Radon baths in endometriosis - are used for a long time and with success

December 17, 2012

 radon baths with endometriosis
 Radon baths can be natural, prepared on the basis of natural radon water containing radioactive radon gas, and artificial, which are prepared from a solution of radon produced from radium salts. Those and other baths are widely used in the treatment of endometriosis.


The therapeutic effect of radon baths with endometriosis

Radon baths are successfully used in the treatment of various diseases. They improve the blood circulation in the skin, a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, normalize hormonal balance condition of the central nervous system (CNS), metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 , Composition and blood coagulation, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-allergic effect.

Many of these properties are used in the treatment of endometriosis. Thus, the positive effects on the central nervous system and the normalization of hormonal balance leads to the restoration work of the cerebral cortex - the hypothalamus - pituitary - ovary. That failure in some of the links of the neuroendocrine system lead to the development of hormonal imbalance, first, and then hormonal diseases such as endometriosis.

The positive impact of endometriosis has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and desensitization (allergy) properties of radon baths. Blocking transmission of pain impulses takes place not only at the level of the spinal cord, but in the pain center, located in the brain.

Finally, the normalization of the coagulation system on the background of the course of this treatment often leads to a decrease in total blood loss in this disease. Restoration of blood composition is also useful for endometriosis: a systematic significant blood loss during menstruation often lead to the development of iron deficiency anemia.


As used

Radon water with endometriosis can be used in the form of baths, gynecological irrigation and micro-enemas. As the warming procedures are contraindicated in endometriosis, the temperature of radon water for all treatments must not exceed 36 ° C. The first two procedures (common bath) generally last less than ten minutes, the remaining last for fifteen minutes. Treatment is carried out in a day, the course is usually administered between 10 and 14 baths. On the same day a woman gets and procedures gynecological irrigations with radon waters, their duration as a quarter of an hour.

In addition, at the same time it makes microclysters with radon water, which is introduced into the rectum slowly 200-250 ml with a concentration of radon to 40 nCi / l. The concentration of radon in mild forms of endometriosis should not exceed 180 nCi / L. When common forms of endometriosis are sometimes used radon water with a concentration of radon to 200 nCi / L. Women who suffer from endometriosis Endometriosis - a serious problem with serious consequences  Endometriosis - a serious problem with serious consequences
 , Is generally carried out three to four treatment radon baths with breaks in between six months to a year.


The effectiveness of treatment

Especially effective is the treatment of the primary forms of endometriosis - in efficiency, it can compete with surgery. But in severe disseminated forms of endometriosis, this method is effective - it relieves pain, inflammation, soothe a woman, often is an excellent preparation for surgery or intensive conservative treatment with the use of modern high-hormonal drugs Hormonal treatments - not only contraceptives  Hormonal treatments - not only contraceptives

The positive effect of treatment with the help of radon water has after surgical treatment of endometriosis. As a result of the full course of radon baths, irrigation and micro-enemas reduces the number of relapses and often restored reproductive function of women.


Contraindications for use of radon baths

Radon baths gently but actively affect the body, so they have a number of contraindications: severe leukopenia (reduction in the number of leukocytes in the blood is below 3, 5109 / L), radiation sickness, permanent radioactive radiation or current UHF and microwave, as well as any acute illness and exacerbation of any chronic disease.

Endometriosis - a complex, incompletely understood disease. The approach to its treatment should always be individualized. The treatment typically use all methods: hormonal therapy Hormone therapy - is it possible to fool nature?  Hormone therapy - is it possible to fool nature?
 , Surgery and spa treatment with radon water. Women suffering from endometriosis, you need to clearly understand that to cope with the disease, she could not. And even a spa treatment should always be appointed only by the attending physician.

Galina Romanenko

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Causes of yeast infections in women: the hidden problems

December 4th, 2012

 causes thrush women
 Thrush is not only an unpleasant disease, gives a lot of inconvenience, but in the absence of treatment is many dangers. First of all untreated yeast infection leads to development of diseases of the internal genital organs, which are then transformed into a chronic process. This phenomenon in turn leads to infertility and / or miscarriage. In addition, the thrush in pregnant women at risk of transmission to the fetus, which occurs in almost 70% of cases. Often, newborns are infected with thrush from mothers die. It is therefore necessary to properly and timely treat the disease. But for the treatment proved successful, should identify the causes of yeast infection in women.

 Causes of yeast infections in women: the hidden problems

About thrush

Thrush in women often occurs as urogenital candidiasis or candidiasis colpitis Colpitis - take a lot of trouble  Colpitis - take a lot of trouble
 . In the vagina of healthy women, along with normal microorganisms (in particular lactic acid bacteria) are present and opportunistic microbes (fungi). Lactic acid bacteria protect the vagina from the "uninvited guests", that is, from various pathogenic bacteria. For the time being the mushrooms and the normal microflora are in a state of "neutrality", ie opportunistic flora does not manifest itself. In the event of certain factors mushrooms activated and begin to "quarrel" with normal microorganisms of the vagina. This phenomenon is called thrush.

Clinically thrush manifests abundant curd or milk belyami Beli: abnormal discharge  Beli: abnormal discharge
   with an unpleasant odor, discomfort of the external genitalia (itching, burning), redness and swelling of the perineum, the small and large labia and vaginal mucosa.

 Causes of yeast infections in women: the hidden problems

The causes of yeast infections in women

The most leading cause of thrush is a decrease in immunity. By weakening the body's defenses led by the following factors:

  • Chronic gynecological and somatic diseases

Long duration chronic disease sooner or later leads to the weakening of immunity, because all the forces of the body sends to fight chronic diseases.

  • Endocrine Pathology

The regulation of the immune system play a role of natural hormones. In any endocrine diseases (pathology of the adrenal gland, thyroid gland The thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones  The thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones
   , etc.) in the body hormonal failure occurs, which reduces its protective function.

  • Medication

Long and often uncontrolled use of antibiotics not only inhibits the growth of pathogens and non-pathogenic. It also weakens the immune system and the development of thrush. This has effects on the body and corticosteroids or cytotoxic drugs that inhibit the multiplication of cancer cells, and with them the development of normal microflora.

  • Failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene

Too frequent and deep cleaning the wash out of the normal microflora of the vagina, which creates favorable conditions for the development of the fungal infection. In turn, the non-observance of rules of personal hygiene also contribute to the development of thrush.

  • Unbalanced diet

Women who are addicted to sweet, prone to thrush rise much more, as sweet Wednesday optimal for fungal growth.

  • Hormonal drugs Hormonal treatments - not only contraceptives  Hormonal treatments - not only contraceptives

Hormonal drugs, including the contraceptive pill, inhibits the production of the body's own hormones that are involved in immunity, and also the cause of thrush.

  • Hypothermia

General hypothermia weakens its defenses, especially as a result of hypothermia arose colds.

  • Diabetes

In diabetes in the blood is too high sugar content, which is a favorable factor for the growth and revitalization of mushrooms. Moreover, the disease itself depletes the body's immune.

  • Wearing synthetic lingerie

Wearing synthetic and close the laundry increases sweating in the crotch area, moreover, such underwear not "breathe" whereby there is created a moist environment, which is very "like" mushrooms.

Anna Sozinova

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