it is associated with the use of household chemicals, rubber gloves should be used;
  • after each hand washing should be applied to the skin greasy hand cream.

Just visiting a doctor, you will learn how to treat psoriasis nail properly.

Galina Romanenko

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Mastocytosis - possibly fatal - Manifestations

October 25, 2009

  • Mastocytosis - possible death
  • Manifestations

What is mastocytosis and its forms

Mastocytosis - a chronic disease in which there is an active reproduction of mast cells, resulting suffer skin, bone, and internal organs. The disease usually develops in childhood or even in the neonatal period, at least - in adults.

Reasons for mastocytosis has not yet been studied. There are the following types of the disease: spotted, papular, maculopapular, teleangiektatichesky, nodular, tumor, diffuse, and bullous skin and visceral mastocytosis.

 Manifestations | Mastocytosis - possible death

The manifestations of mastocytosis

Spotted mastocytosis also called urticaria pigmentosa Hives - burning itch  Hives - burning itch
 . It is found in any age appears brown spots of various sizes from 5 to 15 mm in diameter, preferably on the skin of the torso. Very rarely these rashes appear on the oral mucosa. Eruptions occur as outbreaks, alternating with periods of remission. When friction spots redden, swell and turn into a blister (a phenomenon or a symptom of Unna). This is due to release from mast cells of biologically active substances. The general condition of the patients is usually not serious.

Papular mastocytosis seen a small amount of brownish nodules. Often it combined with patchy form (pyatnosto-papular mastocytosis). Sometimes spotty background or papular mastocytosis on the skin appears a large number of telangiectasia (teleangiektatichesky mastocytosis, telangiectasia - a persistent local dilation of small blood vessels). The phenomenon of Unna in these forms of mastocytosis positive.

Knotty and bullous mastocytosis is more common in infants and children up to two years. Nodular form is characterized by the appearance of flat oval isolated or grouped nodules diameter 1-1, 5 cm. Light yellow with a smooth, resembling an orange peel surface. In some cases, nodules have a reddish color and a tendency to merge. The phenomenon of Unna in the nodular mastocytosis negative or weakly. When bullous mastocytosis on the skin appear tight, with clear content to the diameter of the bubbles

Tumor mastocytosis is rare in newborns, he resembles a large swelling birthmark Birthmarks and hemangiomas - the face aggressive treatment?  Birthmarks and hemangiomas - the face aggressive treatment?

Diffuse (common) mastocytosis occurs in children and adults and is characterized by widespread defeat of large areas of skin or all skin. The skin lesions of yellowish color, soft texture, reminiscent of the surface of the rind of an orange, the border centers of sharply delineated. Patients often worried about itching.

Skin and visceral or systemic mastocytosis is also called a system, it is found in both children and adults. The skin may appear any skin manifestations of the disease. The defeat of the internal organs is shown enlarged lymph nodes, liver and spleen. Observed changes in the bones as osteoporosis Osteoporosis - he threatens you?  Osteoporosis - he threatens you?
   (bones become fragile and thin). Characteristic changes may occur in the brain. The skin often appears episodic swelling, accompanied by itching, reduced blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing?  Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing?
   and fever - a result of the action of histamine released by mast cells. Systemic mastocytosis is dangerous: the defeat of the internal organs of the patient may die.

 Manifestations | Mastocytosis - possible death


Diagnosis is based on the appearance of the typical symptoms of the disease, including positive symptoms of Unna. To confirm the diagnosis of a piece of tissue is taken from places of typical lesions for histological examination - to identify large accumulations of mast cells.

 Manifestations | Mastocytosis - possible death


Appointed antihistamines, glucocorticoid hormones. Single units can be removed surgically.

In order to prevent relapse of mastocytosis are advised to avoid prolonged sun exposure and overheating.

  Galina Romanenko