Traditional Chinese medicine and treatment for problem skin

November 26, 2013

  • Traditional Chinese medicine and treatment for problem skin
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 Traditional Chinese Medicine
 Traditional Chinese medicine, which today includes a wide variety of areas, began to develop more than five thousand years ago. Currently, many hospitals in China use its methods, together with the methods of conventional medicine. It is also quite common in Europe and North America; Western countries each year, millions of people turn to professionals to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). BMT techniques are used, for example, in the treatment of back pain Back pain: Do not start the process  Back pain: Do not start the process
 Depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
 , Osteoarthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers Breast cancer - the verdict?  Breast cancer - the verdict?


The basic concepts of TCM

Between TCM and official medicine, there are fundamental differences, and one of the most important is a different vision of man and his disease.

  • The body - is a unified whole. Representatives of TCM treat not a separate body, which is the source of the disease, but the whole body. According to them, to cure a person, you need to work on his physical body and the mind, emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
   and spirit, as well as to the vital energy, which is the basis for all our life. Furthermore, according to TCM theory, the body is all that is needed for healing.
  • Man is closely linked with the outside world. Time of year and day, geographical location and climate are just as important when choosing a method of treatment than a person's age, his genetic characteristics, and other factors.
  • Prevention - the best means of treatment. The human body constantly takes various signs on the state of their health, but we often ignore them as long as there are no serious problems. It is not the most effective strategy for taking care of their health. TCM learns to understand the language of his own body, and to do more prevention rather than treatment.
  • Yin and yang - one of the most important concepts in TCM, according to which the entire world, including all living organisms are formed by two opposing, but complementary to each other forces. The balance between the yin and yang - a pledge not only physical health, but also the general well-being.
  • Qi energy. According to TCM, the human body (and not only) of energy channels - meridians circulating life energy Qi. Diseases caused by the fact that in certain parts of the body is disrupted circulation of Qi energy, and for the healing of her to restore.


How to develop the disease - from the perspective of TCM

  • First step. It disturbed the balance of Qi energy. The patient begins to experience mild discomfort from time to time he appeared mild symptoms. Typically, at this stage, people think that there is a serious problem, and soon everything will itself; many people use OTC drugs or herbs.
  • Second phase. Violation of the energy balance of the impact on the work of internal organs, as well as their interaction. The symptoms become more pronounced, begin to cause discomfort. It is believed that the techniques of western medicine at this stage is still impossible to detect disease.
  • The third stage. Symptoms begin to have an impact on quality of life. At this stage patients usually can no longer delay visit to the doctor; identify the disease and begin to treat these or other methods.



Professionals TCM practitioners typically use the following methods that assess the patient's condition: inspection (especially frequently inspect the language), a conversation with the patient, palpation, including - heart rate measurement. In addition, the practice in the diagnostic process can evaluate the sounds that a person emits while breathing, and body odor. In TCM used many different treatment methods; We'll talk about the most common ones.

  • Herbal treatment. In the list of herbs that are used in TCM, includes hundreds of titles. Herbs are used for brewing tea, preparing tinctures and powders; they also take into capsules. The TCM also used some of the minerals and animal products.
  • Acupuncture. It is not known exactly when in ancient China started to practice acupuncture. Age stone and bone needles for acupuncture, which is in the course of excavations, estimated at several thousand years. At the same time, we know that acupuncture for centuries to help people to get rid of many diseases.
  • The acupuncture needles - are now made of stainless steel - used for the impact on the meridians to restore the circulation of Qi energy. It is believed that after the movement of energy channels becomes normal, and the operation to recover bodies that become sources of the disease.
  • Clinical nutrition. According to TCM theory, each product somehow affects the body, including - for energy circulation. Specialist TCM examined, the patient may appoint a special diet that will meet the needs of his body and gradually deliver him from health problems.


The current status of TCM

Despite the prevalence of TCM in China and beyond, the scientific evidence supporting its effectiveness, there are very few .  The theoretical basis of TCM, in particular, the fact that its foundation is the concept of energy, the existence of which the official science does not confirm, greatly complicates the study of methods of TCM .  Most researchers are engaged in a certain directions TCM, mainly - Treatment with herbs and acupuncture .  Acupuncture Studies have shown that it can be useful in a number of diseases, but inconclusive data is not sufficient .  As for herbs, most of them dedicated to the research was carried out with a variety of disorders, so experts agree that this area of ​​TCM is practically not been studied .  People with serious illnesses should not be used instead of those kinds of TCM therapy that uses conventional medicine .  Pregnant women turn to specialists for TCM is possible only after consultation with your doctor .  If you observe such precautions, TCM can be a useful addition to the primary therapy .

Stevia: the secrets of the use of Native American herbs - Recipes

December 13, 2014

  • Stevia: the secrets of the use of Indian grass
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 Recipes with stevia

Recipes with stevia

The chemical composition of stevia - a real "pantry" of nature. Leaves of the plant are rich in flavonoids, amino acids, soluble fiber, protein and essential oils Essential oils and conception: can help the roses?  Essential oils and conception: can help the roses?
 . They also contain the mass of beneficial vitamins and minerals: potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, vitamins C, E, A and Group B.

Thanks to a rich "domestic kitchen", Stevia, application of which is not limited to only one food sector, is widely used for the treatment of many ailments.

Essential compounds bush exhibit antimicrobial properties. At wounds, scratches, ulcers on the skin fresh honey leaves ground into a pulp and applied to the lesion. When periodontal disease and gingivitis are doing the same application on the gums.

Contained in stevia amino acid proline participates in the synthesis of cartilage. The use of plants decoction is considered useful in diseases of the joints, osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia.


The infusion of stevia

40 grams of dried leaves pour a pint of boiling water, in a thermos for 12 hours. Ready solution cool and drain. Take before meals for half a glass.


Apple pie with stevia

You will need: 2 cups flour, 5 large apples, half a pack of margarine, a glass of milk, egg, two teaspoons of dry stevia powder.

Melt the margarine, add the egg, milk, flour and stevia powder. Knead the dough. Apples cut into slices and put into shape. Pour the filling test. Put in the oven, preheated to two hundred degrees, forty minutes.


Puff pastry

You need: a glass of flour, half a pack of margarine or butter, salt to taste, half a cup of infusion of stevia, egg for lubrication.

The softened margarine mixed with stevia extract and salt, add flour. Knead the dough, wrap it in foil and put in the refrigerator. After half an hour to roll out the dough thinly, put down four times, gently roll it out again. Cut cookie molds. Bake for thirty minutes at a temperature of 180C.


Strawberry dessert

A quarter teaspoon of liquid stevia extract with electric mixer mix polstakanom hot water. Add a glass of crushed ice and stir until all crystals are dissolved. Gradually pour kilo chopped strawberries, a tablespoon of lemon juice. The product is to shift into the form and put in the freezer for half an hour. Stir every twenty minutes. Dessert should be mushy consistency.


Compote from dried apples and rose hips

This drink can be particularly useful in the winter period of beriberi, and frequent colds. 400 grams of dried apples and two handfuls of rose hips folded into a wide saucepan, pour two liters of boiling water, bring to a boil and cook for another five to ten minutes, until the apples are tender. At the end, add 40 grams of dry stevia leaves.


Preparation of broth

40 grams of dry stevia leaves pour two cups of boiling water. Boil for an hour, cool and strain. The finished product is taken as a dietary supplement Food additives - basic classification  Food additives - basic classification
 Adding taste to tea, coffee and cereal.

As a vitamin-mineral complex Stevia is effective for chronic fatigue syndrome Chronic fatigue - if life is not a pleasant experience  Chronic fatigue - if life is not a pleasant experience
 , Exhaustion, loss of strength. For this purpose, use fresh leaves or tea with stevia.



Four fresh leaves or half tablespoon crushed dried leaves, pour a glass of hot water (temperature 80-90). Insist ten minutes. To improve performance to take a drink one glass three or four times a day.

Helps "honey grass" in the fight against violations of the digestive tract. Stevia extract shows anti-inflammatory effect in gastritis, colitis, enteritis. Pectin, a part of the plant, are the breeding ground for the intestinal microflora, so effectively cope with dysbiosis. Stevia extract can be purchased off the shelf, but you can prepare yourself.


Preparation of liquid extract

40 grams of fresh or dried crushed leaves, pour a glass of boiling water. Insist during the day. Ready solution filter, then evaporate over a medium heat until thick. Keep refrigerated. Take in diluted form: a quarter of a teaspoon to half a glass of room temperature water - an hour before a meal.

As a sweetener Sweeteners: the benefits and harms of artificial sweeteners  Sweeteners: the benefits and harms of artificial sweeteners
   Stevia is used in diabetes. Contained in the plant natural sweeteners are not cleaved in the intestine and does not change the level of glucose in the blood. Their use helps to reduce the load on the pancreas to normalize the biochemical blood and improve overall health. Plus, there is evidence that a high concentration of zinc in the plant improves the sensitivity of cells to insulin.

In Paraguay and Brazil, stevia is recommended by doctors as a drug for the treatment of diabetes. In all other countries, "honey grass" is shown only as a dietary supplement, relieves diabetic patients.

Antioxidant properties of plants made possible its use for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis. Research carried out by scientists in Latin America, confirmed that five decades of people who since childhood have used stevia leaves for food vessels were in the same excellent condition as in their twenties.

In Japan, stevia Biocorrector recognized as the best of all existing medicinal plants. In Japan it began to be used after the tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It turned out that this plant copes with radionkulidov excretion from the body, strengthens the immune system, increases resistance to stress. Today Japanese consume 90% of the total world grown Stevia.

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