How to get rid of tinnitus - folk remedies should be used wisely

August 7, 2012

 how to get rid of tinnitus
 Tinnitus can have different origins. For example, young people, he is often a consequence of inflammation in nasal or a hearing aid, and elderly people - a consequence of vascular disorders in the inner ear, or high blood pressure (BP) as a whole.

 How to get rid of tinnitus - folk remedies should be used wisely

What if I have tinnitus

The first thing to find out the cause of tinnitus, and here without a doctor can not do. Start better with the therapist - often the noise is a consequence of increased blood pressure. After that, the therapist usually directs the patient to consult an audiologist, even if he has revealed his high blood pressure - this does not exclude vascular changes in the inner ear. Take and consultation of the neurologist - neuritis of the auditory nerve heals is the specialist.

Otolaryngologist shrugs external examination of the ear, otoscopy and, if necessary, and other studies, and only then make recommendations how to eliminate (or reduce the impact) of tinnitus. There are general guidelines that can help with the noise in the ears of any origin.

 How to get rid of tinnitus - folk remedies should be used wisely

General recommendations

General recommendations for patients suffering from tinnitus are as follows:

  • from food to exclude anything that can excite the central nervous system (CNS) - from that tinnitus is enhanced; to food substances that enhance the excitement of the CNS, are all sharp and salty dishes, spices, strong tea, coffee and some soft drinks (such as Coca-Cola);
  • stop smoking or to minimize the number of cigarettes smoked;
  • not to take on their own without a doctor's prescription medications, some of them have ototoxic properties (eg, certain antibiotics - neomycin, streptomycin);
  • tinnitus can cause a regular intake of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin);
  • avoid noise and loud sounds;
  • If the noise is related job, then maybe it should change in order not to lose their hearing; If this is not possible, you should use earplugs (earplugs), which are available over the counter;
  • main complication of tinnitus are neuroses, so to restore the normal state of the CNS need to lead an active life, to spend more time outdoors and possibly in motion, avoid stress and high nervous and mental stress, be sure to establish a full night's sleep - it will improve the overall the state of the central nervous system, and with it the state of the organ of hearing;
  • a positive effect on the central nervous system, some pleasant to the ear of the patient sounds, especially the sound of water, rustling leaves and birdsong in the forest, the sound of waves;
  • today released record such sounds;
  • If the feeling of anxiety Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?  Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?
 , Irritability Irritability - you try to control my temper  Irritability - you try to control my temper
   and a bad mood do not pass, you need to see a therapist, he will remove the effects of neurosis Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock  Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock
   and learn to relax certain muscle groups, which can lead to the complete disappearance of tinnitus;
  • Finally, the cause of tinnitus can be sulfuric cork - it will help to eliminate the otolaryngologist.

 How to get rid of tinnitus - folk remedies should be used wisely

Contact vascular disorders

Vascular disorders that cause tinnitus are divided into general and local, in the inner ear. General disorders - high blood pressure is stable, and in this case the funds can help lowering blood pressure prescribed by the doctor. It should be clearly understood that such funds are matched to patients individually, so that a neighbor came, not necessarily right for you.

When violations of blood flow in the inner ear can also cause direct tinnitus, which often leads to insomnia, nervousness, and a violation of the general quality of life. Get rid of this noise is not easy and will help in the complex treatment with medicines prescribed by your doctor, combined with folk remedies.

Traditional medicine when tinnitus recommends eating vegetables and fruits rich in ascorbic acid - it strengthens the capillary walls and promotes better blood circulation. For example, every day you can eat a quarter of a lemon with peel. Well help freshly-squeezed vegetable, fruit and berry juice, if consumed regularly. For example, you can mix equal parts cranberry juice Cranberries for health and beauty  Cranberries for health and beauty
   diluted in half with water and the juice of fresh beets (before using it to soak for a while in the fridge), drink two tablespoons three times a day. At the same time the juice of boiled beets can be instilled into the ears of three or four drops three times a day.

Reduce the noise in the ears can also be apple cider vinegar and honey. It is prepared as follows: in a glass of boiled water add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey, stir and drink at meals three times a day. Traditional medicine also advises to drink daily tea brewed from the dried petals of bright red roses.

Traditional recipes of getting rid of a lot of noise in the ears, but you need to use them wisely, after finding out the causes of this phenomenon.

Galina Romanenko

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Milgamma ampoules: stabilizes the nervous system

September 26, 2011

 Milgamma ampoules - a solution for intramuscular injection, which has a particularly effective influence in different diseases of the nervous system. Therefore, it is used in case of severe pain and in improvement administered less frequently or go to intake pills.

 Milgamma ampoules: stabilizes the nervous system

What are the characteristics of the dosage form in ampoules Milgamma

Feature Milgamma ampoules is that in its composition except for vitamins B1 and B6 (they are part of the pellet), another vitamin B12 present and lidaza. This composition Milgamma ampoules contributes the most effective pain relief.

In intramuscular solution Milgamma takes its rapid absorption, flow into the bloodstream and entering the nerve cells. Here, the B vitamins are actively woven into the metabolic processes in the composition of coenzymes - components of enzymes, whose function is to accelerate biochemical reactions. Vitamin B1 thus has a particularly strong impact on carbohydrate metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 . Carbohydrates are known to be a source of energy, so the improvement of carbohydrate metabolism results in the release of additional energy.

Additional energy is used by nerve cells (neurons) in order to activate the protein and fat metabolism, which already improved under the influence of vitamin B6. Vitamin B1 improves the transmission of nerve excitation along the nerve fibers, and vitamin B6 helps the synthesis of neurotransmitters - substances with which excitation is transferred from neuron to.

Vitamin B1 and has analgesic properties, which greatly enhanced under the influence of vitamin B12, also has analgesic effect. Further enhances this property accession lidazy - local anesthetic agents, potentiating (reinforcing) the analgesic effect of B vitamins

In connection with such a complementary action in the incoming Milgamma drug preparation as a whole acquires a high therapeutic efficiency. It relieves pain arising in the course of the nerves, improves blood circulation in the affected nerves and activates metabolic processes in the nerve cells.

 Milgamma ampoules: stabilizes the nervous system

Who and what is prescribed in ampoules Milgamma

Milgamma in vials prescribed for acute inflammatory processes which are accompanied by severe pain, or a pinched nerve.

For example, intramuscular Milgamma better to start treatment of neuritis (nerve inflammation), which is accompanied by severe pain. Severe pain occur with neuritis of the trigeminal nerve - patients suffer so that the depressed, they have a tendency to suicide. In this case, it is very important as soon as possible to relieve the patient from pain, it is quite possible to do using Milgamma. After some pain subside, Milgamma administered less frequently or go to its ingestion in the form of pellets;

Enter solution Milgamma and strong radicular pain - they appear at squeezing spinal nerve roots extending from the spinal cord; such pains often occur against the backdrop of osteoarthritis (degenerative diseases of the spine). Sometimes the pains are severe and require immediate withdrawing them. In this case, also help milgamma Milgamma: therapeutic vitamins  Milgamma: therapeutic vitamins
 Which is administered intramuscularly in the form of a solution.

Severe pain can give the patient shingles Shingles and chickenpox - from the same pathogen  Shingles and chickenpox - from the same pathogen
 Which appears on the skin in the course of the peripheral nerves. Patients appear severe pain, itching and burning. Most shingles Ringworm - not only infectious disease  Ringworm - not only infectious disease
   located along the intercostal nerves, hence the title of his - "shingles." The disease is caused by a type of herpes virus that causes chickenpox and. Once people have been ill with chickenpox, the virus never leaves the body, and hides in the nerve cells in the case of a significant decrease in immunity makes itself felt in the form of blisters on the skin along the nerves. Shingles may be accompanied by very severe pain, to relieve that require effective means, including milgamma ampoules.

 Milgamma ampoules: stabilizes the nervous system

As Milgamma administered in capsules

Milgamma ampoules injected strictly intramuscularly. Maintenance must be very slow in order to avoid side effects. With the rapid introduction Milgamma may cause severe dizziness and even fainting. There may also be cardiac arrhythmia, convulsions, increased sweating, increased heart rate.

The same symptoms occur and drug overdose. It requires immediate call an ambulance.

For acute pain Milgamma administered daily, after calming down a move to two-, three administration Milgamma for a week or receiving pills inside.

Galina Romanenko

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