Face masks of aloe - from the store or homemade

February 1, 2012

 facials Aloe
 Even in ancient Egypt and in ancient Greece, women used the juice of aloe for skin rejuvenation. Today the cosmetic industry adds aloe many creams, masks and lotions for skin aging. But aloe and has anti-inflammatory properties, and therefore is added and cosmetics used for acne.

 Face masks of aloe - from the store or homemade

Why Aloe has a rejuvenating effect on the skin

The composition of the aloe leaf contains many biologically active, useful for the skin substances, but the main anti-aging effect on the skin has acemannan - a substance that attracts water. The fact that with age, our skin loses water, shrinks and thus its form and wrinkles. If the process to prevent the loss of water the skin, it will cease to age. That is why beauticians are so fond of aloe.

But that's not all the benefits of aloe. A few decades ago, it was found that if a piece of wreck, to deprive him of heat and light, there are changes to facilitate adaptation to the new, more stringent conditions - produced special substance that called biogenic stimulators. By acting on the skin, biostimulants formed in aloe, restore skin cells, and it is updated, becoming more youthful. This property is particularly valuable aloe the treatment of scars formed on the skin after burn, operations, and inflammatory processes.

And contained in the leaves of aloe Aloe - its amazing healing properties  Aloe - its amazing healing properties
   antioxidants Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits  Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits
   (vitamins E, C, B group, beta-carotene) prevent effects on skin cells toxic radicals generated during the redox reactions.

All the mechanisms of action of aloe are intertwined and have a powerful anti-aging and overall anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

 Face masks of aloe - from the store or homemade

Recipes cosmetics

For this purpose, the leaves of aloe need specially prepared to contain not only attracts water acemannan, and biostimulants. A few leaves of aloe (it should be at least three years) break off and placed in the refrigerator for two weeks. Then the leaves are ground (can be a meat grinder), squeeze the juice and use it to make the home cosmetics.

 Face masks of aloe - from the store or homemade

The mask for aging skin

  • two teaspoons of any fat cream
  • teaspoon of aloe juice
  • two teaspoons of olive oil

Mix well, put on clean damp skin, massaging lines for fifteen minutes, and then remove the wet cotton swab. Making such masks twice a week for a month.

 Face masks of aloe - from the store or homemade

The mask for sensitive skin

  • three teaspoons of lime blossom
  • two teaspoons of herb St. John's wort and camomile
  • one teaspoon of rose petals

All mix, pour a half cup of boiling water, drain, add a tablespoon of aloe juice, soak a cloth with warm infusion, attach it to the face for fifteen minutes, then wash with cool water without soap.

 Face masks of aloe - from the store or homemade

Moisturizing mask for aging skin

  • tablespoon of moisturizing face cream
  • teaspoon of vodka
  • half a teaspoon of olive oil
  • two teaspoons of aloe juice

Mix thoroughly and put on clean face for twenty minutes, then remove the remnants of the mask moist cotton swab How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions  How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions

Lotion for face: aloe juice diluted with half water and use as a lotion for the face.

As with any herbal preparation, aloe has no immediate impact, but regular and prolonged use quite the effect will be seen and it will last for a long time.

 Face masks of aloe - from the store or homemade

Recipes cosmetics aloe for skin with acne

Acne - a skin young and problems are more important anti-inflammatory effect of aloe in combination with biostimulating properties. Biostimulation promotes faster resolution of any inflammatory process, including acne. Therefore, for the treatment of acne are also using a specially prepared aloe juice, which contains biologically active substances that have a stimulating effect:

  • lotion rubbing skin: Take equal parts of aloe juice and vodka, mix and wipe your face several times a day;
  • Mask for oily skin prone to acne: Beat one egg, add a tablespoon of aloe juice and ten drops of lemon juice. Beat, applied to the skin when dry, - apply another top layer and hold twenty minutes, then wash first slightly warm and then cold water;
  • Mask for oily skin Oily facial skin - a problem both sexes  Oily facial skin - a problem both sexes
 Prone to acne: a tablespoon of aloe juice; tablespoon of liquid (melted) honey; Two drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide, and two drops of 5% tincture honey. Mix and apply on your face for ten minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Aloe juice - a natural cosmetic product, accessible to everyone.

Galina Romanenko

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Treatment of alopecia folk remedies: for help from nature

March 3, 2012

 folk remedies treatment of baldness
 Rubbing the scalp stimulates hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Although this is a home remedy for hair loss seems logical, it is not supported by scientific research. The problem is that every hair on the head passes a cycle of growth. Each hair or growing or resting, in a ratio of 90 to 10. Stimulating hair follicles will not keep located in the resting phase the hair follicle back to its growth phase. Since those hairs that grow are not part of the problem of hair loss, scalp massage and they are not going to help. It makes you feel good, that's why you can massage the scalp. It's relaxing.

 Treatment of alopecia folk remedies: for help from nature

Opinions and legends

Ginkgo biloba, ginger Ginger and the most unexpected, but pleasant useful properties  Ginger and the most unexpected, but pleasant useful properties
   and cayenne pepper - they improve blood circulation in the body. Headstand also promotes a rush of blood to the scalp. Blood flow to the scalp does not change the number of hair follicles which produce new hair at any one time. It also does not revive the damaged hair follicles that are no longer able to produce new hair.

Can increase blood circulation to help you regrow hair, if your body is genetically programmed to male or female pattern baldness or you have a disease that causes hair loss? Hardly; it has not been proved unsuccessful and the majority of victims of hair loss. Anyone who has experienced hair growth with this folk remedy, perhaps coincidentally, started to use them at a time when some hair follicles resumed their normal growth after a period of rest. Therefore it started to grow new hair.

There is a perception that if applied a mixture of apple cider vinegar and sage on the scalp, the hair will grow back within a few months. Apple cider vinegar has a beneficial effect on the hair. It helps to cleanse the hair from the means to care for them. Sage can also have a similar effect. After removing the accumulated air conditioners, mousses and other means of hair care products can increase the volume of hair. Although the amount of hair on the head, most likely, will not increase, but the areas with thinning hair or bald spots will not be as noticeable. Unfortunately, many people perceive it as a sign that their hair growth resumed.

Let's face it, human beings are the only species on the planet that use extraordinary and even dangerous remedies for hair loss. The rest of the animal kingdom just live with it. People lose hair since time immemorial. Unfortunately, human beings have tried almost everything to restore normal hair growth. Despite the fact that these funds are basically useless, they live among the people, along with the legends. Moreover, almost none of the commonly used folk remedies do not have any scientific evidence to support it. Moreover, if at least some of them work, why so many people are still bald?

According to legend, suffering from hair loss just to rub the scalp with egg yolk and leave it on the affected area for an hour. Wash your hair to remove the yolk. Rinse, repeat again and again. Eggs are very accessible and relatively cheap. They, of course, cheaper than a hair transplant surgery. So why do millions of bald people around the world have not been able to recover their normal growth of hair with this home remedy?

On the other hand, people who use castor oil as a home remedy for hair loss should not only rub the oil into the scalp and hair roots, they should also wrap your head and leave the paper and butter the paper and on the head all night. Folk wisdom says that this treatment needs to be repeated for at least seven nights to see the results. It is likely that even after washing your hair every morning, the accumulation of ink on the hair would be enough to give many sufferers of hair if not more, then at least hope.

Iranian henna - a dye made from plants grown in parts of Asia and Africa. To use it as a home remedy for hair loss, it should be applied to affected areas of the scalp and leave on the head about an hour. Wash, rinse, repeat for at least ten days. If henna and hair will not return, at least, it will give your hair a new color - red. It certainly makes thinning hair less noticeable.

 Treatment of alopecia folk remedies: for help from nature


Rosemary is often found in Travnik as a cure for baldness because of its ability to cleanse the scalp and stimulate hair roots. Use rosemary should be as follows: Boil fresh or dried leaves in a few cups of water. Optionally, you can add salvia Sage - cvyaschennaya grass  Sage - cvyaschennaya grass
 , Nettle leaves and burdock. Insist rosemary and other herbs for fifteen to twenty minutes, then strain the broth and allow to cool. Rinse hair after washing one time per week. In addition, there are some commercially available shampoos which contain essential oil Essential oils and conception: can help the roses?  Essential oils and conception: can help the roses?

 Treatment of alopecia folk remedies: for help from nature


Fenugreek - a spice that is often found in the composition of curry. It is also used as a herb for stimulating the glands of the scalp, as well as to stimulate lactation in women during lactation. Fenugreek can be used to treat baldness. It is necessary to grind about a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds with a slide and mixed with water to a paste. Apply this paste on the head, hold for an hour, then rinse. Applied once per day for at least a month.

 Treatment of alopecia folk remedies: for help from nature

Apple vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another common folk remedy for baldness Funds from baldness: saving hair  Funds from baldness: saving hair
 . It is believed that apple cider vinegar normalizes fat balance and pH level of the scalp, and also carries out peeling scalp, cleaning the hair follicles. You can apply apple cider vinegar in two ways. The first method is that it is necessary to divide the hair into small strands, and with the help of cotton balls or disks apply apple cider vinegar directly to the scalp. Another way - a rinse hair with a mixture of equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water. In any case, it is necessary to leave it on the scalp for at least fifteen minutes, but no more than three hours before washing with shampoo. Apple cider vinegar is also a good hair conditioner.

 Treatment of alopecia folk remedies: for help from nature

Saw palmetto (Saw Palmetto)

In most cases, it is used to treat berry enlarged prostate and maintaining prostate health in men. Saw palmetto can also be used as a folk remedy for baldness. The fruits of saw palmetto can be taken orally as a supplement or buy a shampoo that contains extracts thereof, and to use it to wash your hair. It should be remembered that eating these fruits may interfere with the absorption of iron in the body can not use them to those who suffer from anemia, or you are taking blood thinners, if the doctor did not prescribe them.

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