All of blush - how to choose the right

July 22, 2007

 Blush - a cosmetic product which is used in very small quantities, cautiously, barely noticeable, but, nevertheless, it gives the face a healthy glow and helps to arrange the necessary accents.

It is known that paint used in ancient Egypt. Then they were applied not only in the cheek and cheekbone, and lips. In some age blush enjoyed by both women and men - in particular, it was accepted in the Regency.

Proper use of blush can help smooth out many of the shortcomings, but mistakes and carelessness will be very evident. For example, to make the nose visually shorter swipe faint stripes rouge from the middle of the nose to the tip. If the nose is very wide, you can apply a little blush on the wings of the nose.

 All of blush - how to choose the right

How to apply blush

Apply blush need so that they look natural. Day use lighter shades of the evening - dark. Apply them to the substrate and for the powder.

Using the blush is closely related to the shape of the face. Owners oblong faces should apply blush on the cheeks, towards the ears. Due to this the person will seem somewhat broader.

If a square-shaped face, apply blush on the lower part of the cheeks and jaw - it will make the person more visually rounded.

Those who have a round face, rouge on the cheeks should be applied towards the nose. A little blush should be applied just above the cheekbones.

Do not use blusher in hot and humid weather. Because humid air blush and quickly rolled up will look very unnatural.

If you have done too much blush, do not wash the excess tissue. Take a soft, dry sponge and slowly, gently swipe it across the skin. Then apply powder on top to make almost imperceptible blush.

 All of blush - how to choose the right

Recommendations for the use of blush

Blush - one of the most underrated of cosmetic products, because most women think that blush make them look like clowns. Hopefully these tips will help you use blush, to achieve maximum effect. Unlike other cosmetic products that are decades out of fashion, blush became undeservedly forgotten.

Do not be afraid of blush. Of course, the inability to use blush much more than fail-up eyes, but that should not stop you. There is an easy and convenient way of applying blush, which guarantees excellent results.

 All of blush - how to choose the right

Choose shade

It is best to choose a shade of blush, as close as possible to the natural blush that appears on the cheeks after intense exercise or long stay in the frosty air. You can also pick up a shade of blush to match the color of the lips; pink, olive and peach shades are best suited to girls with fair skin and darker shades (apricot and red) emphasize the beauty of dark skin.

 All of blush - how to choose the right

Blush and skin type

On sale you can find a variety of different consistencies blush. The main thing - to determine the consistency of paint suitable for your skin type How to determine your skin type  How to determine your skin type
 . We recommend the following:

  • Oily / combination skin: compact and crisp blush
  • Dry skin: cream blush
  • Oily skin: liquid blush and rouge on the gel basis

The best result provides a combination of crumbly rouge and blush on cream base.

 All of blush - how to choose the right

To apply blush

Many women mistakenly believe that the place of applying blush it does not matter, and lightly brush spend where they want them to. In fact, blush should be applied to the so-called "apples" of the cheeks ... period! Identify these mysterious "apples" is very simple - you need to stand in front of a mirror and smile or retract the cheek. Rounded portions of the cheeks and have these "apples"!

 All of blush - how to choose the right

What and how to apply

The first thing to do before you start applying blush - throw away the brush, which is included in the purchased rouge (whatever quality they may be). As a rule, these brushes are cheap and hardly provide a natural result. Do not skimp on the makeup, because in this way you save on health and beauty. Choose a professional cosmetic brush. Makeup artists recommend not to use the same brush to apply blush and powder.

There are many techniques applying blush, especially depending on the consistency of the selected blush.

So, as for the application of powder, dunk the brush in the paint and gently shake it to remove the excess blush. If you use a crumbly rouge, always carry a brush in the same direction, but do not drive it back and forth, otherwise will make sloppy. Start with the center of the "apple" and spend a brush gently toward the corners of the eyes and temples. Or if you prefer liquid, cream or gel blush, middle finger, apply one drop to the center means "apple" and two more in the direction of to the cheeks, forming a dotted line. Middle and index fingers gently blend the blush.

When finished with the application of blush, use a dry cosmetic sponge (sponge) to shade blush as they do not naturally blend with the tonal foundation. The tip sponge smudge or erase the contours of land, on which a blush. Overdo the blush? Slug of powder the loose powder to make the color more natural. If you use cream blush, blot with a clean sanitary napkin. If you have done too much liquid or gel blush have to wash and re-do the whole make-up, as this type of rouge dries quickly and is easily absorbed into the skin.

 All of blush - how to choose the right

Blush: Recommendations

  • Recommended: regular brushing wet wipes and keep them clean to prevent bacteria and infections.
  • Recommended: for mature skin are more suitable rouge on a cream base. They lie down and look perfectly natural.
  • Recommended: to change the shade of blush depending on the time of year. More dark, saturated colors are more appropriate in the fall and winter, and lighter shades are perfect for spring and summer.
  • Not recommended: Apply blush to the area under the nose or closer than the pass line dropped from the center of the pupil on the cheek.
  • Not recommended: to put too much blush.
  • Not recommended: to use the same brush to apply blush and powder.

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Lip Gloss, which increases the volume - an innocent deception

March 16, 2013

 lipgloss bulking
 Sensual female lips full and attract men look extremely sexy. But those whom nature has not endowed plump lips, do not despair - take care of them manufacturers of decorative cosmetics, who invented lip gloss, which increases the volume. This cosmetic instantly transform the lips and make a person particularly attractive.

 Lip Gloss, which increases the volume - an innocent deception

An alternative to surgery

Not every girl dreams of plump lips dare to go under the surgeon's knife - too much plastic surgery have contraindications, and their effect in most cases unpredictable. Fortunately, surgery is necessary only in rare cases, most often the shape and size of the mouth can be easily corrected with the skillful use of decorative cosmetics.

Many generations of women use different techniques of make-up that allows you to visually change the shape of the mouth, for example, to make a fashion once the "Cupid's bow". In recent decades, these techniques are also used to increase the visual volume of the lips. It should be noted that another twenty or thirty years ago was considered a big mouth more disadvantage than advantage, and the owner tried to plump lips with a pencil and lipstick to make them smaller. But then big facial features have become fashionable, and a large mouth with full lips sensual became a symbol of sexuality.

Cosmetics manufacturers have responded sensitively to changes in fashion: in the market of decorative cosmetics, new products - lipsticks and lip glosses, bulking - "maximizers" or "Plumper." These tools not only make the lips fuller visually, but also promote their real increase. Use these lip glosses allows any girl feel like a cherished sex bomb with sensual lips.

 Lip Gloss, which increases the volume - an innocent deception

A simple way to increase lip

Lip gloss is getting more and more popular. Using them more convenient than a traditional lipstick, and her lips as a result look especially attractive. The image of the sultry beauty with wet lips always excites the imagination of men, and to achieve this effect, not necessarily to lick your lips, risking their weather-beaten - just use glitter. If a part of the light consists of special components for lip augmentation, called Plamper or maximizers, the effect will be even more impressive.

The principle of operation of cosmetics for lip augmentation is very simple: because of the high content of components which contribute to the improvement of blood circulation, such means cause the flow of blood to the lips, making them fuller and brighter. Most often manufacturers use in the manufacture of gloss extracts of pepper, cinnamon, mint Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness  Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness
 , Ginger Ginger and the most unexpected, but pleasant useful properties  Ginger and the most unexpected, but pleasant useful properties
 And camphor, various oils and acids, vitamins of Group B. In a more expensive maximizers added as silicone and collagen - they fill the tiny bumps on the skin of the lips, making lips more smooth and voluminous. In addition, in the splendor of prestigious brands used humectants moisturizes the skin of the lips. By improving blood flow smoothed wrinkles on the lips and mouth looks more young and well-groomed. Plamper may be colored or colorless - in the latter case especially lips look natural. By improving blood circulation, make the lips shines brighter, so the use of transparent maximizers fully justified.

Some shines instantly makes lips more voluminous, but the majority of such funds must be used continuously for several days in order to achieve sustainable impact. In this use other means lip is undesirable and should be applied regularly Plamper, including overnight. Thus it is possible to achieve lip augmentation approximately ten to thirty percent. In most cases, this is enough: swollen lips look tempting, but it is natural.

Even the most expensive lip gloss is significantly less than plastic surgery or the use of fillers, giving the lips a seductive fullness in the long term. Thus, the use maximizer - this is the easiest and fastest way to give lips a pleasant fullness. Furthermore, this method is safe: concentration of active substances in decorative cosmetics is too small to have some adverse effects on the body. However, the likelihood of allergies is not excluded, and if after using lip gloss swollen and sore from this cosmetic trends will have to give. But a slight burning or stinging for a few minutes, or even hours after use of the gloss perfectly normal. If the composition includes a gloss silicone may sense that the lips become harder pepper extract in the composition causes burning and menthol - cold feeling.

Although bulking lip gloss are primarily used to attract members of the opposite sex, it is on the lips fashioned Plamper better confine flirtation Flirting: Ten amazing facts  Flirting: Ten amazing facts
 : Not all men like a burning sensation in the kiss. Because maximizers tend to have a prolonged effect, it is quite possible to wipe them shortly before the kiss - lips stay plump and inviting.

Maria Bykov

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