Eating disorders: overeating - Causes and methods of struggle

September 9, 2007

  • Eating disorders: overeating
  • Causes and methods of struggle

Gluttony (syndrome food excesses)

We all sometimes we are gluttons - when we can not abandon the favorite pudding, a delicious dinner for Thanksgiving, or any other favorite pizza, but not too healthy dishes .  Often we can not say "no" savory snacks at a party or dinner Izobilnoye home .  But that's not gluttony .  It is an eating disorder characterized by frequent exacerbations abnormal appetite during which absorbed a huge amount of food ("food excesses") .  Most patients suffering from overeating, do not realize how much ate .  The food is absorbed with incredible speed, until the patient does not feel temporary relief .  Such dietary excesses are replaced by feelings of guilt and self-loathing .  Gluttony inexorably leads to obesity and, consequently, the formation of low self-esteem and loss of self-esteem .  Patients suffering from this eating disorder often avoid society and large gatherings of people, preferring solitude and leading reclusive .  Their depressing sense of powerlessness and helplessness .

Because eating disorders stimulate the development of various diseases, it is difficult to accurately determine the mortality rate for eating disorders. In addition, eating disorders often go unnoticed or ill conceals their condition for fear of condemnation of others. If untreated, emotional, psychological and physical consequences of overeating can be devastating. Eating disorders are more common among women, which can be explained by their desire to meet the standards of beauty imposed by society. The reasons are varied gluttony:

  • Often overeating is a reaction to stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
   or melancholy, anxiety, boredom, and even anger. Such compulsive overeating - a symptom of a psychological disorder rooted in the deep past. In a state of depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
   many refer to food as a kind of therapy and seek to fill the emotional void pizza, chocolate, cheeseburgers and fries, even knowing that the food has become for them a real drug.
  • Overeating can also be the result of overuse of diet or bulimia, when the periods of asceticism and voluntary refusal (or limitations) of food alternated with bouts of overeating does not hold back.
  • According to some researchers, binge eating may have a genetic basis. Often this eating disorder suffer from some family members.

Despite the seeming harmlessness, gluttony is very dangerous for health, since it can lead to hypertension, high cholesterol levels, the development of heart disease, diabetes and even some forms of cancer. Weight gain - a natural consequence of the food excesses. Obesity is accompanied by hypertension and the development of diseases of the joints and shortness of breath. Overeating and consequent obesity can also cause neuroendocrine disorders, which, in turn, can lead to kidney damage, disorders of appetite, digestion, and sexual function.

 Causes and methods of struggle | Eating Disorders: gluttony

Metoby fight

Although obese people suffering from gluttony, priority is weight loss, a strict diet can give opposite results. Therefore it is very important to apply for the treatment of the eating disorder behavior therapy and psychological counseling to help the patient to change the response to stressful situations. Cognitive behavioral therapy is often used to treat people suffering from overeating. Patients were recommended to control their eating behavior, to understand how stressful events affect eating habits. Sessions of individual counseling and communication in specialized groups effectively.

Interpersonal psychotherapy is aimed at developing understanding of the fallibility of patients develop their mental schemes and stimulate the desire to make changes in lifestyle and ingrained stereotypes. A patient suffering from gluttony, to help review the unhealthy eating habits. He has to learn a positive attitude towards yourself and your body without experiencing feelings of guilt and helplessness.

It is also very important to control food intake and correct some habits and lifestyle. Be sure to include routine fitness as fitness not only helps to lose weight How to lose weight - basic principles  How to lose weight - basic principles
 But also relieves stress and reduces anxiety Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?  Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?
 . In severe cases, prescribe antidepressants such as fluoxetine (Fluoxetine), sertraline (Sertraline) or desipramine (Desipramine).

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Fresh juices - benefit or harm? - Action on the body

June 13, 2010

  • Fresh juices - benefit or harm?
  • Effects on the body

When and how to start the fashion for fresh juices

Of course, there were people who always ate fresh juices, but the fashion, that is, the mass enthusiasm for this product, began with the appearance in our country the first books of Paul Bragg. Advocates for healthy lifestyles, Paul Bragg advised all to eat more plant foods, drink fresh juices, periodically starve and move more. Tips like and good, but brought some followers to the extreme at the time they brought a lot of trouble: excessive drinking fresh juice is useful not for everyone.

 Action on the body | Fresh juices - benefit or harm?

How to act on the body

All fresh juices contain biologically active substances that are immediately absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and to take part in the biochemical processes, that is in the process of metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 . Metabolism - this transformation through the consumption of food into substances that build the cells of our body, the necessary energy for life processes and active ingredients involved in the biochemical processes. Fresh juices are actively influence this process. In most cases, it is beneficial for the body, but everything is good in moderation, drinking liters of fresh juice is not useful, and sometimes even harmful.

Depending on the kind of juices it contains certain vitamins (more of them in fruit juices) and minerals (more in vegetable juices). And those and others are very useful, but also in juices, as it turned out, contains other no less useful substances that can have unpredictable effects on the body. We should not forget that in our time we often take drugs, some people have to do it for a long time and even for life. As interact in the body the active chemical substance with not less potent biochemicals juices?

The process of identifying such substances has only just begun. But today we know for sure that, for example, grapefruit juice contains a substance naringin, the ability to increase or, conversely, decrease the activity of certain drugs. This is because naringin suspends enzymes degrading certain drugs in the liver, resulting in a number of the body accumulates and causes poisoning. Destroying other enzymes, naringin reduces the effect of those or other drugs. And this despite the fact that in itself naringin useful for the organism. Today, a similar effect was found and a number of juices, their studies continue.

Another drawback of fresh juices: well if vegetables and fruits, of which you get them, grown in environmentally friendly conditions without the addition of chemicals. Of course, the bulk of the "chemistry" remains in the tissue, but also gets a lot of juice - also for this reason that you should not drink fruit juice liters.

 Action on the body | Fresh juices - benefit or harm?

To drink or not to drink?

Of course, drinking. But with the mind, weighing all the "pros" and "cons" and consult your doctor if you have to take certain medications.

Rules of preparing and eating fresh juices:

  • You need to cook the juice just before taking, as a few minutes of biologically active substances contained in it, begin to break down; exception - beet juice, it must first stand about 2 hours in the refrigerator, then it dissolved substances that have harmful effects on the body;
  • you need to drink the juice for 30-40 minutes before a meal, then it will be most useful, as quickly suck in empty stomach and immediately enter into biochemical processes; after eating juice (especially fruit) is better not to drink, because, mixed with food, it will cause the release of large amounts of gas in the intestines;
  • better to drink juice through a straw, and then rinse your mouth with water - in the juices of many organic acids, which soften and destroy the hard tissues of the teeth; That is why after taking the juice dentists do not recommend brushing your teeth How to brush your teeth: interesting facts  How to brush your teeth: interesting facts
  • vegetable juices (tomato except for) should not drink in large quantities, they are best added to the fruit juices, for example, apple; carrot and beet juice at the same time should not exceed one third of the total volume; beet juice is best to get used gradually, starting with small amounts diluted with water, since some people can not tolerate raw beet juice;
  • fruit juices containing bones (cherry, plum, apricot, peach), with any other juice mix is ​​not recommended; juices as fruit and berries, within which there are seeds (apples, grapes, currants) are well mixed with other juices; for example, apple juice goes well with vegetable juices such as carrot, beet and cabbage.

 Action on the body | Fresh juices - benefit or harm?

Should I be treated fresh juices

With fresh juice, if taken regularly and in moderation, can improve the body well, that is to bring the body of harmful metabolic products (slag). All this will force your metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   work faster and more active, give vivacity, health, calm the nerves, strengthen the immune system Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults  Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults

But one should always remember that cure a disease using the juice is not possible, since it is not a medicine, and food. So do not give up the treatment prescribed by a doctor, replacing it with the juices, you need to consult with a doctor and choose a blend of juices that fit your appointed drug and, therefore, will benefit, not harm.

Galina Romanenko

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