Treatment of myopia: conservative or surgical?

August 2nd, 2009

 Treatment of Myopia
   Although nearsightedness can not be cured, there are ways to restore normal or near-normal vision. Most people who develop myopia, vision correction begin to wear glasses or contact lenses. This is - a standard way to treat myopia. However, if desired, vision can be corrected surgically.

Glasses and lenses refocus the light falling on the retina of the eye. They are safe, effective and cost significantly less expensive than surgery. Some people believe that the glasses do not provide the same quality of the central and peripheral vision, and that contact lenses. However, although contact lenses allow to see perfectly without glasses, their use is associated with the risk of some infections, so they need to be cleaned regularly and replaced by new ones. However, the glasses also have significant drawbacks, and it is impossible to say which of these tools clearly better vision correction.

 Treatment of myopia: conservative or surgical?

Surgical treatment of myopia

The problem of surgical treatment of myopia - to allow people to see clearly without corrective lenses or become less dependent on them. In most cases, using the operation can achieve very good results - so, many patients are able to drive a car again and engage in other activities without glasses.

 Treatment of myopia: conservative or surgical?

Methods of laser surgery

Laser in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) is currently the most frequently used method for correcting myopia. In this procedure, a high rate of successful results, and low number of complications in mild to moderate myopia. Laser Keratomileusis and is sometimes used to correct more severe myopia. In general, this procedure is less painful and recovery it is faster than after photorefractive keratectomy.

PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) is used to treat various forms of short-sightedness Myopia - when visual acuity falls  Myopia - when visual acuity falls
 ; Sometimes it is used in severe cases, instead of radial keratotomy.

Radial keratotomy (RK) is safe and has been very successful in people with mild to moderate myopia (less than 3 diopters). In most cases, however, it is used in severe myopia.

The implantation of corneal rings used to correct mild nearsightedness. To change the shape of the cornea, it implanted a special transparent ring.

Implantation of intraocular lenses (IOL) may be used to correct severe myopia. It was shown that this procedure is safe and effective means for correcting moderate to severe myopia.

 Treatment of myopia: conservative or surgical?

Other treatments

Dietary supplements, special diets, exercises for eyes and other techniques that a person can be used alone, are not effective in the treatment of myopia.

 Treatment of myopia: conservative or surgical?

General principles of treatment

Treatment of myopia can be conservative (without surgery) and operational. By conservative methods of treatment include:

  • vision correction with glasses or contact lenses Contact lenses - whether they can completely replace the glasses?  Contact lenses - whether they can completely replace the glasses?
  • special gymnastics for the eyes;
  • drugs, relieves spasms of the eye muscles;
  • strengthening of the general condition of the body, against which improves and the state of the eye muscles (physiotherapy, massage, hydrotherapy, swimming, etc.);
  • proper diet, preferably with the use of biologically active food supplements (dietary supplements), which contain the necessary vitamins and trace elements that promote proper metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
   in the body.

Currently, short-sightedness and promptly treated, the choice of surgery depends on the degree of myopia, absence or presence of complications.

Do not forget about the control of ultrasound measurement of the length of the eye should be done every six months.

Complications of myopia (hemorrhage, retinal detachment Retinal detachment - it is not necessary to delay the operation  Retinal detachment - it is not necessary to delay the operation
   etc.) are treated only in specialized hospital wards, where held a combined conservative and operative (by prescription) treatment.

 Treatment of myopia: conservative or surgical?

Conservative treatment

By conservative methods of treatment of myopia is, first of all, the selection of glasses and contact lenses, which should be done only by a physician. Different degrees of myopia requires permanent or temporary wearing glasses. The strength of the refraction of glasses and contact lenses with myopia expressed a negative number.

By conservative therapies also include a variety of physical therapy procedures: electrostimulation of the eye muscles, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, massage infrasound. Accommodation training conducted by various visual simulators for external and internal muscles of the eye, and with the help of therapeutic exercises for the eyes. An example of such a complex of exercise can be complex developed Norbekovu, it can be used both for treatment and prevention of myopia:

  • be against the wall, back straight and head makes a single line; look up, look down convert (7 times);
  • look up, then right, and diagonally down - left (7 times);
  • look up - to the left and diagonally down - right (7 times);
  • look in the left corner of his eyes, then horizontally to the right (7 times);
  • outstretched arm midline face, look at the end of a finger and slowly approached him, her eyes as long as the finger begins to bifurcate (7 times);
  • look straight ahead for three seconds, then transfer the look at the tip of the thumb of his right hand, to be held in the midline face at a distance of 30 cm from the eye, look at it for three seconds (10 times);
  • put the index finger on the nose and move him a look of both eyes, and then return to the starting position (10);
  • sit down and make a circular motion through the eyes clockwise and back (for a minute);
  • In fixed head slowly looked up from the floor to the ceiling and back (10);
  • fast blink for 15 seconds (3 times with a short break);
  • greatly narrow eyes for 3 seconds, then open - and 3 seconds (10 times);
  • close your eyes and eyelids in a circular motion to massage the fingers for a minute;
  • looking from near the object to the far (for second 10).

 Treatment of myopia: conservative or surgical?

Surgical treatment of myopia

In recent years, the treatment of myopia have been increasingly resorting to surgical treatment.

When myopia mild to moderate carried out the operation, during which a special laser removed the microscopic layer of the cornea, which changes the optical properties of the eye and reduces or completely eliminates the myopia. With a high degree of myopia myopia after such an operation can be restored, so conducted other operations, such as the replacement of the lens on a soft lens with a degree of refraction.

When progressive myopia for the prevention of complications of the operation carried out scleroplasty - the outer membrane of the eye (sclera) strengthened in order to prevent tension and trauma of the inner shell (the retina). To improve the blood supply to the eyeball performed recovery operations on blood vessels.

Myopia can be treated, you just need to do it.

  Galina Romanenko

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