Terms makeup - how to keep skin healthy and beautiful

January 21, 2007

  • Terms makeup - how to keep skin healthy and beautiful
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 Rules makeup
 Make-up - is creativity, which presupposes a certain degree of freedom, but also subject to certain rules of the same. Violation of these can cause an unfavorable impression - especially where compliance with the dress code (not only in clothing, but also in cosmetics) plays an important role.

 Terms makeup - how to keep skin healthy and beautiful

Avoid the "mask" on the face

Women routinely violate this rule, involuntarily focuses on the face, and, forgetting that even perfectly matched base does not match the natural color of the skin exactly. To make-up is not like a mask, apply a foundation not only in the face, but also on the neck and before you leave the house, consider reflected in natural lighting.

 Terms makeup - how to keep skin healthy and beautiful

Do not trust sellers

Buying cosmetics, always remember that the main task of the seller - to sell you a product, even if the seller is called a counselor. Sellers gladly say that this or that shade suits you perfectly and perhaps this is true - under the fluorescent lights of the store. However, this does not give an accurate picture of how you will look in the sunlight. Once you try to store a new shade of lipstick, powder, or something else, go outside and look at pocket mirror. Just so you can see how you really fit this or that color.

 Terms makeup - how to keep skin healthy and beautiful

Do not overdo it with eyebrows

Find the right makeup for eyebrows can be very difficult. Powder and pencils often produce a result that looks too artificial. Experts recommend to tint the lips with a brush and liquid shadows suitable shade. This allows you to apply the paint as much as you need, and in addition, liquid shadows smooth brow hairs.

 Terms makeup - how to keep skin healthy and beautiful

Paint the lips care

The circuit drawn outside the natural lip line may look good in the photos of celebrities, but in real life it is, rather, will give you the kind of clown. To give a visual volume lips, apply gloss to the middle of the lips and use lipstick bright colors.

 Terms makeup - how to keep skin healthy and beautiful


No, give up the powder is not necessary, but the powder in the face during the day should be cautious. An additional layer of powder on the fat face will look at least unnatural. Before powder tip after lunch, use special wipes, absorbing excess oil. Sometimes after this powder becomes mandatory.

 Terms makeup - how to keep skin healthy and beautiful

Eye makeup morning and evening

Eyeliner - a great tool to emphasize the eyes and give them expression, however, it is not always appropriate at work or in class. Conversely, if you're going to spend the evening in a bar or restaurant with subdued lighting, it makes sense to further emphasize the eyes. The main rule of makeup - "everything has its place and time" - especially important when choosing eye makeup.

Basic care for the skin during menopause: problems and simple solutions

February 25, 2014

 basic skin care menopause
 The cold perspiration and mood swings Mood swings in women - bad character or a disease?  Mood swings in women - bad character or a disease?
   to the sudden appearance of acne - menopause makes itself felt everywhere. Do not let this disturb the hormonal changes your skin care regimen. Care menopause support health during menopause, as well as before and after it.

As we approach middle age hormonal changes in your body can affect the way you look and feel. Known as the menopause, this stage of life can be full of sudden changes in appearance and well-being - and can include unexpected problems with your skin and hair. But menopause is a time when it is important to look and feel good. Dry skin or hair loss - find out important information about the five questions of beauty during menopause with five simple steps to restore healthy skin and hair.



When you reach middle age, your skin undergoes many changes - including aging, dryness and acne. While some of these factors directly linked to hormonal changes during menopause, others are simply the result of the progress of the biological clock.

He looks in the mirror to see the signs of aging, almost every woman. Although menopause can make your condition worse or cause certain signs of aging, there are many many other reasons for this. Understanding what causes aging, is important when it comes to establishing an effective anti-aging skin care regimen to improve the health and appearance of the skin during menopause.


Acne and rosacea

For most of us, acne is a nuisance that occurs in adolescence. However, many women are shocked to see at pimples occur during menopause. Why is this happening? In addition to hormonal changes aging skin is decreased ability to repair and regenerate new cells, which leads to the accumulation of dead skin cells and excess oil, which clogs the pores and causes acne.

Some acne is accompanied by redness, swelling, or inflammation. These symptoms can signal a condition called rosacea. And acne, rosacea can be treated with simple lifestyle changes along with a local treatment. More severe cases may require professional treatment.


Oily skin

Another unexpected twist in the care of the skin during menopause? Your smooth normal skin can suddenly turn into fat. Unfortunately, the hormonal changes that occur during menopause can cause the sebaceous glands of the skin work harder than usual. Fortunately, only a few innovations in your skin care regimen can help restore radiant smooth skin.



While some suffer the overactivity of the sebaceous glands during menopause, others suffer from dry, flaky and irritated skin. Hormones, lifestyle and lack of collagen contribute to dry skin at this age. Understanding the reasons for this, you can change some of their habits and add the right foods in the daily diet, to quench the thirst of your skin from head to toe.


Hair loss

Although hair loss is more common in women, a small percentage of women may experience a noticeable thinning or hair loss during menopause. Luckily, most women recover normal hair growth after menopause, even though they have to deal with more subtle, dull hair during this difficult period of stress.

To prevent hair loss or to minimize the appearance of thinning hair during menopause, it is important to follow the simple steps to protect them, and strengthen recovery.


Solutions to problems

The emotional changes that occur during menopause and middle age can reduce confidence and worries about your appearance. However, a few simple changes in your personal care can help you restore radiant skin and healthy hair, so that you look and feel better during this period of life.

  • Step 1. Get the information you need

When it is necessary to compensate for the impact of the menopause, it is important to arm yourself with accurate information that can help you understand the changes occurring in your body. Therefore, look for solutions, turning to reliable Web sites, talking to friends who are also experiencing or have experienced problems of menopause, or contact your family doctor checked.

  • Step 2. Be active

Do not sit and wait for the onset of menopause, before taking steps to protect your skin. It's never too early - to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid the sun and eat properly, it can help your skin better to suffer the consequences of menopause, when it comes.

  • Step 3. Change svoyrezhim

The fact that you are stuck in the same basic scheme of life for decades, does not mean that it will work with the menopause. To maintain the health and appearance is very important to adjust your regimen to meet the changing needs of your skin. Relate the most difficult tasks for your skin, which may include sensitive, acne or aging, your skin type How to determine your skin type  How to determine your skin type
 . Then use cleansers, toners and moisturizers that are specifically designed to meet your needs. The result? Healthier, more radiant skin that looks and feels better than ever before.

  • Step 4: Take time to pamper yourself

While mood swings and problems of skin care products that you will experience during menopause, it is important to take some time to their own well-being. Make a commitment to try new cosmetic products that will improve your skin and give you courage. Fight dry skin? Visit your local spa for a deep moisturizing the skin. Feeling tired, unhealthy, or you just have a little boring? Arrange a spa at home - complete with lavender The healing properties of lavender - not only pleasant aroma  The healing properties of lavender - not only pleasant aroma
 , Aromatic candles and minerals, nourishing your skin, calms the mind and relieves stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis

  • Step 5. Improve svoystil

Amidst the chaos of raising children, the endless domestic chores and hard career to easily move the style into the background. But when it comes to middle age and menopause, you will need some time to refresh your look. Whether the selection of age-appropriate fashion trends or experimenting with new cosmetics, there are many simple ways to improve svoystil. In addition to the updated exterior pride in themselves can lead to increased self-confidence, security and well-being.

When it comes to menopause, many changes may seem overwhelming. But do not let unexpected changes in your skin to upset you. There are a lot of necessary information that every woman in menopause should have - including what causes changes in the skin, the best products to fight acne, aging, the best ways to pamper yourself and look beautiful in middle age.

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