Activated carbon - old, but indispensable - acne

March 3, 2014

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 activated carbon from acne

Activated carbon acne

Activated charcoal helps with acne, drink activated charcoal and all the pimples will go away - such advertising clogged the entire Internet. But if you just read the instructions carefully to this drug, we can see that for any chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases activated carbon appoint a doctor.


Why is activated carbon from acne should appoint a doctor

First of all, because acne does not appear out of nowhere. Their appearance indicates that the body has some trouble. The most common cause of acne is hormonal disorders and gastrointestinal disease.

When violations of hormonal cause of acne usually becomes the secretion of large amounts of the male sex hormone testosterone in both men and women. In order to neutralize the effect of the male sex hormone, are usually given topically or ingestion of various drugs containing female hormones estrogen.

Let us imagine that a teenager began uncontrollably used activated carbon - for many, and for a long time (butter will not spoil porridge!). In this case, the activated carbon is gradually withdraw from the body not only toxic substances (and they for acne Acne: facial trouble  Acne: facial trouble
 Of course, there is), but also useful biologically active substances, including vitamins, minerals, partially - proteins, fats and carbohydrates. As a result, the teenager disturbed metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 Increase hormonal imbalance and the problem with acne is not only not solved, but even worse.

The second option (but rather, a second component of the disease, as it is often combined with hormonal disorders) - a gastrointestinal disease. The skin and the gastrointestinal tract are inextricably linked. Any disease of the digestive system necessarily affect the skin condition. Excretion of useful biologically active substances, especially digestive enzymes lead to digestive disorders, rotting of food in the intestines and reduced therein volume of beneficial microflora, which helps digest food, synthesizes some vitamins and inhibits the development of aggressive pathogenic microflora was prepared any moment cause inflammation in the intestinal wall. This condition is called dysbiosis. When it appeared abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms  Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms
 , Swelling it, diarrhea and constipation, as well as the deterioration of the skin.

That is why activated carbon when acne is to appoint a doctor after a preliminary examination of the patient.


So to help you with the activated carbon acne

In the complex treatment prescribed by a doctor, the activated carbon can improve skin condition and cleanse the bowels of toxic products of metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 . But with the main importance are the following factors:

  • Activated charcoal should be administered with a short course of individualized dose;
  • after treatment with activated carbon is required restorative treatment in the form of vitamin and mineral complexes and probiotics - drugs containing the beneficial bacteria - the inhabitants of the intestines;
  • upon receipt of the activated carbon in conjunction with other drugs must adhere to certain rules of treatment.

A special feature of activated carbon is that it is impossible to overdose on this drug - with short courses it can be used in large enough doses. Danger only prolonged its use.


Standard patterns of use of activated carbon in the acne

For the treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the activated carbon used for 1 - 2 g (i.e., 2 - 4 tablets of 0, 5 g) 3 - 4 times per day. The course of treatment - no more than two weeks, followed by a course of recovery.

Can drink activated charcoal tablets once a day for 1 tablet per 10 kg body weight. For example, if the weight of 60 kg, the need to drink 6 tablets. If the weight is very large, and according to it requires more than 7 tablets, it is best to start with smaller amounts and gradually increasing dose. The course of treatment is also not more than two weeks, followed by rehabilitation.

If both are taken any other medicines, then activated charcoal tablets are for 1, 5 - 2 hours before or after them.

Activated charcoal is contraindicated in ulcerative processes in the digestive organs, bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract and are hypersensitive to the drug.

Activated carbon - is a universal remedy that can relieve both the bad and from nutrients, which is why its use should be treated with caution. Particular care should be a teenager - it is in this age characterized by constant failures in metabolism, which affect the condition of the skin.

Why is sick in the mornings - different occasions

August 8, 2014

 why morning sickness
 Why is sick in the morning, you should understand, as morning sickness can cause a variety of diseases and conditions. If nausea is constantly worried in the morning, then it is possible that it is the first sign of a serious disease. In this case, you need to see a doctor and get tested, then the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment.


Why sick after eating in the morning - a reflex nausea

Nausea - is particularly unpleasant feeling in the pit of the stomach, chest and mouth, which usually precedes vomiting. Often accompanied by nausea, low blood pressure, general weakness, paleness, sweating, excessive salivation Increased salivation - deviation from the norm  Increased salivation - deviation from the norm

One of the most common causes of nausea reflex excitation is located in the medulla oblongata of the emetic center, insufficient for the development of vomiting.

Nausea in the morning after a meal is a reflex mechanism of its development is associated with stimulation of the receptors of various organs - stomach, intestines, liver, biliary tract and pancreas Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know  Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know
 , Peritoneum, inner ear, pleura, bronchi, kidneys, uterus and its appendages and so on. Sensory (afferent) impulses from the stimulation of a body transmitted through the vagus nerve in the medulla oblongata and the vomiting center. Under the influence of signals from the vomiting center in the stomach begin to arise movements that promote backflow of ingested food.

Thus, the reflex nausea may be associated with any disease of the internal organs.

But more often, it is still associated with diseases of the digestive system, which is a feature that they rarely affect a certain organ. Thus, if there is a disease of the stomach, they usually suffer intestine, biliary tract, pancreas. Conversely, for liver and biliary tract affects the stomach, intestines and pancreas. So why sick after eating in the morning, we can say only after survey.


Why do men feel sick in the morning

In men, the cause of morning sickness can also be any disease of the gastrointestinal tract, or any other organ (reflex nausea). In addition, men more often than women, found brain nausea associated with diseases of the brain, accompanied by increased intracranial pressure Increased intracranial pressure is dangerous for the brain  Increased intracranial pressure is dangerous for the brain
 . This may be a consequence of traumatic brain injury, various diseases (meningitis, encephalitis, stroke, atherosclerosis, carotid and vertebral arteries, high blood pressure, and so on), and brain tumors.

In this case, the answer to the question why morning sickness men is associated with increased intracranial pressure due to the accumulation of large amounts of fluid in the ventricles of the brain while in a horizontal position.

To clarify the diagnosis in this case should also be examined.

More often than women, and men develop chronic adrenal insufficiency, which may be caused by tuberculosis, tumors of the adrenal glands and some other diseases. Recently, adrenal insufficiency is most often caused by autoimmune processes (allergy own tissues). Nausea in the morning can be one of the first signs of the condition.


Why is the child sick in the morning

Nausea in the morning in children is most often associated with worm infestation and giardiasis. The most common parasitic infestation that causes nausea in the mornings, is ascariasis.

Equally often the cause of morning sickness in children is giardiasis. Giardia - it's just that settle in the small intestine of humans and can cause digestive disorders in children (adults giardiasis usually asymptomatic). One of the symptoms of giardiasis may be loss of appetite, and nausea in the morning.

Giardiasis in children may be a burden for other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and to disguise them as well as contribute to allergic reactions. Often a diagnosis of giardiasis hiding chronic diseases of the digestive system as biliary dyskinesia, inflammatory bowel disease, inflammation of the pancreas, and so on.

In infants regurgitation, nausea and headaches, anxiety is manifested, shouting and rejection of the breast in the morning can be a sign of increased intracranial pressure against the backdrop of perinatal (before, during birth and immediately after birth) brain lesions. Such children should always be seen by a neurologist.


Why pregnant women morning sickness

Nausea in the morning is typical for the first trimester of pregnancy, it is one of the manifestations of the woman's body to adapt to the state of pregnancy and goes to the second trimester. But sometimes nausea intensifies, it becomes constant, followed by vomiting and drooling - it is a sign of early pregnancy toxemia. Mild forms of early toxicity harmless, moderate and severe - a threat of dehydration, so be treated in a hospital.

If nausea is in the second half of pregnancy, it is a sign of vegetative-vascular dystonia (violation of tone of blood vessels, accompanied by drops in blood pressure) or hypertension Hypertension - when suffering heart and brain  Hypertension - when suffering heart and brain
 That is a sign of a dangerous and poses a threat to the development of toxicosis second half of pregnancy - preeclampsia.

If worried about the question of why morning sickness, you should see a doctor and get tested.

Galina Romanenko

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