Where to treat infertility - the struggle for maternity erases geographic boundaries

October 6, 2012

 where to treat infertility
 According to statistics, every fifth couple in Russia is barren. And it's only officially seek medical help parents failed. For some of them the diagnosis: "Infertility" becomes almost a death sentence, they despair and give up. But many still struggling to cope with this problem and are looking for new ways and clinics for the treatment of infertility. "Where to treat infertility? "- A controversial issue and a universal answer to this question does not exist. Much depends on the form of infertility, its duration, the age of the couple, and other factors.

 Where to treat infertility - the struggle for maternity erases geographic boundaries

What is Infertility

Infertility - the inability of the couple to conceive and bear a child for a year of active sexual life without the use of contraceptives. Infertility can be men, women and mixed. In addition, for the reason that this has caused the failure, infertility is divided into hormonal, tubal, immunological, and other psychogenic. Also, female infertility Female infertility - whether all known to science?  Female infertility - whether all known to science?
   distinguish primary, secondary and absolute sterility. Primary - no pregnancy at all, secondary - were pregnant, but at the moment it is impossible to conceive, the absolute sterility say, when the possibility of pregnancy is completely excluded (absence of the uterus, ovaries and other anomalies of the genitals). And yet, today, doctors say that the absolute sterility is not, and in any situation there is always a way out.

 Where to treat infertility - the struggle for maternity erases geographic boundaries

Methods of Treatment

Before you start looking for the doctor and the clinic where a barren couple will be able to get rid of the problem, you must decide, as a way to treat infertility Infertility Treatment - What principles are priority  Infertility Treatment - What principles are priority
   she needed and appropriate.

Such methods of treatment, there are many:

  • Treatment of tubal infertility (laparoscopic surgery on the fallopian tubes);
  • treatment of immunological infertility (detection of sperm antibodies in semen and cervical mucus);
  • psychogenic infertility treatment (consultation and supervision analyst);
  • treatment of male infertility (possible surgery);
  • artificial insemination;
  • in vitro fertilization;
  • surrogacy;
  • hormonal correction;
  • mud treatment (health care);
  • hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches).

 Where to treat infertility - the struggle for maternity erases geographic boundaries

Necessary inspections before the infertility treatment

Before the treatment of infertility and choice of treatment, the couple must undergo the necessary examination:

  • inspection of the district gynecologist;
  • analysis of the semen of her husband;
  • hormonal profile of both sexual partners;
  • Pelvic ultrasound;
  • Consultation genetics;
  • X-ray of the skull and sella;
  • fundus and visual field;
  • Hysterosalpingography;
  • postcoital test;
  • endometrial biopsy in the premenstrual period;
  • basal body temperature chart Basal temperature - try to move less  Basal temperature - try to move less
   for three months;
  • vaginal smears and research on diseases transmitted through sexual contact.

 Where to treat infertility - the struggle for maternity erases geographic boundaries

Where cure

Of course, the couple can hardly get rid of the problem of infertility in a local hospital .  Firstly, these hospitals have specialized doctors (gynecologist, endocrinologist, andrology, etc.), and secondly, the "local" doctors do not own the various techniques of infertility treatment and do not have the necessary equipment .  But, of course, infertility treatment begins with the district hospital, where the couple passes the necessary tests .  Of course, not all the methods of examination can go on a residence (again, for lack of equipment and laboratory reagents), so the district gynecologist sends the spouses in a large city, as a rule, it is the regional center .  The regional medical center of the city (they are available almost everywhere in the big cities) survey of experts brought to the end and establish a final diagnosis, which is solved by a method for treating infertility .  If you need IVF doctor recommends specialized clinics, which are located in major Russian cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg and others) .

If a couple decides to independently look for a medical center, you must look to the Internet. Selection of clinics presented on the Internet is huge, but not to get lost in this variety you want to view patient testimonials, range of services, pricing, and of course, qualified doctors. The question of mud therapy Mud - a pleasant and useful procedure  Mud - a pleasant and useful procedure
   girudoterapii and can be solved with the doctor of the regional center, and with the help of the Internet. Today, the good results of infertility treatment mud Saki boasts resort. But the most important thing to remember before you solve the problem of where to treat infertility, treatment of any disease that begins with a visit to a doctor.

Anna Sozinova

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Bacterial vaginosis in women - vaginal bacteria overgrowth

May 27, 2014

 bacterial vaginosis in women
 Bacterial vaginosis in women - it is a common occurrence, as are part gardnerelly opportunistic vaginal flora. On the dysbacteriosis say in the case where the number gardnerellas significantly increases, they inhibit the vital activity of the normal microflora of the vagina and alter its acidity.


Why start a bacterial vaginosis in women

Bacterial vaginosis - this is not a disease, and goiter (violation of the relationship between the normal and the pathogenic microflora) of the vagina - a condition that is often called bacterial vaginosis.

Gardnerella - a bacterium that can be found in the vagina of most women, but in very small quantities, as their ability to live a normal microflora is suppressed - lactic acid bacteria (lactobacilli). Vital functions of the normal vaginal microflora The microflora of the vagina: purity  The microflora of the vagina: purity
   supported by the female hormones estrogen. Lactobacilli produce lactic acid as a result of environment of the vagina of healthy women are always sour. This environment uncomfortable for opportunistic and pathogenic microflora, so healthy women in fertile (childbearing age) rarely suffers infectious and inflammatory diseases of the genital organs.

But under certain conditions, the amount of normal microflora is reduced and opportunistic microflora begins to multiply rapidly, changing the acidic environment of the vagina to alkaline. In this environment, actively propagated not only opportunistic, but the pathogenic microflora and dramatically increases the risk of inflammatory processes. Favorable conditions for the development of bacterial vaginosis are: hormonal changes endured sexual infections, decrease in general or local immunity, stress, heavy exercise and so on.

Sometimes a woman becomes infected gardnerellezom from a man who is their carrier or suffering from infectious and inflammatory diseases caused by gardnerellami. Infect your sexual partner may also gardnerellezom woman, but most of the men are not susceptible to these microorganisms so that they settled down in the male body requires low immunity.


Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis in women

Bacterial vaginosis in women manifests itself in the form of a discharge with an unpleasant fishy smell or cheese. Secretions may have a different color (whitish, yellowish, gray, transparent) and texture (creamy, foamy liquid, thick, and so on). Sometimes it joins a small itching and burning. But very often signs gardnerelly women are absent.

Onset of the disease is almost always associated with some reason: change of sexual partner (even if he is not a carrier gardnerel its microflora may adversely affect the microflora of the vagina of women), reduced general immunity after acute diseases and antibiotics, reduced local immunity in the background frequent use of local antiseptics, stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
   and so on.


How to treat bacterial vaginosis in women

In order to cure bacterial vaginosis in women, it is necessary to establish the cause of its development, and to eliminate it. For this woman is like a full examination. Reveals not only the quantitative content gardnerellas vagina and changing its acidity and the presence of other opportunistic and pathogenic microorganisms that could cause reproduction gardnerellas. In addition, check hormonal woman, her immunity, identifying the disease, which could lead to reduced immunity. If you do not reveal the true cause of bacterial vaginosis, the treatment it will be useless.

Treatment of bacterial vaginosis in women issue in two stages. In the first stage with the help of antibacterial drugs and douching lactic acid inhibited gardnerellas livelihoods. In the second phase of normal microflora colonize the vagina. On the attraction of all time try to restore the treatment of general and local immunity women.

When we treat bacterial vaginosis in women, drugs are chosen doctor individually on the results of the survey.

The treatment regimen gardnerelleza Treatment of bacterial vaginosis - should be comprehensive  Treatment of bacterial vaginosis - should be comprehensive
   women may be as follows: 7-10 days appointed antibacterials general and local action. It was found that the most effective drugs for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis are metronidazole (Trichopolum) and clindamycin. These drugs depending on condition of the woman appointed inward or topically, in the form of vaginal suppositories, creams, gels, and so forth.

Local treatment of bacterial vaginosis in women, vaginal suppositories and tablets: metronidazole (Flagyl, Trichopolum), clindamycin (klindatsin, dalatsin).

After antibiotic therapy prescribed drugs, which include live lactobacilli (vaginal suppositories atsilakt) and bifidobacteria (vaginal suppositories bifidumbakterin) in several courses. At the same time appoint adjuvants and vitamins and minerals.

For the treatment of homeopathy Homeopathy - the placebo effect in the service of medicine?  Homeopathy - the placebo effect in the service of medicine?
   gardnerelly women also produced a number of drugs: anti-inflammatory drugs (ginekohel, Calendula Oil and gas production), preparations reducing hormones (gormel CIS), strengthening local immunity (rectal suppositories api-plus) and others.

Bacterial vaginosis in women subject to compulsory treatment under medical supervision.

Galina Romanenko

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