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August 19, 2013

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 signs of inflammation of the sciatic nerve causes

Causes of sciatica

According to its clinical manifestations of inflammation in the area of ​​the sciatic nerve runs with a pronounced pain syndrome. This can lead to impairment significantly affect overall health. Causes of sciatica are manifold, which further affects the choice of treatment strategy. Conventionally, all the causes can be identified in groups depending from the main causative factor of disease.

Inflammation of the sciatic nerve or sciatica - the defeat of roots (where they exit from the spinal cord), lumbosacral spine, which is manifested by pain and impaired sensitivity. Sciatica - is one of the manifestations of sciatica, diseases caused by the defeat of roots of spinal nerves. The defeat of the sciatic nerve is very often associated with a herniated disc.

The main causes of sciatica Pain in mastitis  Pain in mastitis
   are hypothermia, various diseases of the spine (eg, bone), spinal injuries, changes in the intervertebral disc, arthritis, diabetes, Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease
 Heavy physical activity, various infections.

The main symptom of sciatica - pain that may vary in intensity, character and occurs in the lumbosacral region, buttocks, spreads along the sciatic nerve in the buttock, back of the thigh, lower leg, the outer edge of the foot. The pain is one-and two-way, increases with movement and physical activity, you can reduce it, leaning a little forward and sideways. The pain can be so severe that patients can not move or sit. Sometimes lower back pain is not strong, but the patients concerned about burning, tingling, dysesthesia ("goose bumps", numbness) in proleganiya sciatic nerve.

A characteristic feature of sciatica is a twitching of individual muscle bundles of the gluteus maximus when tapped in the sacrum (a symptom of the Rose). If the patient lying on his back, lifting his injured leg stretched, it becomes sharply aggravated or pain (a symptom Lasegue).

Diagnosis is based on characteristic signs of the disease, laboratory data and radiographic spinal fluid studies. The cerebrospinal fluid in acute sciatica found an increased amount of cellular elements (pleocytosis), which is a sign of inflammation. X-ray study allows to determine the cause of sciatica (eg, herniated disk). On X-rays are not visible soft tissue disorders, so sometimes for diagnosis is carried out magnetic resonance imaging (MPT), which shows the structure of the back precisely and in great detail.


Communication with the degenerative processes in the spine

The most common low back pain Osteochondrosis - learn how to properly distribute the weight  Osteochondrosis - learn how to properly distribute the weight
   is the cause of the degenerative processes at the level of osteoarticular apparatus of the spine. These pathological changes underlie sciatica or sciatica. Osteochondrosis predisposes to the development of the following conditions:

  • herniated disc
  • the formation of bony growths at the level of the vertebral bodies

Of great importance is the nature of the power of man, his way of life, the presence of a genetic predisposition. Transferred back injury, excessive load on the spine (static, dynamic overload, as well as the effect of vibration) contribute to the development of the disease.

The uneven distribution of the load while wearing weights or bags may largely affect the state of the spinal column. This change has joined muscular frame, which is needed to strengthen the spine. Such predisposing factors greatly contribute to the development of sciatica.

A certain influence for poor posture, flat feet Flatfoot - help physiotherapy  Flatfoot - help physiotherapy
 . When the curvature of the spine changes the load on the spine, causing violations of the intervertebral disc. This facilitates the development of the inflammatory process in the place of exit of the spine nerve trunk.


How can affect infection

It may develop inflammation of the sciatic nerve as a result of infectious and inflammatory diseases. This primarily occurs when neuritis. Causal factors are also inflammatory changes in the soft tissue around the sciatic nerve (abscesses), past infectious process of viral (herpes infection or shingles). Any transferred or respiratory viral infection may trigger an attack of sciatica, so you should warn against self-medication and treat based on medical advice. Colds can not carry on their feet, as the effects of this are manifested even in the remote period of time.

Currently, a large-spread viral infection. The most negative impact of herpes infection.

There are several types of virus strains, one of which can cause the development of shingles. Pain in the disease are most pronounced, sciatica occurs with the loss of sensitivity in the area, which are innervated by the nerve and local muscular hypotonia. Viral infection is chronic, which is associated with the localization of the virus in the nerve ganglia. In this regard, it is important to prevent the development of acute illness, to take preventive measures, including taking antiviral therapy. It should try to avoid the state of hypothermia in a timely manner to be treated in cold infections. This will prevent sciatica, as these factors have a causal link to the development of inflammation of the sciatic nerve.


Medical measures

Treatment of patients with sciatica should be comprehensive, taking into account the causes of the disease and its stage. In the acute stage, usually assigned to bed. Generally, a conservative treatment with different drugs that have analgesic, anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen Ortophenum, diclofenac), anti-inflammatory, resolving and soothing effect. Apply vitamins physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, gym, massage. With a very strong pains carry out various kinds of novocaine blockade with the addition of corticosteroids and vitamin B12.

Locally there are different alcohol tinctures (eg, tincture of burning pepper) finalgon and others. Traditional medicine also keeps a lot of recipes for the treatment of sciatica, here's one of them: a glass of flour mix with three tablespoons of honey dough without adding water to make a cake , put it on the sacrum, cover with polythene and keep warm all night; the morning this is the place to wipe with warm water.

If the pain kept, despite treatment, it is sometimes necessary to think about surgical treatment, with which you can eliminate the cause of sciatica, for example, intervertebral hernia. But we must remember that this treatment is carried out as a last resort, when it is nothing, because back surgery is not always effective.

Numbness of hands - not such a harmless symptom - Forum

April 15, 2010

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Well, from this phenomenon save the normal hand massage. It can be done even to himself, nothing complicated about it. Though I must admit the alleged disease, which may be accompanied by numbness of this, of course, very impressive, but rather frightening. And from potential complications can all come to dread. Here necessarily go running to the doctor, even with a slight tingling in the hands.
Artem, well, a massage, you're talking about! How can you treat this lightly symptoms. You yourself say that you are impressed with its causes and possible complications. Massage will not help here. It is necessary to contact a specialist, so he suggested any need to pass examinations to determine the cause. And so it is possible to miss something.
I faced the same problem as the numbness of the hands recently at the beginning I did not understand what was going on just from time to time, my hands grew cotton and a long time I could not understand the reason, but after a visit to the doctor all at once it became clear the fact I have a pretty hard physical work, and besides, constant stress at home, and that the result was not long in coming.
Masha Gankin likely manifest itself as low back pain, which just happens often in severe forms of work. Or try to get you transferred to lighter jobs, or refer to a neurologist, he appointed you to massage therapy, physical therapy, maybe even a spa treatment. I think that all this will help you not bad.
With such symptoms should immediately run to the doctor and be treated, rather than wait until it enters into a serious illness. Read on the Internet and to consult, of course, also possible, but it does not give you any guarantee of recovery. Do not be lazy and need to close our eyes to sickness, everyone knows that the little things, then, can turn into a big problem.
I feel pokalovanie in the fingertips of his left hand some say that this means there will soon be an insult but to me 10 years and I am sure that this is another reason, or simply razzdrozheni.
Katya, my child, my mother say, maybe it's just some sort of pinched nerve, or something. On the stroke of that age does not. It's not scary, and it does not hurt if treated immediately, it is fast and easy, but should be treated, otherwise then there can be problems. Did you fingers tingle, feel when they move or not? Seriously, do not be afraid, but tell someone from adults. Everything will be fine.
I want to warn everyone that the numbness of the hands of self-treatment drugs, is strictly forbidden. As soon as the doctor is able to identify the symptoms and make a correct diagnosis, based on which the treatment can be carried out. Otherwise, you simply miss the time, as well, can seriously damage your health. However, the doctor may prescribe physical therapy, but again if it is to let your diagnosis.
Mark, totally agree with you, people are used to the Internet, and now even imagine trying to put a diagnosis using it and advice of other people who are unlikely to know something. It is better in such cases to go to the doctor, is the only right decision, he certainly knows better how do you get rid of the disease. Self rarely ends well, it is better not to joke with your health.
Mark, Mary, I also think of the disease should be treated a doctor, not participants. It's just some kind of attack, from all ailments ask for help from the Internet. Then you can share your feelings and the results of treatment by a doctor, this is all going to benefit. And discussed problem - no joke, it can have far-reaching consequences. I have it from cervical degenerative disc disease, help to get out of an unpleasant state of exercise and massage.
I work as a doctor and a neurologist symptom of numbness in the hands, it is the most common cause, which to me treated patients. Then, we begin to establish the reasons that cause these unpleasant sensations. Based on personal experience, I can say that sometimes they can be harmless, but sometimes, it is a serious condition, which even threaten human life!
Sergey, and you could not specify the cases in which such phenomena can be harmless. Here for example, that can cause numbness in the fingers of his right hand. Sometimes I began to notice that this happens. Sometimes evening lying, watching TV, and I feel his fingers nemeeyut. Like potrёsh passes. Maybe just circulation is impaired. What would you recommend as a doctor?
Phew, how to read about some disease, so just start being at his symptoms :) And none of the causes numbness in the hands, described here I have not had a place to be :) The power of self-hypnosis - a great thing :) Seriously though, I'm always thought that the hands have become numb in the elderly, or those who abuse alcohol. We have such an uncle lives on the next street. So he had a drink after a hearty hand ceased to operate, and completely. Later, however sensitivity back but who knows for how long, because the doctors he had not drawn.
I am a person far from medicine, so when faced with this problem, asked the pharmacist asking for me to pick up the medication from the numbness of hands. To which he smiled and said that such does not exist at the same time, he advised me to do an MRI of the spine and vascular Doppler ultrasound. He warned me that it could be a sign of serious illness fairly.
Anna pharmacists in such situations are not counselors. After all, there is such a drug called "removes numb." Be sure to consult a doctor. The most important thing you need to determine the cause of numbness in the hands. And there may be several. As they say on the eyes, too undefined. Only after passing the tests and if necessary additional studies. It is necessary to remove the cause of this, and not the result.
Since I write a lot, then periodically I feel numbness of the little finger on his right hand. It provokes a constant monotonous movement, as a result of pinched nerve in the wrist, and I get this picture. This is my first and foremost bell that it's time to take a break, long couple of days and do massage.
If you are experiencing such problems, it is necessary to do the exercises at the numbness of the hands, which disperse the blood. I get rid of this discomfort is not limited only to exercise, bought a hand-expander, which always carry with me. Periodically I get it and do not necessarily wait for numbness, you must choose the interval, and periodically trained hands.
please tell me what to do with the numbness of the hands ... hands numb after sleep but not during the day either the color or temperature of the hand with fingers menyaetsya.nemeet not above putting his hand down on the sly all opportunity to do something no write, no potatoes or clean cut, even on your keyboard to type tyazhelo.eschё was not so good eyesight letters sometimes merge and very pleasant soft step strongly hurts leg below kolena.podskazhite that it can be and to what doctor to go
Well, actually, you first need to go to a therapist, and he had direct you to the right doctor. Try as much as possible to accurately describe your complaints, because according to the doctor will be easier to navigate to find the source of your problems. Still, before you treat numbness of the hands, it is necessary to understand its causes, most likely you will have to send an MRI.
Well, actually, you first need to go to a therapist, and he had direct you to the right doctor. Try as much as possible to accurately describe your complaints, because according to the doctor will be easier to navigate to find the source of your problems. Still, before you treat numbness of the hands, it is necessary to understand its causes, most likely you will have to send an MRI.
Suffering from a long time numb fingertips on his hands, I decided to turn to alternative medicine. Wasted a lot of time afterwards still went to the local doctor, which had a low opinion and no longer visited him. It turned out that it was replaced by another new doctor prescribed me a massage, which helped me to forget about this problem.
Faced with this problem fall. Sudden onset of numbness of the fingers on his left hand. At the same time there were small pobalivaniya in the left wrist and right wrist and sore, but no numbness. The fingertips of his left hand so far are relatively insensitive to such an extent that can not estimate by touching them, neither temperature nor the quality of the materials. Tell me where to go and what to do?
I occasionally causes pain and numbness in the hands, I kept putting off going to the doctor, hoping that it will pass by itself with time. But tired of waiting for some time sought medical attention, were appointed physiotherapy, which helped me get rid of these unpleasant ailments. But it was not found the exact cause of their occurrence.
I have numbness in hands osteochondrosis was very frequent, suffered cervical and it kind of smacked together, they have me numb for a while. After a course of massage illness let me go, I finally was able to smoothly rotate the neck, before a turn in any direction was accompanied by severe pain. At the same time no longer numb hands.
Albina, in your case, everything happens when you go to bed, and in the daytime, this problem does not bother you. To avoid numbness of the hands in a dream, try to change the posture of sleep, the location of the hands of others have done. Perhaps the whole thing in your mattress or pillow, if they are uncomfortable, the man puts his hands under his head. If you then not notice the difference, then the advice of a doctor can not avoid.
Can cause numbness of the fingers to be found in low mobility, which affects many women did not know already how to kill time and povodyaschie most of the day in a horizontal position. I think it more likely to suffer are those who wake up after 11-12 hours of the day, do not do housework, do not carry heavy bags and do not drive cars, using the services of drivers. All this applies to all, with very few exceptions.
I have almost every day there is numbness of the hands during sleep. I always used to think that this is nothing wrong there. But after the information I am beginning to wonder if I have some kind of disease? Also notice that the hands are often cold. Even as I write, the fingers as much ice. Maybe it is time to run to the doctor? But to what? A neurologist or a physician?
Albina, you need every day to massage the numbness in the fingers, then no such symptoms. Of course, in any case, consult with your doctor probably see a physician, and if it is you that will redirect you to a specialist. But I think much to worry about it not worth it, just when you sleep "stale" limbs, blood circulates poorly.
I happened numbness in hands during pregnancy. Against the background of edema was less a nightmare, but still a nuisance. I think it arises because you sleep in the same position most of the night, blood vessels clamped. Helped by rubbing with some very fat cream. Now after the birth all gone)
Faced with this problem, because it felt great inconvenience to the work, the computer could not typing on the keyboard. One older employee showed me how to remove the numbness of the fingers with a simple exercise. I began to do it periodically and where a month later, I completely stopped it.
I have very often numbness in the hands, especially on the fingertips. I read the articles and start a little worry about his health. Because I have this has been going on for over a year. Here popyu vitamin B12, if not help, then I go to the doctor. It is time to be serious about themselves and their health.
When I was very nervous, then I immediately started numb fingertips. My mother always advised me to do a little simple exercises and this is always a way to help. And now it turns out, these symptoms can signal many diseases. I'll be sure to go to the doctor and consult.
When sprains. In the case where the patient does not pay any attention to the numbness of the hands, soon they become a strong pain. This most often happens at night, but over time will bother you during the day. In some severe cases, even have to resort to ensure that the injection be administered hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs. In the complete absence of treatment, patients can even atrophy of the limbs.
I felt myself in the numbness of the fingers of the right hand: the feeling, frankly, terribly unpleasant. At first thought, it will take, but the situation has not changed. Addressed to a neurologist, a doctor conducted examination and was diagnosed with cervical osteochondrosis. She was treated for two weeks: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of injections, B vitamins and physiotherapy.
Asya, you are wrong, it is quite different cases, as it is impossible to compare the numb legs after they have long been fixed with numbness of hands. Because in the case of the latter, they do not come from the fact that they were for a long time at rest, but for another reason, and that is to find a doctor.
I sometimes legs go numb when I sit still for a long time, but as soon as I get up and take a few steps immediately goes numb. I think that a similar situation with hands and if this happens enough to do a few gymnastic exercises, they again began to obey you. Do not make mountains out of molehills.
I agree with you in most cases, numbness is due to the incorrect position of the body, I sometimes happens numbness in his right hand in a dream is hard to sleep as the wake up with the feeling that the hand does not act, and as it were paralyzed, I start slowly to exercise and within a few minutes, all passes. I think, in rare cases, this phenomenon is the case of the disease.
I agree with you in most cases, numbness is due to the incorrect position of the body, I sometimes happens numbness in his right hand in a dream is hard to sleep as the wake up with the feeling that the hand does not act, and as it were paralyzed, I start slowly to exercise and within a few minutes, all passes. I think, in rare cases, this phenomenon is the case of the disease.
Before advise how to get rid of the numbness in the hands, it is necessary to establish the cause of the condition. Maybe there was a pinched nerve in the elbow joint, or one simply slept badly and "lain" his arm. And only then it is necessary to do massage and other treatments, because there are such diagnoses under which certain types of physical treatments are contraindicated.
Clara, how can the driver to abandon his car, numbness in fact does not take away completely the ability to move his arms. Easy malaise can not interfere with driving. And I never heard of banning driving machine with this problem. Not one employee DPS does not check the state of the hand when the driver stops.
Particular attention should be paid to drivers who sometimes numbness of the hands. If suddenly during a trip will refuse to hand, it could happen a traffic accident. It is best to turn to the specialists, it is possible to have physiotherapy and massage can help get rid of this scourge.
My aunt, who suffers from diabetes, is constantly numb hands. And nothing works except the self-massage, which acts much more effective than gels and creams! First, he rubs his hands, then grips and tingling, and so 5 minutes on each hand. In her experience - this is the best way to deal with numb hands.
Yes, numbness of the hands - a sign of a very formidable. It is necessary to immediately check whether a person has a stroke. We must ask him to shake hands with you, and if he can not squeeze your hand, then it is time to call an ambulance! And if he still tongue-tied and the slurred speech, the exact stroke! We must take care of yourself and keep track of your blood pressure and pulse ...
This is a very serious problem, imagine the situation that you went to the beach in the summer and going into the water sailed away from the coast where the feet do not reach the bottom of the pond. And if at this moment come numbness of the hands, the man will not be able to swim and can easily drown. Therefore, those who have observed such a phenomenon should be in the water to be careful not to move away from the coast.
Numb hands may not always be due to uncomfortable positions, and in some cases may indicate signs of stroke! Therefore, frequent numbness and bezprichinno necessarily have to go to the hospital and to pass the necessary tests to eliminate the signs of an impending stroke! Another cause numbness zastuzhenny ulnar nerve, but this is not so bad.
Who would doubt in danger, which is a phenomenon.

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