Mustard when coughing - Assistance in recovery

November 25, 2014

 mustard when coughing
 Mustard helps when you cough cough translate from unproductive to productive with expectoration of sputum. And this is the first step to recovery. Use mustard plasters can also significantly reduce the number and dosages of the drugs used, and sometimes even do without them.


Mustard with dry cough

Dry cough called unproductive, doctors are always trying to translate it into a productive, with expectoration. Together with phlegm from the respiratory tract to remove the product of inflammation, tissue breakdown, pathogens and their toxins. The faster the cleaning of the bronchi, the sooner the recovery occurs.

When dry cough expectorants and prescribe various drugs expand the bronchi. Not the least role in the treatment of dry cough Drug treatment of dry cough  Drug treatment of dry cough
   play mustard. When applied to the skin yellow cards they cause irritation and congestion. Simultaneously reflex congestion occurs in the respiratory tract. From the crowded blood vessels in the respiratory tract propotevaet liquid, which is then removed with a cough, taking with them the products of inflammation, infectious agents and toxins.

Sometimes the course of mustard plasters, which are usually placed once a day at night, enough to cope with a dry cough, translate it into the wet, prone to rapid recovery.


How to put the mustard when coughing

The cause of cough may be tracheitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis Laryngitis - deadly  Laryngitis - deadly
 . In these diseases, mustard can be placed on different areas of the body. Thus, in tracheitis, which is accompanied by pain in the sternum when coughing, better help mustard mounted on the sternum (but not in the region of the heart).

In the middle of the chest in a vertical line 1-2 put mustard plaster, soaked in warm water, cover with a towel and leave for 5-15 minutes. Every two minutes should be seen if there is a strong skin irritation. When the skin turns red under the mustard plasters, remove them, wipe the skin with a cloth soaked in warm water, soak a towel and the patient is at least half an hour in bed.

When bronchitis and pneumonia is better to put mustard on his back. To do this, first put on one - two mustard plaster next to the spine (in the interscapular area), and then a few yellow cards in the chuck area on both sides (in the area of ​​the spine do not put mustard). The skin on the back is not as sensitive as the arms, however, to avoid burns, you need to watch out for skin reactions.

Once there was a severe skin reaction (redness), mustard is removed, the skin is wiped with a damp cloth and dry with a towel, the patient rolls over on his back and lay so for half an hour.


Mustard by coughing children

Children can put mustard How to put the mustard - you know it all?  How to put the mustard - you know it all?
   at any age, but very carefully watch for skin reactions. Some small children do not feel a strong burning even with a significant reddening of the skin, which can cause burns. Others are children on the contrary, a slight tingling sensation is perceived as pain, can not stand the procedure and she turns useless as reddening of the skin does not come.

Mustard put on the baby's skin, or the reverse (not buttered) side, or the thin paper (gauze). After removing the skin yellow cards should be wiped with a damp cloth, blot dry with a towel and smear baby cream. Then, the child should be put on the back for at least 30 minutes for the best warm chest.

For the procedure to get at truly effective parents when setting yellow cards should consider the particular sensitivity of the skin and behavior of their children.

Correctly put mustard cause the child a quick rush of blood to the respiratory tract, the appearance of sputum, its active expectoration. Mustard in the treatment of colds in children even more effective than in adults.

Sometimes a child's cough is not associated with tracheitis or bronchitis Bronchitis - protection if the body has malfunctioned  Bronchitis - protection if the body has malfunctioned
 And with nasal congestion and copious from it - the baby swallows mucus from the nose and coughs. In this case, mustard can be applied to the feet, to strengthen their warm cloth and wear wool socks. Since the skin on the feet is not as thin as the chest or back, mustard can hold a little longer, up to an hour.

Rush of blood to the feet will be accompanied by its outflow from the head. This will lead to the removal of swelling of nasal mucosa, reduce the number of discharges, restoration of nasal breathing. Cough caused by ingestion of nasal mucus, will also be held.

You can not put mustard in high body temperature, as well as any skin diseases, wounds and burns.

Mustard help when you cough, both adults and children.

Galina Romanenko

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Camphor alcohol in the ear - how to apply

November 26, 2014

 camphor alcohol in the ear
 Camphor alcohol drip into the ear can not - it can cause severe irritation and burns. But a hot compress of 2% camphor alcohol can bring significant relief from ear pain. This compress quickly warms the ear, ear pain goes away or is greatly reduced.


Inflammation of the ear: types, causes and symptoms

Inflammation of the ear, or otitis media can be external, middle and inner. But more often, when people talk about otitis media, otitis media, or involve inflammation of the middle ear. Otitis media can occur acutely and chronically.

The causes of otitis media may be different. It hypothermia, inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract of infection in the middle ear with blood from remote sites of infection. Most often, otitis media develops against the background of acute respiratory diseases, various infectious diseases and injuries of the eardrum Eardrum injuries: this is serious  Eardrum injuries: this is serious
 . Predisposing factors for the development of otitis media is low immunity Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults  Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults
   and the presence of chronic diseases nasopharynx.

Acute otitis begins suddenly, with a temperature rise, increasing pain in the ear, which after a while becomes a shooting character becomes unbearable, worse at night, gives to teeth and neck, often accompanied by headache and the noise in the affected ear. Purulent inflammation leads to perforation (perforation) of the drum walls. With the advent of discharge from the ear pain disappears. In the early days of discharge from the ear minor, purulent, bloody, and then their number increases, and they become purulent. The temperature is reduced, the general condition is improving, but the noise in the ear continues to bother. Some time later reduced discharge from the ear, the eardrum heals, restores hearing.

Acute otitis media lasts about 2-3 weeks, followed by a recovery and there are complications such as mastoiditis (inflammation process of the temporal bone), paresis (temporary paralysis), facial nerve The facial nerve when a person loses symmetry  The facial nerve when a person loses symmetry
 , Labyrinthitis (internal otitis media), various complications in the brain.


Treatment of ear with camphor spirit

The main symptom of acute otitis media is a pain in the ear. The pain can be so severe that the patient is ready to do anything to remove it. At this time, people often remember the recipes, for example, instill in the ear of camphor alcohol. But otolaryngologists do not recommend carrying out this procedure: camphor alcohol has a pronounced irritant effect and can cause burns. Especially dangerous instillation camphor alcohol in the ear with the appearance of a discharge, that is, against the background of perforation of the eardrum.

None of the instructions on camphor alcohol (he produced in the form of 2% and 10% alcohol solution) is said about it topically as drops into the ear. This medication is only for external use.


How can I use camphor alcohol to the ears

2% camphor alcohol can be used for applying a hot compress. To do this, take the gauze, make the cut in the middle, dipped in warm 2% solution of alcohol camphor (camphor alcohol to children can be diluted by half with water) and put around the ear, pulling through the hole in the ear napkin.

Then take a piece of polyethylene or wax paper, so do the middle of the cut and put on the soaked gauze, releasing the ear. Top compress insulated wool (around the ear) and strengthen the bandage. Such wrap can be made twice a day for 2-3 hours. It is perfectly relieves pain in the ear, but leave the wrap on all night can not. Contraindication to compress a high temperature - if it can not do any warming procedure.


Why camphor alcohol can not be instilled into the ear

In acute otitis media occurs inflammation of the eardrum. If this gets inflamed eardrum camphor alcohol, can occur burns, ear pain intensify, can happen perforation of the eardrum, alcohol gets into the tympanic cavity, lined with mucosa, it will cause irritation and burns. All this will be accompanied by severe pain and slow down the healing process.

Sometimes the treatment of severe pain in the ear in the ear hiking stick cotton wool slightly moistened with alcohol camphor (camphor alcohol should not drip from it freely). This turundochka may have effects similar to a hot compress as camphor causes irritation of the skin of the external auditory canal and a rush of blood to her.

Camphor alcohol in the ear do not dig - this procedure can not lead to an improvement and a deterioration of the patient otitis Otitis - than could face an ear infection  Otitis - than could face an ear infection

Galina Romanenko

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