How to prevent hair loss in women: from food to genetics - Treatment of alopecia

January 23, 2011

  • How to prevent hair loss in women: from food to genetics
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Treatment for baldness

Treatment for baldness

  • The most common medication for treating baldness finasteride and minoxidil considered.
  • In the treatment of baldness Hair Loss - a rather delicate problem  Hair Loss - a rather delicate problem
   help lifestyle changes - a healthy, balanced diet, regular exercise.
  • For women, one of the most effective methods of hair transplantation is considered.
  • Reproduction hair

 Treatment of alopecia | How to prevent hair loss in women: from food to genetics

Prevent Baldness

  • In some cases, you can prevent the balding process, taking specific medications.
  • People predisposed to baldness, you should avoid fatty foods, caffeine, alcohol, sugar - these foods increase the level of hormones produced by the adrenal glands, which can lead to partial loss of hair Hair loss - the distress signal  Hair loss - the distress signal
   and baldness.
  • People predisposed to baldness Hair Loss - a rather delicate problem  Hair Loss - a rather delicate problem
 , Reduce the amount of salt in food and refuse from nicotine.
  • To prevent hair loss, you need to follow a healthy, balanced diet with all necessary for normal growth of hair nutrients.
  • A variety of hair styling tools - such as a hair dryer or hot iron is for straightening hair - can cause irreparable damage to the hair and cause hair loss.
  • Regular exercise stimulates blood circulation and the level of androgens in the body, thus preventing baldness.

 Treatment of alopecia | How to prevent hair loss in women: from food to genetics

The most common misconceptions about hair loss

  • Constant wearing of headgear leads to hair loss.
  • Regular exposure to sunlight causes baldness.
  • Frequent perming hair can lead to hair loss.

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How to simplify your daily skin care: revision in the purse - Minimum Cosmetics

March 27, 2011

  • How to simplify your daily skin care: revision of a beautician
  • Minimum Cosmetics

Minimum Cosmetics

A large number of products for skin care does not guarantee the health of the skin. In fact, the use of too much makeup - is not just a waste of time and money, but also a certain threat to the health of the skin. Necessary set for complete skin care - a total of four funds: the daily cleanser, a moisturizer with SPF for day, night moisturizer for skin care and skin exfoliation scrub 3-4 times a week.

Cleansing Cream

For skin care before going to bed Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   best suited cleanser with a creamy consistency, the remains of which can be removed from the skin with water or damp sponge. Such cosmetics contain oil, which not only helps to provide the necessary skin moisture, but also effectively removes any dirt - dirt, dust, remnants of sunscreen Sunscreen is not just for the beach  Sunscreen is not just for the beach
   or lotion, makeup residues.

Tone moisturizer

Tonal framework for make-up and powder takes time for the application, so instead better to use tonal moisturizers. Such cosmetics to create a natural-looking make-up, easy to apply and provides the skin with extra moisture.

Discard the tonic

Owners of most skin types, except very oily, it can not do without a tonic for the face. Regular cleansing lotion will easily cope with the task of removing any impurities from the skin and dead skin cells, allowing to save time.

Mowing, maintenance-free

Daily drying hair dryer not only harm the hair, but also takes a lot of time. An effective alternative - a hairstyle that does not require a long installation. When drying hair dryer is still needed, should be limited to one time per week - this will help prevent damage to the hair.

Minimal makeup

No need to spend a lot of time to create the perfect eye makeup Eye Makeup - expressiveness and modesty  Eye Makeup - expressiveness and modesty
 : Make the look more enticing, you can use only three basic steps. Apply gel for eyebrows to emphasize their natural form, add some light eyeshadow on the area under the eyebrows, and, as a finishing touch - black mascara on the eyelashes.

Healthy lifestyle

The most expensive and effective cosmetics will help preserve the health and beauty of your skin if it suffers from a variety of bad habits. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle - it is immediately affect the overall health of the skin.


The use of cosmetic pencils can save money to buy cosmetics: the same pencil will help to emphasize the shape of the lips, eyes and cheeks. No less effective alternative - one of the many products of the "three in one" designed to create make-up and eye and lip.

Facial Cleansing Wipes

Sometimes, to save time on washing your face to help ordinary facial tissues - many cosmetic brands produce special cleansing wipes for the face, with which you can easily remove the skin from the remnants of makeup and impurities.

Advice from a dermatologist

Consultation with a dermatologist will help determine exactly which skin care needs, and select the appropriate cosmetic products. In addition, some cosmetics can be bought only on prescription, dermatologist - such as cosmetics with retinoids, effectively slows down the aging process Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions  Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions

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Second chin oval face take care of his youth - Causes and Treatment

October 3, 2010

  • Second chin oval face take care of his youth
  • Causes and Treatment

The causes of double chin

With age, facial tissues lose their elasticity and how to fall down, weighing the lower part of the face. Therefore, after 30 years it is necessary to follow the oval face, doing gymnastics and masks to help save the contours of the face. Over time, this will be enough and get help from more intensive treatments, up to plastic surgery.

The second jaw can occur not only in the elderly. In some congenital structural features of facial fat deposits occur in this area is already at a young age. Increased weight is also able to manifest itself in the form of a double chin - it is a typical place for fat deposition.

At older ages, the second chin can appear as if overweight, and with the rapid weight loss - skin sagging, flabby (view poluspustivshegosya balloon). It is therefore advised beauticians gradually thin (not more than 1-1, 5 kg per week).

Finally, a double chin can occur if the head is constantly pushed down and his shoulders raised. Such a situation may arise when a permanent job sitting (eg, a computer), with large breasts and wearing incorrect (too small) bra (while shifting the center of gravity of the body, the spine is bent, his head lowered).

 Causes and Treatment | Second chin oval face take care of his youth

How can I remove the double chin

Chin can be removed in different ways, not all of them equal in efficacy in a particular age. So, at the age of 30 years simply to lose weight and exercise special gymnastics. If this innate structural features of the face, it will help manual massage combined with exercises and special procedures, promotes the resorption of fat.

After 30 years of needed constant exercises facial muscles, combined with periodic courses of facial massage and beauty treatments, increasing intensity.

If conservative treatment does not help, at any age can be carried out plastic surgery.

 Causes and Treatment | Second chin oval face take care of his youth

Gymnastics and massage for face

The complex of gymnastic exercises can be performed at any age, and combine them with other types of treatment (except for the state after a facelift - in this case the exercises are assigned a plastic surgeon).

Twice a day you can do the following exercises:

  • pronounce the sounds of "u" and "i" with the strongest possible stress facial muscles - 10 times;
  • press your fingers on the corners of the lips and with an effort to open and close the mouth - 10 times;
  • prop up his chin with two fists and try to lower it - 10 times;
  • "Bump" chin conventional cargo, straining the muscles at the same time - 10 times;
  • maximum strain neck muscles, then relax them - 10 times;
  • the maximum strain the muscles of the chin, and plunging down into the lower lip - 10 times;
  • smooth skin of the forehead, straining the muscles that pull her back, hold her head in this state up to 5 seconds, then relax;
  • Winking alternately right and left eyes, clenching and relaxing the muscles of the cheeks - 10 times;
  • fingers of both hands to squeeze and pull down his chin, propping up the sky at the same language - 8 times;
  • lie on your back on the edge of the couch so that his head hung down; raise and lower the head - 5 times.

Cosmetic facial massage performed by experienced masseuse with a medical background can already after the first course significantly reduce the double chin. The same masseuse will teach and show how to carry out self-massage of the face, do not hurt yourself at the same time as the wrong massage can lead to stretching of the skin and wrinkles.

 Causes and Treatment | Second chin oval face take care of his youth

Other treatments

To pull double chin can make special masks. In beauty salons they spend with professional cosmetics, and home can be several times a week to drive into the skin of the chin honey. To do this, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned and then to wet skin apply a little honey and melted to drive him, patting his chin with the back of the palm and fingers for a few minutes. This will improve the circulation in this region, which will contribute to the resorption of fat.

You can also use any anti-cellulite gels, which are able to break down fat. To enhance the effect of such a gel may be applied as a compress (attaching the top piece of polyethylene, but on a cotton wool and bandage) for a period of half an hour.

There may come a time when both of these measures will not be enough time in a beauty salon can be a course of mesotherapy. In the skin in small quantities administered drugs that promote resorption of fat and skin tightening.

Well, the last resort - plastic surgery. Liposuction (liposuction local), and if the skin sags, it carried out a circular facelift.

Engage an early age, then age problems will be much less.

Galina Romanenko

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