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June 11, 2009

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Girls, on the issue of pain respond well. I have a biopsy taken 2 times. In 2005 today :))). It all depends on the doctor. At the time, it was not that painful, but och.nepriyatno long. Brrr. So today was och.napugannaya and pending brrr. But it lasted about 3 minutes and was just very unpleasant pang-anesthesia. So it all depends on the doctor. And for the rest, I do not see sense to do it under intravenous anesthesia. The tampon can be removed after 4 hours, can be left until the morning, everything the doctors say differently. I think for a long time did not hold, as not hygienic, especially after surgery, and then he bit can prisohnut inside and take out will be a little bolnovato :). With the ball should leave a small blood clot - this is normal. Not so terrible biopsy, as the expectation of its results. Good luck everyone.
Today did a biopsy, too afraid, especially when they said they would disguise) In general, escorted me to the room to prepare for operations . Dali, slippers and disposable candle rectal . I went to the toilet, where to put her candle and told to lie down on a bed . All clear at the clinic, a new bed and soft, where I almost fell asleep)) Then came to me honey . sister and my doctor . Operating in the next room for a long time did not have to run . Had a biopsy quickly, then burned something current, then smelled not tasty))) And so normally, when the main doctor says to take a deep breath and not to breathe, and you need to do, and that will be very painful . Pain during biopsy was not special, feeling as though it's all prischimili . When burned, they could hear the sound of the machine and a little shock felt, then pull the top of the abdomen, as in painful menstruation, but it was not long . And in the end the smell of burning is probably relieves the tension, I somehow it rasmeshil)))) Well, honey . sister, a physician with a sense of humor) In general, all is well, waiting for the results tomorrow to go to the processing, 2 weeks *** any relationship, not to raise the severity, physical activity to a minimum . But sin, that after bolnichki went to the store and brought home the heavy package, is now afraid (((And the fact that there is one clever writing that all so early and so it is treated . d . Here no one SAG *** IAOD . My husband is the first and only man in all aspects and here please ((HPV also seems to have sinned at her husband, although he did not specifically give a lot, but the fact is a fact . The doctor said that even *** does not protect against HPV can be transmitted even orally . It's a pity of course, that's how berezhesh themselves and future husbands do not protect their future and their future wives .
oh ... Nick I have all the same !!!! first went to a private Doctor Hospital passed the tests, it turned out the infection, too, like the defeat of the vulva + papilloma virus human cancer risk 18 found, and warts, and then I was treated injections put down, got to another doctor in the Health Centre at me again taken analyzes it turned out that no infection , warts she allegedly did not see any, and the HPV virus has disappeared, too, is there such? the doctor told me that this type can but very rarely happen that supposedly my body it himself brought the virus ... and this doctor I have discovered white spots on the cervix, I suspect leykopokiyu ... she says that is not a fact and we must do a biopsy ... but these spots on the cervix is ​​already leukoplakia!?, but after reading that the biopsy can lead to futility ... I did not know what I do !!! I am only 21 years old and next year we want the child. tell me what should I do ???
Hello TEENS) last year discovered cervical erosion, but then added, and clumps inspection VPCh.Vrach do a biopsy, which lasted no more than a minute after spotting was about a day and all! But the most important result of scared me, Cervical Dysplasia 3 degrees! The doctor demanded urgent moxibustion, but it so happened that I was pregnant) (incidentally just after biopsii.Napravila in oncology, which gave me Dubro on rody.Seychas baby 9 months, but the trouble continued (((I went to the doctor on reception, she immediately had a biopsy (again, do not hurt, just a little pinched) is now waiting for the most important !!!!! RESULTS !!! Although the doctor said that the naked eye can see the degree of dysplasia 2 now hope that I was not late, and I still have not cancer ((( (But I'm not discouraged, hope for the best !!! I wish you all health and good luck !!
Girls, tell me please! Three months ago, it was treated by the same doctor, was found vaginal candidiasis and human papilloma virus, taking a lot of pills, vaginal, antibiotics, and there were shots. It so happened that I now have another doctor, and because of this treatment (she told me) I broke microflora, was diagnosed with leukoplakia w / uterus in question. Has handed over analyzes for viruses - not found. Viewed under a microscope. Today did a biopsy and warned that next week will come ready analyzes and will need to prepare for cauterization. It is afraid of the consequences, heard that did not give birth is not recommended to burn, it is possible to remain fruitless. And me 22. What should I do, tell me, can try to consult another doctor. Health to you all, and only health is the most important thing!
The girls, with great respect for your feelings. The fact that the biopsy procedure is necessary, in most women's diseases, but primarily it is the erosion and endometriosis, as at risk of developing diseases like cancer is very high. We all expectant mothers who have already successfully mastered this field, and monitor the health of us is necessary. I am surprised that many of you are afraid of this procedure, although in actual fact it's not so scary. Believe me, there are procedures for patients. The most important thing to be confident in their health and future. she held this procedure for 3 times, and I can say for myself, I did not even feel it. But the body are different, and in addition had all the ladies have an opinion on that. Good luck everyone.
I have cervical erosion matki.Sdala tested for latent infection, all right, do not go back to nashli.Zatem ginekologu.I here it says that you need to do a biopsy and colposcopy will be a little nice to say ona.Esli honest, it all It passes quickly and does not hurt, but there is little discomfort, but it is not bolno.Sama cervix, it is painless, so deadly pain we feel is not budem.Tak that girls are afraid of absolutely nothing.
A couple of hours ago, and I have made this procedure. I knew what I needed to do it, but the doctor came for the first time, he looked up and without warning do a biopsy. Without anesthetic, a loop through which current flows. Thank God that it lasted a couple of seconds, the pain was bearable, but still went through a bit of me ... Now, weeks of waiting. Very worried about the results, really want to live and raise children. Devonki, all good luck and good health!
Also recently made a biopsy of the cervix was completely calm, not boyalas.Iz obezbolevaniyem was injected intramuscularly and Ketonala topical lidocaine spray, but there was something unexpectedly bolno.Potom zakrovil vessel used coalescent, which also proved to be very pity chuvstvitelen.Potom and gave the hospital for three dnya.Vot-so had a little patience, tolerant ...
I also recently did a biopsy. Familiar scared it would hurt, I am prepared, tried to relax, not to think about it. The doctor asked, half a minute, how are you feeling, I said that scary) She says: "It is terrible? And I did everything" So I did not even feel)) So) may depend on the skill of the doctor
Liana quote:
Girls and please tell me this is very important. here Tuesday I also have to do a biopsy after these procedures can become pregnant thanks in advance
  I was also concerned about this issue. I even mild hysteria begins in this regard. I very much want the child.
Welcome to me after the usual examination was diagnosed with cervical erosion .  I passed all the tests and also a biopsy (biopsy done in connection with the fact that the doctor has no right to do moxibustion according to the law without biopsy analysis in this nothing serious) .  A biopsy takes time for 3 minutes . Of course apart from the doctor to her simply prepared .  The procedure is painless and requires no anesthetic .  Just frustrating and more afraid of the procedure because of ignorance as it happens .  Needless erosion doctor prescribes treatment immediately after menstruation (2-4 days) .  This is due to the fact that after treatment all should heal before beginning other month, to highlight not acted on the treated area .  A method of treating chose herself - really liked the Radio wave as this method does not treat women giving birth (it does not leave scars and less damage the cervix) .  The treatment itself lasts 8 to 10 minutes .  Without anesthetic, not hurt! Radio waves are working without touching the neck - they evaporated damaged areas .  *** Relationship after treatment is not desirable (on doctor's advice) .  Cute girls do not be afraid of all these procedures are done for your good health and good .
girls please tell me who knows may be whether the failure monthly biopsy? ) Last month were from 16 to 21 January before I was treated in hospital, but the doctor did not say that the ability to erosion, said that just inflammation of the ... I went to the hospital paid at the first examination I was told that I have an extensive cervical erosion and a biopsy done it ... February 7 was not hurt, but it touched what that vessel was bleeding and to stop it a little uchastochek cauterized. Now I have a delay of more than two weeks possible?
Dkvochki! Here I read and was moved kamenty! That's why everyone is afraid of a biopsy? Because one hysterical wrote that it is terminally ill, and away we go! The first time I just read, and the night did not sleep. Duck then I have half a year already 3 times it was taken (All the inaccuracy was now here again forward), and never (!!!) so that's significantly not hurt! So, instead of reading all garbage - go and inspect!
Wheeling quote:
all in a trance girl who could have been so the scan detects a virus Human Papilloma then the doctor began to say that the neck does not like Mukti stands before you and burn you need to pass a biopsy and I decided that the end of cancer who was so write !!! !
  HPV virus (human pappilomy) have each. tlko many he sleeps, and who is in active form. I had pointed kandilomy vreya during pregnancy. after childbirth all fallen off. This nothing serious
I read and marvel dayus We appoint biopsiyu- like brush your teeth, someone already 3 times. And many of you know of any cases, it is shown? - Smear-positive at atypia, -kartina when extended colposcopy doubt doctor ???? - At the positive response to the PAP test. - To clarify the diagnosis. Here under all these conditions and assigning a biopsy. Everyone is talking about large any pain you can tolerate. Need to take into account many factors: the pain threshold at all different, the skill of the doctor, taking a biopsy of different tools ... Screw yourself ahead of time makes no sense !!! But something strange happens, everyone is afraid of biopsy, but few of its results ???
Ponachitalas here the day before yesterday ,  Yesterday I went for a biopsy and shaking ,  begged the doctor to do any sort of pain medication - doctor (my friend) said that none who is not hurt ,  vopschem ached she ached ,  then saw unit ,  the doctor said ,  it's electric opener ,  3 minutes that the whole procedure ,  Well, I resigned to his fate ,  I lay down on the electrode ,  I inserted a tool like when viewed ,  I thought about what to give birth to the patient and relaxed a little ,  Then I sprinkled and stung all ,  but tolerable ,  I nebolno food for species that would make me zheleli ,  The doctor took the machine and began the procedure ,  I went a little smoke and smell palёnym ,  I did not feel pain voopsche thought well, that's that's going to hurt a second ,  the doctor said that everything and showed me a piece ,  Then there was the blood and stomach voopsche not sick ,  oncocytology after me and blood, and it was painful to do ,  so that the whole process described ,  Girls do not be afraid ,  It does not hurt ,  and if I had to be uncomfortable just think what you are doing for what   Good luck and health to all !!!
A week ago, we had a biopsy. Cheston speaking, I was ooooochen hurt. Even I am beginning to twitch. I could not relax. In consequence of that procedure is delayed. So it is better to relax and think about something else. To re-sampling was not carried out. Bleeding has not stopped ever since. The doctor says it's okay. Stomach pulls (I think it's because of the cyst, they have 2). 24. I do not have children yet. There is a suspicion for cancer. One of these days I shall go to hand over the repeated analysis (CA - 125). But I try to think less about it. I want children. So for the sake of ready to endure any pain. And yet, girls, do not wrap the yourself ahead of time. And if something is bothering, immediately go to the doctor. Do not be afraid. And remember, any sore easier to treat in the early stages. Good luck to all.
Wheeling quote:
all in a trance girl who could have been so the scan detects a virus Human Papilloma then the doctor began to say that the neck does not like Mukti stands before you and burn you need to pass a biopsy and I decided that the end of cancer who was so write !!! !
  Now biopsy performed on any occasion. This does not mean that you have cancer, a doctor Peres *** ovyvaetsya (and rightly so, the good doctor). And Cancer is now treated in the early stage in almost 100% of cases. However, in Russia, and patients and doctors are sounding the alarm until the last moment, and then are surprised that the cancer has no cure. So instead of panicking, I am glad that you got a good doctor.
Today, talking to my sister on the phone, I was like a big, often give her advice, she was very scared, they have to work in the imputed obyazonnost passing med.osmotr, women should have a gynecologist - of course, but why perfectly healthy women biopsy cervical, I personally do not understand ??? What's this??? In the order of things ??? You do not even ask - want to work, walk through a biopsy, and without anesthesia? I personally took and I know what it is, but I had a suspicion of cancer, fortunately has not been confirmed, although two were taken, doctors can see whether doubt !!! Sister scared - it is bad, has advised that it could, antibiotics and tampons, but I ask you, is this normal, because she wanted a second child, but as I understand it, it can because of these experiments was not to be ??? People tell me unreasonable, maybe I misunderstood what not ???
Today went for a biopsy, after reading comments on this article .  Afraid to such an extent that sitting in a chair, really could not stop trembling knees and continued to try to persuade the doctor not to perform the procedure .  I have to say, I'm afraid of pain to faint, although this did not prevent me to give birth to two children .  But fortunately the expectations of some executions were not justified .  Maybe it is because tissue sampling was conducted using radio waves .  At first the doctor handled everything inside some disinfectant solution without alcohol, nothing burned .  Then he sprinkled on the supposed site of the fence ledokain, to test the sensitivity and making sure her absence, he took hold of the apparatus .  It was terrible to have even sound similar to the sound of an electric discharge .  She took off a couple of sites with surface erosion, only felt some stirring inside, no nagging pains in the abdomen .  The third section has tried to take a deep tissue for the purpose of pick and healthy cells, and that's just at that moment I had the feeling that I was a little electric shock even more true as the static electricity when you remove some synthetic thing .  The doctor added ledokaina, just wait and already completely without any sensation took everything you need .  No smoke smell, nothing that was not .  Since the procedure took 6 hours highlight weaknesses almost colorless, stomach a little sips less than during menstruation .  And by the way, about the capture neck and pulling her somewhere out there, nothing that was not .  Although maybe I helped my thinness .  Especially since all I described in detail, because she rummaged through the Internet yesterday for this description .  And always write only hurt, not hurt .  On the most cauterization after the results of histology, the doctor said that there is no sensation at all, because there is no need to go into healthy tissue .  Good luck everyone! The main thing to pull myself together and decide!
Damn girl how lucky you are, it does not hurt that it was !!!! It was painful horror. I am in my life and broke his hand, and his chin was sutured, and a finger nail removed and recently by the pope by injections cone cut without anesthesia but, that was awfully sick !!!!!! Of course I do not want to frighten no one, give you bog.chto used without the pain was, and it was better not! So in addition to pain Nausea, dizziness, in the eyes darkened. Horror !! But by the evening I sit already hearty. All health
Today I did a biopsy okay.
That's all.

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