The first signals of discontinuity when to sound the alarm? - What to look for

December 2nd, 2013

  • The first signals of discontinuity when to sound the alarm?
  • What to look for

 first signals of breaking what to look for

The first signals the gap: what to look for

Sudden rupture without seemingly particular reason - not the most pleasant experience. Often, the man and does not represent that the patience of the women came to an end, but sometimes the first signals that the relationship have been exhausted can be detected much earlier than the "official" break, and perhaps even correct the situation.


Losing friends

The first indication that the gap is not far off - her friends, who stopped to talk to you. Earlier in the typical woman's chatter of her friends, and it was impossible to insert a word, and now none of them talking to you - this is an obvious signal that everything is already aware of your decision to terminate the relationship, and half of the advance distance themselves from the "victim".

Sometimes, however, the situation is even worse if the woman just stopped inviting your partner to a meeting with the once common and now only her own friends. Once a relationship ends, mutual friends occupy only one side - and, most likely, it will be the women's side. Therefore, if the answer to the question about plans for tomorrow night recalls the words "I'm going to spend time with your friends" - attitude is guaranteed to break.


Losing things

Another sure sign that the gap is inevitable - it things that are suddenly "disappear" from the apartment men: Toothbrush Toothbrushes - make no mistake in choosing  Toothbrushes - make no mistake in choosing
 She brought her her favorite DVD and T-shirt. The disappearance of all of this can be attributed to general cleaning, but often their favorite things in advance takes the woman, preparing to say goodbye to a man and his shelter - after the break to not have to keep in touch, returning for forgotten items.


The absence of quarrels

The widespread opinion that frequent quarrels - a sign of dysfunctional relationships can be erroneous. If the argument stopped at all, it does not mean that the relations were adjusted suddenly - most likely, they, on the contrary, completely outlived itself. If all of those little things that were previously taken out of the woman herself and is constantly becoming a cause for quarrel once more it does not care - that means feeling completely disappeared. The unusual calm in situations that previously led inevitably to the home scandal - a sure sign of the coming break.

Any of these signs of breaking apart - a cause for concern, and even a combination of them - a clear signal that in the relationship of man and woman - serious problems. Of course, sometimes it's easier to give up on the relationship, you try to fix anything, but you need to react immediately in any case - what happens after the inevitable gap, the more painful and scandalous it would be for both sides.

Maria Bykov

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New signs - how to meet and will live? - What to do

November 29, 2013

  • New signs - how to meet and will live?
  • What to do

 New signs of what to do

New features: it can and must be done

Russian New Year - a family holiday, therefore, meet his children, his parents ... and merry "guests" can be, and as of January 1 be postponed. And it is not only tradition, but also one of the most common phrases and will take about the New Year - "how to celebrate, and you will live." So be with those you love, wear what you like, eat and drink what you like, but observe not only the conditions, but also internal - are in the world with him, forgive old grievances.

What is the feeling experienced, what did you do - everything will be so: there were sluggish, failed to cheer - and a year is a blur ... allowed the enemies to bring you out of yourself - the whole year will be sorry.


Preparations according to the rules

Interesting and relationship with money: "reset" them - give the old debts, and no longer take it, but do not let us in debt. Try to get into the New Year and the refrigerator was full, and money in your pocket were carried out. In a literal sense, put the large bills in your pocket.

A rich, beautiful table - a symbol of prosperity. Although 2009 does not imply that the table will be meat, even more so, beef, bright, attractive for steers the table you do, and by submitting vegetable and fruit salads, from the most simple to the exotic, and hot - poultry, fish, assorted seafood. Only crabs on the table should not be - otherwise the whole year will be backing.

Prepare yourself for the New Year new clothes: if you can not afford a new suit or dress, be sure to buy at least a new, comfortable, beautiful ... underwear! It's not likely, but in the hidden symbolism in the New Year - the new "ammunition." Well, if you're lucky enough to be the last, who poured champagne: a drop from the bottom of the bottle - are the happiest.


After the battle of chimes

And of course, just after eleven o'clock strike, look at the sky New Year's: on signs, if it is thickly studded with bright stars, to be bread-year.

Be careful, if someone of the guests will bring uninvited friend, and you do not like it. Perhaps things are not so simple, and that Santa Claus is testing you on friendliness and hospitality. Privette guest, be kind to him, and passed the test weekdays, and life will be as gracious to you in the coming year.

Out on the street the morning of January 1 - try to first meet a man, it's good luck (fortunately, if you are someone January 1 on the street and meet, it is likely to really be a man - rumpled appearance and may sleep, so the groom on that day to guess do not recommend). Look at his feet - any discovery, button or coin, promises you a lot of useful and pleasant discoveries in the New Year.

Sprinkle salt into the New Year, for some reason, it is considered good luck, and in any case can not stand trash before sunset!

All these signs can be divided into rational and irrational. For example, a salt with garbage - these are the factors that are relevant only if you really believe in them, and then - to a small extent. But New Year's mood - it is important ...

Because that's how the man knows for sure: the New Year - new life, and how much just went wrong, so down the drain. So treat your mood tenderly, cherish it, do yourself a little happy surprises during the holiday, and before him, in the course of preparation. Do not shoulder to shoulder too much economic trouble Dec. 31, better than a good rest and give himself up because that could be detrimental to the mood of the New Year and the coming year than their own lack of awareness of grooming?

  Maria Bykov

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