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April 28, 2011

  • The daily calories - not only the quantity but also the quality
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What is a calorie

Calories are units of energy, which is formed by the assimilation of a product. The standard calorie is the amount of energy equal to the amount of heat required to heat one gram of water by 1 ° C. The main source of energy is carbohydrates. If they are not enough, "the furnace" are fats and proteins, which provided uninterrupted flow of carbohydrates are used for other purposes.

It has been established that 1 g of fat contains 9 calories, and 1 g of carbohydrate and protein - 4 calories. But the products we use, often have a mixed composition, so each product has its own caloric content, that is, how many calories are in 100 grams of a product. For convenience, this ratio calculate in kilocalories (kcal 1 is equal to 1000 calories). Naturally, fatty foods are the most calorie. With table calorie products, anyone can calculate how many calories he eats a day, compared with the existing rules.

 Calories | Daily intake of calories - not only the quantity but also the quality

How many calories per day is required to man

Different people need different amounts of calories. For example, men need more calories per day than women because they have more intense metabolic processes occur that requires extra energy. More calories needed and the young, especially the body is still growing, but in the elderly received a large number of calories can be harmful: the body simply can not cope with the processing of large quantities of food. The number of calories per day depends on what people want to achieve: to lose weight, build muscle, recover or just to lead an active healthy lifestyle.

For example, young women who are not engaged in heavy physical labor rate is about 2800 kkakl a day, for men of the same age - 3300 kcal per day. If a person is engaged in heavy physical labor or sports, the number of calories increases: for women - up to 3,500 for men - up to 4500. The increased number of calories per day is required for pregnant (until 3200) and lactating women (3500). In old age, and sedentary women enough 2100 calories, and men - 2500.

 Calories | Daily intake of calories - not only the quantity but also the quality

How to calculate calories to lose weight

In order to lose weight, you need to get from food fewer calories than they expended by the body. But there is one caveat - the body must receive a minimum basic rate of calories, which should ensure the flow of biochemical processes (including metabolism develops), the function of internal organs and physical activity. If the diet is so limited that it can not cover the basic costs of energy, then the person will not lose weight: the body is just going to waste less energy, resulting in lower metabolism, lethargy and disruption of the whole organism. And the weight will not decrease, on the contrary, the body under conditions of extreme energy shortages manages to something else and put off a reserve in the form of fat.

To properly calculate the amount of calories required per day to lose weight, you can use a simple method, which is used in England and the United States (in these countries adhere to the lower daily rate). For this purpose calculated daily allowance of calories to maintain current weight, and that weight you want to achieve. Weight is calculated in pounds (one pound is equal to 0, 453 kg) and multiplied by a factor of 14.

Example of calculation. A woman weighing 65 kg wants to reduce his weight to 55 kg. To maintain current weight it should be consumed in a day: 143 7 lbs (65 kg 0 kg 453) x 14 = 2012 kcal per day. To reduce the weight to the desired 55 kg: 120 (55: 0, 453) x 14 = 1680 kcal. In order to reduce its weight to 55 kg, this woman should consume no more than 1680 kcal per day.

 Calories | Daily intake of calories - not only the quantity but also the quality

How to calculate the calories to build muscle

Now in vogue beautiful male body and a lot of men pumped up muscles in the gym to give them relief. But some physical exercise to build muscle is not possible, it requires special food. Firstly, the energy value (caloric) it should exceed the daily energy consumption (calculation is the same as for weight loss, only the desired weight should be more than the original), and secondly important is the quality of the food you eat, because build muscle mass which consists of proteins, hence, food must contain an increased amount of protein.

Independently calculate the load and the power required for this is rather difficult, but there will always be able to help coach who will calculate an individual diet and stress. It is only necessary to know that to achieve the beauty of the body should not take anabolic hormones that promote good absorption of protein, but give a lot of complications.

The daily calories - this concept individual, it depends on many parameters.

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Diet for pregnant women - when pulling on salty - Tips and Tricks

March 25, 2010

  • Diet for pregnant women - when pulling on the salty
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During pregnancy, it changes not only the woman's body, but her habits - including eating habits: some food seems amazingly delicious, but some - absolutely unbearable. Some products, for which the woman downright draws during pregnancy, had never looked delicious.

Changes in eating habits are experiencing at certain stages of pregnancy almost all women. You can say that the craving for certain foods - this is a common phenomenon, the reasons for which, however, has not yet been clarified.

Many women claim that the craving for certain foods during pregnancy can not be controlled. A recent study showed that about 40% of women during pregnancy begins to feel the need for a sweet, 33% - in salty products, another 17% - in sharp, spicy dishes. Because the hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy, strictly individual, a craving for foods during pregnancy in a variety of women may also be different.

Sometimes the desire for certain foods turns into an eating disorder known as pica - a craving for inedible substances, such as earth, chalk, pencil lead, ice, ashes, paint. This eating disorder can become dangerous to the health of both mother and unborn child.

The emergence of craving for certain foods during pregnancy can be attributed to several reasons:

  • A woman's body during pregnancy need more calories
  • Deficiency of certain nutrients can lead to the craving for specific foods
  • The hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy, affect the taste and smell, which feels a woman, thereby making some dishes especially attractive

In order to avoid unhealthy cravings for certain foods, it is necessary to observe a few basic rules:

  • Follow a balanced diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy products with low-fat foods rich in protein. A balanced diet - a pledge of normal development of the fetus Fetal development - week after week  Fetal development - week after week
  • Include regular exercise regime Myths about exercise: do not believe  Myths about exercise: do not believe
   after consultation with the doctor.
  • Eat regularly; divide the daily food intake by six small portions - this will avoid low blood sugar Blood sugar - a very important indicator  Blood sugar - a very important indicator
 , Which is often the main cause thrust to certain foods.
  • Divert attention from eating, doing interesting work.
  • Try to replace high-calorie foods, which particularly draws more useful alternative, or, in extreme cases, is limited to small portions.

 Useful tips | diet for expectant mothers - when pulling on the salty

Proper diet for expectant mothers

Often the cause of cravings for certain foods in the body are due to lack of any substance. For example, with a shortage of soda may be craving for salty. Make sure that the edible products during pregnancy are harmless for the future mother and her child. Avoid undercooked or fried fish, meat, eggs, sushi, Caesar salad, not pasteurized milk. In addition, it is better to abandon artificial sweeteners and alcohol.

  • Sodium, potassium, proteins: the lack of orgasm soda or potassium arises craving for foods high in these substances - for example, pickles, french fries and so on. In addition, the craving for salty may occur due to dehydration.
  • Calcium and fats, most often craving for sweets - such as chocolate or ice cream - arises from the desire to refill the body fat. In this case, better to replace junk food a useful alternative - fruit and nuts.
  • Iron: the lack of calcium and iron leads to a craving for red meat or chicken eggs.

Even during pregnancy, you need to watch weight: calories can lead to poor health of the pregnant woman, the development of different types of diabetes and pre-eclampsia, the so-called late toxicosis pregnant. Follow a balanced diet should always be, as far as possible.

Finally, to cope with the craving for certain foods during pregnancy is not possible, however, to monitor their use are quite capable of every woman. In some cases, junk food, which seems so attractive, can be replaced by a more useful alternative, and if it does not work - stop for a small portion.

Typically, this condition stops by itself during the second trimester of pregnancy. If the craving for food, and there is further need to consult a doctor.

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