Prevention of angina: how to avoid illness

March 22, 2014

 prevention of angina
 Since sore throat is highly contagious (it is usually the pathogens transmitted by droplet infection), all who live in the same house with the disease, care should be taken to protect against the disease. Therefore, prevention of angina will never be superfluous.

The most effective way to prevent angina is to comply with the rules of hygiene: it is necessary to wash hands frequently and thoroughly clean any surfaces that may have gotten on infectious agents.



Prevention of angina in children Sore throat in children - a common disease  Sore throat in children - a common disease
   It is a difficult task, not only because of weaker immune young patients, but also because they always forget about hygiene .  If the child already speaks and understands it, it is necessary not only to regularly remind him of the need to wash their hands often, but also to explain why it should be done .  Tell us in simple words, that when someone's house has strep throat, on various subjects, as well as his skin will be exposed to the human eye invisible beings, because of which a person has a fever and sore throat begins .  If the child is very small, you may have to make sure that he touches, and that puts in his mouth; Do not leave it next to the bowl from which to eat the sick, towels, which he enjoyed, and other items that may be carriers of the infection .  Sick children should not go to kindergarten or school - it can not only lead to infection of healthy children, but also to the development of complications of angina .

The patient is necessary to allocate a separate bowl and towel, and while he did not recover, they must be separate from the dishes and towels of other family members. Of course, kisses and hugs with the patient is better to exclude - on his skin may be particles of saliva, which contain an infectious agent.



It is important to remember that the prevention of sore throat in adults suggests a responsible attitude as his own and to other people's health. Adults suffering from a sore throat, it is strongly recommended not to go to work to complete disappearance of symptoms. Voluntary renunciation of the hospital can be dangerous for the health of the patient and his colleagues. Despite the fact that the disease seems to be a sore throat, which may well be transferred to the legs, it can cause serious complications, including heart problems, rheumatic fever, glomerulonephritis. The best way to prevent the development of these and other complications of angina - observe during illness to bed. In addition, many doctors recommend that after recovery - especially in patients with acute sore throat with severe symptoms - blood tests and electrocardiograms to prevent or timely detect serious complications.


Treatment and prevention of angina

Regardless of angina caused by a virus or bacteria, most likely, the immune system to cope with it for a few days. In most cases of this disease are not assigned to any antiviral drugs or antibiotics. The primary goal of treatment is to relieve symptoms and prevention of complications of angina.

First of all, patients are advised to drink plenty of fluids and eat enough, despite the fact that swallowing may be accompanied by severe pain. The fact that the lack of moisture in the body and lack of nutrients can lead to aggravation of symptoms of angina, headaches, and fatigue.

To ease the pain and bring down temperature How to bring down the temperature in the home - a variety of methods  How to bring down the temperature in the home - a variety of methods
 You can take nonprescription analgesics such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. If the child is ill with angina, it is necessary to give him a dose of drugs intended for children (the recommended dose for patients of different age groups are listed in the instructions to the drug). Aspirin can be given only to children older than 16 years.

For the relief of pain in the throat can use special sprays and lozenges mint Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness  Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness
 , Sage Sage - cvyaschennaya grass  Sage - cvyaschennaya grass
   or eucalyptus, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Very effective is gargling various means. In most cases, this is used for brine; To make it, you need to mix a quarter of a liter of warm water and half a teaspoon of salt (about 2.5 g). Sometimes used for gargling weak antiseptic solutions.

Antibiotics can be administered to treat bacterial tonsillitis only in cases where the patient is very severe symptoms, he weakened immune system or if the symptoms do not subside within several days. Most patients antibiotics is not recommended, since they usually do not speed up the healing process, but it can cause unpleasant side effects such as stomach pains and nausea; furthermore, the more often antibiotics are used to treat benign infections, the higher the likelihood that they will be effective in the treatment of more serious disease.

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Eardrum injuries: this is serious

July 13, 2011

 eardrum injuries
 The eardrum separates the outer ear from the middle. Thin but dense enough and flexible membrane impermeable to air and liquid, it not only performs a protective function, but also the function of sound conduction, being the first link which receives the mechanical oscillations of the air passes through and attached thereto auditory ossicles to the inner ear.

The diameter of the eardrum in an adult of about one centimeter and the thickness - a tenth of a millimeter. Children eardrum thickness, its diameter is less. The eardrum is innervated by branches of the drum nerve damage so it is very painful.

 Eardrum injuries: this is serious

Clinical presentation and diagnosis

By way of exposure to distinguish direct and indirect injury.

Direct injuries occur when a direct effect on the eardrum.

Random eardrum injury with sharp objects appear when you try to pull yourself out of the ear plug sulfuric or clean the outer ear canal with a toothpick, needle or other inappropriate subject matter. At otoscopy detect torn dot perforations, amid mild hyperemia of the tympanic membrane.

Barotrauma is caused by the pressure difference in the environment and in the tympanic cavity, which happens when you fly on airplanes, especially during overload with professional pilots, when immersed in divers. Barotrauma can be obtained in household conditions, for example, when hitting a hand to the ear sharply increased pressure area is created How to deal with high blood pressure?  How to deal with high blood pressure?
 That leads to the eardrum injury. With a kiss on the ear, on the other hand, creates a low pressure area Low blood pressure - can it be considered normal?  Low blood pressure - can it be considered normal?
 That can also damage the eardrum.

With explosions and gunfire at close range reveals a combination of baro and acoustic trauma, which are based on the mechanism of instant increase in atmospheric pressure and drastic action high-frequency sound. Such injuries are typical for individuals who are in a war zone. At otoscopy revealed significant redness of the eardrum, with severe bleeding, often with perforation irregular, ragged shape.

When the patient complained of dizziness Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet  Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet
 , Nausea, noise or ringing in the ears.

Indirect injury of the tympanic membrane is observed in fractures of the skull, where the fracture line passes through the temporal bone. At the same time the eardrum can not withstand the load and tear. At otoscopy detected linear eardrum on a background of moderate congestion.

Pyoinflammatory middle ear disease as well, often result in damage to the eardrum. The tympanum of the middle ear a little, inflammation and edema expressed Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause  Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause
   tissue it loses communication with the external environment, and therefore the inflammatory exudate accumulate in it has no natural outflow, resulting in not withstand eardrum ruptures. At otoscopy revealed perforation of the eardrum, irregular shape, its redness and thickening, amid considerable, often purulent, separated.

 Eardrum injuries: this is serious

Prevention and Treatment

Always keep in mind the possibility of a light injury of the eardrum. You can not enter the ear canal sharp objects. We should avoid kissing and shock to the ear, as well as try to stay away from possible explosion and fire. When immersed to a depth necessary to observe the relevant safety instructions. During the flight in the aircraft can be used in chewing gum or candy, with a view to more frequent opening of the auditory tube that aligns between the external pressure and the pressure in the tympanic cavity.

Damage to the eardrum can cause significant hearing loss, so at the first symptoms should consult an audiologist. Before visiting the doctor can only take an analgesic and close the external auditory canal of a damaged ear pure wool.

Treatment of acute injuries most often carried out in a specialized hospital, with the use of combination therapy, aimed at the speedy restoration of the integrity of the eardrum and the prevention of complications.

Svetlana Shimkovich

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