The use of fennel: Ogorodnaya pharmacy

August 8, 2010

 the use of dill
 Green fragrant dill umbrellas Mother Nature gives people not only as an aromatic seasoning for culinary dishes. This vegetable garden Chudesnitsa contains vitamins, flavonoids, mineral salts and acids, which enable the use of fennel for medical purposes. The perfumes and cosmetics used sprigs of greenery and plant seeds. Contained therein essential oil with a delicate scent complex compositions include creams, colognes and toothpastes.

 The use of fennel: Ogorodnaya pharmacy

Passport plants

Dill (lat. Anethum) - an annual herbaceous plant of the family Umbelliferae. The only kind of plants - fragrant dill or dill (Anethum graveolens). In the wild form is found in central and southwest Asia. As the plant kitchen garden is cultivated worldwide.

In dill leaves contain essential to the human body nicotinic and ascorbic acid, thiamine, riboflavin, the flavonoid quercetin, carbohydrates, pectin, mineral salts. The fruits of fennel high content of protein and fatty oil, which consists of oleic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acid and petroselinic.

All parts of the plant are full of essential oils Essential oils and conception: can help the roses?  Essential oils and conception: can help the roses?
 Which give a specific smell of dill.

Potassium, carotene, magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamins C, group B, PP - this is not a complete list of useful components of this ancient plant.

 The use of fennel: Ogorodnaya pharmacy

Dill in folk medicine

Avicenna used the seeds and leaves of fennel in the treatment of many diseases of the intestine and bladder Urinary bladder - structure and function  Urinary bladder - structure and function
 To increase the lactation nurse, as a remedy for hiccups. Scientifically proven that dill dramatically lowers blood pressure, because it is contraindicated gipotonikam. Great use is fraught with dill for people dizziness and loss of consciousness.

Dill is used as a choleretic, expectorant and diuretic. Used as a means to improve the appetite, calms the nervous system, in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Dill is relaxant and tonic, relieves the bowels of gases prevents spasms, stimulates the endocrine secretion due to the presence of arginine improves libido, helps with hiccups and promotes the health of bones and teeth, as it is a powerful supplier of calcium.

The easiest recipe from flatulence and as a mild diuretic is: one tablespoon fennel seeds pour a glass of boiling water for ten minutes, and insist filter. Take one tablespoon four times a day for twenty minutes before meals. Flatulence take half a cup of infusion before the meal.

As a light sedative used powder dry dill. With poor eyesight and eyestrain great help gauze bags filled with seeds of fennel. Dropping two minutes in boiling water, you need to give them a little cool and warm as to impose on the closed eyelids. Fifteen to twenty minutes of rest the inflammation and stress leave, his eyes begin to see well again. These procedures are carried out for the prevention of: the skin around the eyes will become younger, fine lines smoothed.

 The use of fennel: Ogorodnaya pharmacy

Dill as an aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiacs - substances that increase sexual activity. In the writings of Avicenna has several chapters on "lascivious" herbs, dill aside where one of the main places. Proper harvesting the plant ensures its application to excite desire.

Dill can not chop on a wooden board, only ceramic or glass. The strongest dill - dried on the fourth or fifth year of storage. In dill pickles Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices  Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices
   no nutrients.

Russian folk remedy for impotence Impotence - a female perspective on the problem  Impotence - a female perspective on the problem
 Acting immediately, prepared on the basis of fresh dill. It can be mixed a glass of sour cream and a glass of beer, add finely chopped bunch of green dill. The effect of such erotic "cocktail" will not take long.

 The use of fennel: Ogorodnaya pharmacy

A little history

Dill was used by Egyptian doctors 5,000 years ago. His remains were found in Roman ruins.

The young men in ancient times gave bouquets of fragrant dill her lover. In Italy, donated a sprig of greenery without words meant a declaration of love. The ancient poets sang of this umbrella plant in his poems.

The Egyptians used sprigs of greenery as a remedy for headaches. In medieval medicine, fennel was used for flatulence and for regulation of the intestine. Doctors antiquity characterized fennel as a means of preventing "deterioration of food in the stomach."

In the Middle Ages the village green umbrella was considered a magical herb, it was attributed magical properties, used in the creation of a love potion.

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The healing properties of lavender - not only pleasant aroma

April 29, 2014

 The healing properties of lavender
   Lavender - a plant native to North Africa and the mountainous areas of the Mediterranean. Lavender is often used in perfumes and cosmetics. However, this plant also has many medicinal properties.

Lavender is grown for the production of essential oil from it Essential oils and conception: can help the roses?  Essential oils and conception: can help the roses?
 . It is believed that lavender oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, so it can be used in the treatment of minor burns and insect bites.

Studies have shown that the essential oil of lavender may be useful in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
   and anxiety.

There is even speculation that lavender can help with such digestive problems like vomiting, nausea, bloating, indigestion, abdominal swelling.

Lavender is also used to relieve pain, including headache and toothache. It also helps to prevent hair loss and serves as a repellent against insects.


Fungal infections

Research has shown that lethal lavender oil for a wide range of strains of fungi that cause skin diseases. It destroys the membrane of fungal cells. Now clinical trials are needed to go from laboratory experiments in practice.


Wound healing

Laboratory studies have shown that transcutaneous electrical nerve and lavender oil wounds heal faster than physiologic saline, and povidone-iodine.


Hair loss

Natural medicine is currently evaluating a lavender as possible an effective treatment for alopecia Areata, a condition in which hair falls out in some areas of the body or the whole body. There is evidence that lavender can accelerate hair growth up to 44% after seven months of treatment.



Studies have shown that the drug Silexan, representing lavender oil in gelatin capsules 80 mg, two weeks of treatment had a beneficial effect on patients with general anxiety disorder and subsyndromal anxiety. He eased symptoms such as poor sleep, somatic complaints, decreased quality of life. Apart from minor gastrointestinal disorders, drug had no side effects.


Fear of dental treatment

The scent of lavender can help patients who are afraid to treat teeth. Many people experience a lot of stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
   during visits to the dentist, postponing them for a long time.

During the study, 340 adult patients, half of them smelled of lavender and half - no. No matter how serious was the process of dental treatment, lavender calming effect was obvious.


The pain after the removal of the tonsils in children

Lavender oil can slightly reduce pain symptoms in children after tonsillectomy. During the study, which was attended by 48 children from 6 to 12 years, were divided into 2 groups of 24 people. One group was given paracetamol and the other - paracetamol plus aromatherapy with lavender oil. Within three days after the operation examined frequency of administration of paracetamol, night awakenings due to pain, and checked the intensity of pain.

The researchers reported that children in the group treated with lavender oil aromatherapy, took much less pain medication (acetaminophen) than children from the other group. However, no significant difference in pain intensity and frequency of nighttime awakenings was observed.


Premenstrual syndrome

A significant number of women of reproductive age experience some symptoms during the premenstrual phase, commonly known as premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Although this is a very common condition, no treatment is not generally accepted effective, so many women are turning to alternative therapies, including aromatherapy.

In Japan conducted research for determining whether aromatherapy with lavender oil to help reduce the emotional discomfort during the premenstrual syndrome.

The researchers concluded that aromatherapy using lavender as a potential therapeutic agent can reduce the emotional discomfort of premenstrual syndrome.

There is some evidence that use of lavender aromatherapy can help with the following conditions:

  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Migraine
  • Vomiting
  • Psychological discomfort
  • Toothache
  • Sickness
  • Acne
  • Cancer
  • As insect repellent

One study conducted in Korea, found that the scent of lavender has a positive effect for insomnia and depression in women - students of one of the colleges. However, the authors point out that the need to re-research to establish effective proportion of lavender essential oil and oil-conductor for the treatment of insomnia and depression.


Interaction with Drug

Scientists warn that care should be taken with a combination of lavender with the following medications:

  • Barbiturates - Lavender may enhance the sedative effect of these drugs, and their joint human consumption may be very sleepy Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
  • Benzodiazepines - Mixing lavender benzodiazepines may also enhance the sedative effect of these drugs.
  • Chloral hydrate - Lavender increases the effects of chloral hydrate, causing extreme lethargy and drowsiness.


Risks and warnings

One study found that repeated outdoor use lavender oil may cause prepubertal gynecomastia - a condition in which the boys before puberty increase breast.

In addition, the safety of lavender during pregnancy and lactation is not fully confirmed. If you plan to use lavender during pregnancy or breast-feeding, consult your doctor.

Because lavender is considered a means of slowing down the central nervous system, doctors advise patients to stop using lavender at least two weeks prior to surgery.