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April 3, 2013

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Nastya I quote:
I can not get pregnant as early as 1, 5 years old, diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. I changed several times but doctors prescribe me to drink Diana 35 2-3 months for 2 times ... saw no effect. About lapar thought, but doctors do not deflected directly. I really want a baby!
I was treated for 3 years - I appointed Diana 35 drink 3 months, then 3 months trying to get pregnant, then again to drink, etc. - All to no avail, now I am watching another doctor - said that all this is useless - it is necessary to do a laparoscopy. While I can not tune in and afraid. Meyrueis temperature of the cycle and wait for the next month.
Guest quote:
24. I have already 2 years I can not get pregnant, even though my husband and I are not protected. diagnosed with polycystic and blocked tubes. They said to do laparoscopic surgery, but I'm afraid. Is there any negative consequences?
Negative consequences of this operation, no ... at least - the doctor will see that in fact you have there ... It's a good operatsiyai having proper diagnosis. I myself such operation took place two years ago. Good luck!
To quote Natalya:
I was pregnant at 9 weeks of miscarriage (the doctors said: missed abortion) for 2 years I can not zaberemenet.letom 2009 g.sdelala laparoscopy, but has not started to drink zaberemenela.posle operation pill "KLOSTILBEGIT" they stimulate the growth of follicles. as the result will be, I'll write
Natalia I understand you, I really missed abortion was not, but (polycystic has been 4 years I can not zaberemenit.Yaichniki 3 years were normalnye.Tolko do not burst follicle and polycystic seychas.govoryat that, because of increased ovarian stimulation and 4 each grow (from Clomid) .Esche and say the top is covered with a film of the (connective tissue) laporoskopiya need, do not know already what to do (A regular monthly, minustriruyu 11, 5 years, only the top 2 times per month was then the norm.
Eugene quote:
Does negative points in the operation. Please napeshite want to do the operation.
girl, I did lapar polycystic over 20 years, now I'm 23, have no children! although I was pregnant, but byd spontaneous miscarriage, the reasons have not found after the operation I got pregnant after 8 mes.Est negative points in the operation, firstly, the ovaries decrease in size, thereby approaching menopause (I chtala about This, and the new doctor told me), and secondly, Operation of - it's the last thing that can be, for example, I regret that before the operation I did not tell details, but said the result yato 100% !!!
Good afternoon, I'm 25, started in the 16 monthly regular have begun in 17, 5 . She had ovarian apoplexy .  Before the operation is not reached, he was treated for a long time .  In the 20 began to take Diane-35, a year longer, ie, . to .  the drug dried up mucosa up to the formation of cracks .  Once stopped taking Diane-35, monthly long been irregular, formed through a series of 6 months - 31 days . In October, to leave the country, he returned with monthly .   and more of them were not! Consult your doctor passed the set of analyzes .  Diagnosis - polycystic ovarian changes .  (I actually regularly (once a month . ) Visit gynecologist, but such a diagnosis is only now set) .  (Increased testosterone ovolosenenie male pattern, irregular periods, no infectious diseases, weight - normal, is not pregnant) . I was at 2 doctors (a gynecologist, the second - a gynecologist-endocrinologist) .  So endocrinologist prescribed Djufaston after start monthly - New ring for 6 months .  and then on reception . The gynecologist has registered more shots Troumel candles with indomethacin and magnesium . Why endocrinologist on prescribed drugs ?? So sick of sick and do not understand why you need to take certain medications, whether they are necessary at all . (There are more questions: 1 .  If ovarian function will be restored, disappears if increased "hairiness" ?? To be honest, I have the whole family "with a gun" .   2 .  No one can give me an explanation for that isolation I: melye, heterogeneous, very thick, odorless, with *** act unpleasantly dry up, leading to discomfort .   In the past (last year) was not like this! Smears all normal (as the doctors say) . Help me please! We would like to get an objective assessment of their condition . THANK!!
Hormones do not advise to take, I have them in half a year Reception, M stood for half a year, only the liver poportila- slack away !!!! Make up your mind ....
I'm 22 years old, very glad that now made lapar now have every chance to become pregnant, unless told to do-do, of course, after years of failure, in my case 1, 5 years. Did nazd week, I feel fine. Now there is a puff of baby))) It does not hurt, maybe general anesthesia, postoperative 7-8 of 10 beremenniyut !!!!! Do not tighten, the farther away the more problems.
I'm 26, cystic disease is inherited. Saw Diana 35 for 2 years, then I decided to give up (like harmful hormones and all that bad) then 3 months there was no monthly hair flooded in all places - went to the doctor. She scolded me strongly for the abolition of the drug ... once again began to take it. During the year, restored normal levels of various hormones, and a year later for an ultrasound polycystic been removed. Hormones are normal. So, girls, do not treated, listen vrachey..tolko good. I go to the Institute. Otto in St. Petersburg. All health and children !!!
I also have polycystic observed in MONIIAG. Social Yarin. She is married, but I do not want kids yet. I would like to answer the question, the cat. then asked: Differences between drugs and Diane Yasmin no! The active substance is one and the same dosage. The difference lies in the additional component Yarin that help to prevent weight gain. But treatment 3-4 months ish to help if you become pregnant immediately. Otherwise, the period of treatment is to increase up to 8-9 months with a break of 2 months (after the drug 2-3 cycles can go normally, but then again there will be an unavoidable delay). So if the bear is not going to, get used to drink hormones !!!
Good afternoon, I would like to Tell as pregnant and gave birth to a wonderful daughter, I was diagnosed with polycystic 18 years old, and was treated with hormones and birth control pills until they got to a wonderful doctor Yuberemennost result of a month (prescribed drink klostilgebit 1 month and about *** Children do po5-6razv day) now want the second, we will try, good luck to all
I'm 19 years old .  I never thought that at such an early age can cause such serious diseases .  I put this diagnosis one month ago . Until now, difficult to reconcile with the idea .  Doctors say nothing inspires hope for a cure . About six months ago we became irregular menstruation (the case for a month delay!), Although I did as a watch .  Then noticed periodic severe pain in the abdomen on the left side .  I tried not to pay attention .  But the pain did not stop, and only strengthens .  You know, this growing jerking pain lasts about an hour, then let go .  In general addressed in paid clinic (where I just ripped off mighty well!), And our local doctors .   Last advised to go to the gynecologist-endocrinologist for hormone treatment .  And not to delay pregnancy, otherwise then may have a serious problem with that .  I immediately decided for myself that the hormone "treatment" will not, I can not sacrifice himself, for some unknown reason, Who gives a guarantee that it will bring me a favor ?! Baby madly want! Honestly, with my young man had tried five times, it does not work .   Of course, a bit early, but already such a thing again .   -is necessary to hurry up . In any case, the girl will not give up, important not to lose faith, that no one will forbid! I advised the doctor 3 months poprinimat brewer's yeast (without additives!) Two weeks before menstruation and Evening primrose oil 1 capsule 2 times a day with the onset of menstruation two weeks .  It is harmless, that dietary supplements (dietary supplements) are now all hopes are pinned to it .
on US said that I melkokistoznoe change both ovaries that it is not registered to the doctor of anything said that has nothing to do
The operation is not always out ... I made this laproskapiyu, then three months. stimulation, the result of a cyst of both ovaries (((
A few days ago I learned that I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). Menstruation is not a regular for 13 years. Married 3 years, and all these years we were not protected. I took Jeanine to impose my body stable cycle but all to no avail. The doctor again advised to take hormones namely Yarin 4 cycles followed by 2 break the cycle. In this period of pregnancy. However, I am very skeptical about contraception. Well, judge for yourself, for that would get pregnant need to drink contraceptive! And they say medetsiny steps sememilnymi steps ... Brad. Regarding operations can skazhat is also very afraid and many of those who wrote on the forum. But I'm afraid it's the only way (((
Yesterday went to the gynecologist diagnosed polycystic ovary left. Indeed, climb on the site, I knew from what I "bears." There was a size 48, it is now 52. What is the best to take drugs, or immediately laparoscopy, or even throw the ovary during surgery. Children I do not want to, I have a son 3.6goda.
I was treated almost 5 years, to no avail, until I drink hormones are all ok, the cyst is reduced, and she was 5 cm diametre.potom bothered me-I stopped to drink hormones, namely Diana-35 and Yasmin, as appeared varikoz.kak- accidentally, I read in a book on women's health of the disease, the book of English genikologa not remember imya.koroche, it gives advice to completely eliminate from the diet of sugar, even sweet fruits such as peaches, apricots, grapes and so dalee.voobsche no sugar ! not with anything! I guess you never know! and that's a miracle! 5 months I became completely healthy! My gynecology was blown away! So go ahead, girl, at the same time lose weight, people should.
I am 22 years old, with 14 years of monthly, regularly walked like sometimes with minor delays but no more than 5-6 days, never suffered from overweight, even excessive hudaboy vice versa, with growth of 170 kg of 51, nor any extra body hair, acne acne etc .. 2 years ago there was a delay of a month, I thought pregnant, went to the doctor diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and uterus indametrii, a doctor herself a little stunned, repeatedly carried ultrasound (vnutrevoginalnoe) that had not been mistaken in the diagnosis, prescribed treatment, 2 years on tablets Diana, Yasmin, Indinol etc. two months ago finally ended chickens treatment indometrii gone but polycystic was certainly not in its original condition, ovaries increased quite a bit, the doctor said that this is polycystic potologii and pregnancy problems may occur. The operation was afraid to do, suddenly becomes worse, your man too afraid to talk about the final diagnosis. I do not know how to be.
At age 15, I was diagnosed using ultrasound - polycystic. Then - no, irregular periods, weight is added every hour. increased hairiness was present. 9y.o. visit to the gynecologist-endocrinologist, hormones and so on. Everything returned to normal after I took a - she lost 15kg, and the cycle was restored. But US and shows - TL. everything else was fine. Increased ovolosenenie remove only cosmetically
I have been married five years, and children are netu.Snachala my husband and I did not pay for it has many great here last year zahoteli.No nothing poluchalos.Nachalas delay monthly for 2 months and began intensively adjusting beremenna.My thought that my husband and I are very tuned even the names on the child pridumali.Nedavno ginikologa have been sent to the diagnosis of Polycystic yaichnikov.Ya UZI.Postavili very perezhivayu.Detey very hochu.Lechenie not yet naznachili.Reshila bit proiformirovatsya that UTB takoe.Nadeyus on ludshee.Udachi vsem.Glavnoe not to lose heart and succeed.
monthly like as were regular, then began hairiness, and then monthly began to arrive with a delay, but not enough, they were three to four weeks incessantly and constantly mazhas, generally diagnosed frightened infertility, I married six months horrified as I want the baby but now they I know what to do. uzhachi all, and to all the guys love kaktorye have been supporting my husband, and most importantly, patience.
Do not you think that this disease can have a medical nature, and everything comes from the soul and the mind of the person - a woman?
I'm 25 years old was diagnosed with polycystic 2 years ago. With 15 years of monthly were 5-7 times a year, doctors put ovarian dysfunction. For many years, I treated various prepvratami (Remns, Celeste, Diana ...) not pomoglo.V '22 married, respectively, within 3 years, could not get pregnant. Half a year ago, I got off to a good doctor, he advised me to surgery - laparoscopy (wedge resection of both ovaries, their cauterization). In mid-May of this year I did it, I was discharged on the fifth day. This is a very simple procedure (I'm very worried, but nothing difficult, even painful).
I am 27 years old. Monthly 11 years. Always regular single day zaderzhki.U I have a son 9 years old. The first pregnancy occurred without problems. A year ago, I got pregnant 2 times. But the fruit measured at 5 nedelyah.Posle cleaning discharged contraceptives. Propyl 9 months. And began disruptions month delay 2-2, 5 weeks. I went for an ultrasound diagnosis of polycystic. They offer a drink hormonal, but I'm afraid. I have already recovered 10 kg. I do not know if it is better to surgery?
I am 24 years old. I have PCOS age 10. Never treated. Now married, half a year trying to get pregnant naturally. Does not work. Konsultiovalas in different gynecologists, offer two methods of treatment: hormonal and operational means of laparoscopy. While I have a month to think about, because Once again, I pass inspection. After a month will have to choose which doctor (respectively method) trust me. Please help me to do this. Please if anyone has negative consequences surgery and hormone treatment, and what. Thank you.
Firstly, it is necessary first of all to go to the gynecologist and do an ultrasound. If the ovaries are enlarged greatly, but appoint assays gormony.U I was originally IL, irregular periods. Treated by different doctors in different hormonal. Now about 7 months saw Yasmin. Now he casts. I went to the first month. I do not know how it is ... I bought myself ovulation tests to know whether the general ovulation. But I think she did not come ... Let's see what will happen next.
Hi girls!!! I also have polycystic. I do not know what age, but definitely a few years (since. Multiple). When pregnant - did not know, and thank bogu.Odnoy headache less. Healthy Child 2 5goda boy). My mother, too, polycystic *** from the beginning of ripening, and nothing - three children (pravdazhdala every 3 years), we are all healthy and happy. Mom still has not operated on and feels great. Do not worry, little baby is sure to be, vsemusvoe time!
Girls, do not worry, the main thing. Polycystic - not a sentence. It is a different degree, in some very easy to conceive naturally. I also have PCOS. The doctor, very good woman, said early in despair - try. A month has passed - try yet)))
Dear, TEENS! Who do laporoskopiyu yaichnikov- polycystic-ovary cauterization. I this problem has been for several years. Doctors are not sent, an acquaintance has done absolutely nothing to fear, the operation itself is a breeze, it only minus general anesthesia. Was discharged on day 4, nothing hurts, everything is normal!
Treatment with drugs, "Dekapeptil ',' Zoladex 'plus monthly give the effect of stimulation? Or need surgery?
Diane-35 is not helping. (((Propyl almost two years, and zero sense ... recovered on 5 kg terrible swelling, especially on the face, the hair is flooded with a vengeance of all places, and on his head began to drop ... The legs could not stick in any one boots (until six months have passed after the cancellation). After stopping, menstruation again, is not .. 4 months suffer even djufaston not save. (((I really want a baby, but pregnancy and there is no ...
diagnosed infertility and other scared ... I'm 20, but in the future I really want a baby ... appointed a course of Yarin 3 mes.ochen do not want to poison the body ... but still hope for good luck to all ...
I am 24, irregular periods from the beginning up to amenorrhea. When taking hormones - ie, cease - no. Ovulation was not. I plan pregnancy. The doctor advised surgery to drink instead of metformin (a drug that reduces the insulin resistance) in the first month of receiving ovulation has occurred (defined by basal body temperature), and exactly one month dosing come monthly. For the first time without hormones !!! I have hope!
I put polikistos 20 .  It all started with the fact that her hair began to fall much hair .  I went to trihologu which prescribe treatment for hair .  Pah-pah .  Helps .  Prevention spend this day .  Triholog That sent me on the analysis, which is called the steroid profiles .  It was found out that I have a hormonal imbalance and PYA .  Ultrasound has confirmed this fact .  Hormonal imbalance or otherwise, hyperandrogenism, bringing me to tears .  I am a person with a change of mood .  Often nervous and prone to stress .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 
.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . .  . .  .  . . 
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