Exercises that can help you remove the side

March 27, 2012

 Exercise clean side
 The fat in the body may be different. And the fat that is deposited in the abdomen and waist, considered the most dangerous, because it covers the internal organs, and can cause severe and long-lasting health problems. Body Fat in the thighs may also be harmful to health and, in addition, it looks unsightly. But there are a number of exercises that can help you burn fat that is deposited on the sides. For their performance does not need to walk to the gym or hire a personal trainer.

 Exercises that can help you remove the side

Step 1

You can do squats on one leg with a laid back and knee flexed. It strengthens your abdominals, obliques and helps burn calories. Starting position: standing, feet shoulder width apart, feet deployed to the side. Take in each hand dumbbell, arms stretch along the body. The coccyx is fed forward. During the sit-ups pull the left and right foot back and lift the right foot on the toes as if you squat a curtsy. With the strengthening of the leg muscles begin to perform at the same time lifting the left foot and right foot. Hands palms forward, expand and lift the dumbbells to your shoulders. Return to starting position and do 12-15 repetitions of exercises.

 Exercises that can help you remove the side

Step 2

To remove the fat in the hips need to perform matrix attacks. To do this, hold a dumbbell in front of chest, arms and feet shoulder width apart. Step forward with the right foot and then lower into a lunge. Then return to the starting position. Make a right foot step to the side and sank in a side lunge. Go back to the starting position. Then make a right foot step back and fall to the reverse lunge. Return to starting position and do ten reps.

 Exercises that can help you remove the side

Step 3

Make hip stronger and more slender help squats on "chair." To do this, stand in front of a chair with your feet hip-width apart, back straight. In this exercise, the abdominal muscles are utilized. Slowly bend your knees, trying not to breed them in hand. Goes down as long as you almost sit on a chair. Remain at this position for 2-3 seconds, then slowly return to its original position. Make two or three series of exercises for 15 reps each.

 Exercises that can help you remove the side

Step 4

To strengthen the muscles of the hips and make them slimmer also help front squats on one leg. To perform this exercise, stand on the step platform and pull your left leg forward. Then slowly lower yourself into a squat until the fingers of his left foot touch the floor. Lightly touch the floor while holding the right knee in line with the toes of the right foot. Slowly return to starting position and do four or five series of exercises for ten repetitions each. Then change legs.

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The exercises for the muscles - to create a beautiful figure

March 16, 2008

 Muscle Exercises
 Although aerobic exercise many believe the only effective way to quickly get rid of the extra kilos, actually exercises the muscles, that is, strength training, not less important. If aerobic exercise can quickly burn fat, then find a beautiful, harmonious and tightened figure only help exercises on different muscle groups, and the choice of exercise depends primarily on the problem areas of the figure. With exercises for individual muscle groups can gain a flat stomach, buttocks tightened, slim hips, and even slightly increase breast.

 The exercises for the muscles - to create a beautiful figure

Practising the chest muscles

The dream of most women - temptingly lush, beautiful and correct breast shape. Slightly increase the chest and pull it helps exercise the muscles of the chest, which, contrary to popular belief, are useful not only for men who really enjoys bodybuilding, but for every woman. To exercise the pectoral muscles need a special equipment: a dumbbell weight of a small or at least for the most serious-minded, rod with minimum weight.

The classic and most simple exercise to the upper chest muscles - raising dumbbells in the supine position (best on an incline bench, but it is possible and on a horizontal surface). Taking the starting position, you must first pull the arms with dumbbells straight up, and then spread them apart, dropping a dumbbell on straight arms down towards the thighs. Then hands should be slow to pick up and bring together.

 The exercises for the muscles - to create a beautiful figure

Strengthens the back

Back problems - trouble, seemingly small, but very common today due to the sedentary lifestyle of the majority. To the elderly are not faced with diseases of the spine and back, you need time to take care of muscle strengthening "skeleton" that holds the spine - with the help of exercises on the back, which, moreover, will help to consolidate and maintain the correct posture Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight  Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight

The simplest exercise per muscle group back - lifting dumbbell with one hand. For this exercise you will need a dumbbell and a low bench. Take the starting position, standing to the left of the bench and put his knee right leg on the bench. The left foot must be slightly bent, right arm - rest against the edge of the bench, slightly prognuv back at the waist. Taking a starting position, while inhaling lift the dumbbell with your left hand straight up, hold it in the raised position for a few seconds and lower slowly exhale. This strain should be back and shoulder muscles, not biceps. If desired, you can change the starting position so that both feet are on the floor.

 The exercises for the muscles - to create a beautiful figure

Getting rid of belly

The most painful for most women, exercise - is abdominal exercises, which in theory should help get rid of the protruding tummy and make a flat stomach. In fact, in order to get rid of belly, help is not all exercises for abdominal muscles, and do they need to be right. For example, contrary to popular belief, conventional exercises for abdominal muscles to lift the legs to gain perfect flat stomach in a short enough period of time (generally referred to as professionals such exercises are absolutely useless for the "lower" press). To get rid of the stomach, it is necessary to focus on the rise of the pelvis and the legs do not - only in this case the muscle "lower" the press will actually work "in full."

Ideal exercises for abdominal muscles - leg lifts or body from twisting. To quickly make a flat stomach and fit better to start with the so-called "reverse" twists, ie, pelvic lifts. Take a starting position lying on a horizontal surface on the back, place your hands on the floor on either side of the body. Then bring your knees to your chest so that his feet were closed. To tear off the hips off the floor and squeeze your knees to your chest, tense muscles of the pelvis, not the legs. On the inhale lift the leg on the exhale - slowly lower to the starting position. You must do the exercise slowly so that your abdominal muscles working as efficiently as possible. Ideally, you need to make two sets of twenty-five lifts each, watching the pace of the exercise.

Tatiana Smirnova

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