Treatment of psoriasis at the Dead Sea - a chance for long-term remission

January 11, 2014

 treatment of psoriasis at the Dead Sea
 Treatment of psoriasis at the Dead Sea gives many patients a chance for long-term remission of the disease. In addition, treatment with natural factors, combined with good rest and restore mental balance that is also important in the treatment of skin diseases.


What is the uniqueness of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is unique in that it is located in a cavity, located more than 400 meters below sea level. This arrangement creates special conditions: high content of oxygen in the air and penetrate through a thick layer of the atmosphere is only useful for the skin to ultraviolet rays from the medium and long-wave magnitude (V and A). Harmful same short-wave ultraviolet rays trapped in the atmosphere.

In addition, a unique water of the Dead Sea, which contains a large amount of mineral salts. The content in water of the Dead Sea salts of sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and bromine is many times higher than in other seas. A warm, dry climate favors the saturation of ions of salt air. Saturated bromine air ions has a positive effect not only on skin, but also on the nervous system, which is also very important in psoriasis. At the bottom of the Dead Sea are also deposits of sulfur, natural asphalt, copper, zinc, cobalt and other trace elements, has a beneficial effect on the skin.

In addition, the Dead Sea has a unique peloid mud - the only waste product of living creatures of the Dead Sea - archaebacteria. This mud has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. Especially useful are the mud for the treatment of articular form of psoriasis.

In the area of ​​the Dead Sea is also a unique natural mineral hot springs (Mazor, Zohar) - bath with mineral water of these sources also contribute to the recovery.

The climate at the Dead Sea is dry, the air is saturated with useful ions, sea - salts and trace elements. All this creates a unique environment for the treatment of skin diseases Skin diseases - what to do when violated the basic functions of the skin  Skin diseases - what to do when violated the basic functions of the skin
   and especially psoriasis, as well as charges for long body with vital energy.


How is the treatment of psoriasis at the Dead Sea

Dead Sea resorts are located in Israel and Jordan. Treatment at these resorts is indicated in patients with psoriasis Psoriasis - immune system alarm  Psoriasis - immune system alarm
   only in stationary and regressing stages, that is, when the spread of skin inflammation stopped. If you go to a resort with an advanced stage of psoriasis, this could contribute to a more rapid spread of the disease.

Self-treatment at the Dead Sea is not recommended. Treatment should begin with the advice of a doctor, who appoints all the procedures, including the length of stay in the sun and swimming in the sea, depending on the distribution and stage of disease.

It is generally recommended average exposure to the sun intermittently up to 6 hours per day, but this duration must be approached gradually, especially if the patient resides in areas with cold climates. Sea bathing is usually recommended for 20 minutes three times a day.

Mud is conducted in all forms of psoriasis, but the most effective mud treatments for joint shape: treatment at the Dead Sea can save these patients from pain in the joints Joint pain - how to understand what is going on?  Joint pain - how to understand what is going on?
   for several months. This also contributes to the high density of the Dead Sea: swimming in the sea offloads the joints, and hence the pain. If necessary, your doctor may prescribe additional patient physiotherapy.

The duration of the spa treatment of psoriasis at the Dead Sea must be at least a month - a shorter period reduces the effectiveness of this method.


Are there any contraindications?

As for any spa treatment, contraindications for the treatment of psoriasis at the Dead Sea is. This is primarily psoriasis in an advanced stage. It is also impossible to carry out the treatment during treatment with corticosteroids as a system in the form of tablets or injection, and topical ointments and creams. These drugs should not be canceled less than two weeks before the spa treatment.

In addition, treatment at the Dead Sea is contraindicated in photodermatosis, systemic connective tissue diseases (systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma), multiple sclerosis Multiple sclerosis - whether in remission?  Multiple sclerosis - whether in remission?
 , Severe cardiovascular diseases, acute infectious diseases, as well as an exacerbation of any chronic processes.

Of course, treatment at the Dead Sea is not a guarantee of full treatment of psoriasis, but it can significantly increase the disease remission.

Galina Romanenko

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New treatments for acne - laser cauterization, phototherapy

October 8, 2013

 new treatments for acne
 What if acne can not get rid of with the help of medication and portable devices that can be used in the home? In such cases, can help to new treatments for acne laser - professional procedures, in which laser beams are used to kill bacteria, as well as the normalization of the sebaceous glands.

 New treatments for acne - laser cauterization, phototherapy

Laser treatment

Experts say that laser therapy gives almost the same result as Accutane but without the dangerous side effects of this drug. Furthermore, the effect of laser beams contributes to the formation of collagen fibers, so that they not only make the skin more pure and rejuvenates it. This is a very effective, safe and virtually painless form of therapy, but it is not affordable for everyone. To skin condition improved markedly, it is necessary, on average, five to seven sessions of laser therapy, but the result in many cases turns out to be unstable.

Laser therapy to destroy the bacteria must be repeated after about two months after the end of the first series of sessions. Therapy, normalizes the secretion of sebaceous glands, giving more consistent results, however, the excess production of sebum may still resume after 6-12 months.

Dermatologists also noted that laser therapy in many cases turns out to be most effective if it is carried out after microdermabrasion - procedure, during which removes dead skin cells and deeply cleanses the pores.

Usually, laser therapy is prescribed only in cases where the patient does not help to antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?  Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?
   for topical application. It can also be used to treat acne Acne Treatment - proper care of inflamed skin  Acne Treatment - proper care of inflamed skin
   on large areas of skin, such as on the back.

 New treatments for acne - laser cauterization, phototherapy

Moxibustion acne at home

The newest OTC for the treatment of acne - it's not a cream or lotion, a small electronic device to cauterize acne called Zeno. In appearance, it resembles a small cell phone, or a large cigarette lighter. This arrangement provides for a controlled thermal action spots, leading to destruction of bacteria and, as a result, disappearance of acne. According to the manufacturer, to eliminate acne in most cases a single session lasting 2-3 minutes. Pimple almost completely disappears within a few hours after use Zeno. In some cases, to see the result, it takes up to three sessions throughout the day.

It sounds impressive, but experts on skin diseases is considered that the thermal effect will only if the spots are small and no serious inflammation. With moderate to severe forms of acne such a device can not cope. But Zeno could be perfect lifesaver for those who have from time to time there are some spots. By the way, this device is not the cheapest - now it can be purchased for about 215 US dollars - not including shipping costs.

 New treatments for acne - laser cauterization, phototherapy


One of the new ways to treat acne that is not widely known - photodynamic therapy, which is conducted with the use of the drug levulan. Initially, this type of therapy has been developed for the treatment of precancerous lesions of the skin caused by exposure to ultraviolet light, but today it is used for the treatment of other skin diseases, including - acne. According to experts, who first started to use photodynamic therapy, it is possible that this technique will be the first way to treat acne is really giving a stable result. Three years have passed since the first patients suffering from acne have undergone photodynamic therapy, and until the results of observations suggest that during this time a large part of the test skin problems The most common skin problems and their solutions  The most common skin problems and their solutions
   not renewed. During the procedure, a light source activates levulana properties, which kills bacteria and reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands. If patients who have previously held photodynamic therapy, and in the future there will be symptoms of acne it can be assumed that this type of treatment would be an excellent alternative for those who do not want to take Accutane.

Although photodynamic therapy is very effective, it can lead to various problems if the patient is not in accordance with the instructions of a doctor, use sunscreen and avoid exposure to sunlight. It is required to make at least 24 hours (preferably - 48 hours) after PDT therapy Photodynamic therapy - expensive but effective treatment  Photodynamic therapy - expensive but effective treatment
   - Otherwise, instead of spots on the skin may appear dark spots, get rid of which will be no less difficult than to cure acne. The reason for this is that such a therapy does skin highly sensitive to ultraviolet radiation.

In addition, photodynamic therapy is expensive - the cost of a session is approximately equal to the price for a session of laser therapy. Sessions should be held every two weeks for twelve weeks. In this case, the high cost of treatment can justify itself - photodynamic therapy gives a fairly stable result, and in addition, it is a good idea rejuvenates the skin.

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