How to get rid of bad habits?

February 1, 2012

 bad habits
 Junkie, a work that includes the whole family, a seeker of truth, practicing meditation Meditation - treats the body and the spirit  Meditation - treats the body and the spirit
   and humility, and sage, all of which is found almost want one thing: to avoid suffering and constantly live in love, peace and security. What distinguishes them from each other - this is their habit. Habits that create destiny. Our life - is a series of habits and related acts that define our path and development.

 How to get rid of bad habits?

It's not without sin

Everyone has good and bad habits, useful and harmful. Bad habits are often the cause of suffering, the good bring tranquility and liberation. To understand how we got where we are now, and how to change direction, it is necessary to understand how the formation and change of habits. Then you can release the energy that holds the bad habits and send it to implement changes that will bring us joy.

The result of every thought or action, repeated many times, it becomes habit forming. Our attention feeds them. By focusing on their thoughts and desires, we will strengthen certain areas of the brain, and that "nest" our habits. The human brain consists of about 100 billion cells - the neurons, and each has its own habits of a combination of cells. We are able to change their thinking and create new combinations of neurons. The more often we repeat the thoughts and actions, the more it becomes a habit. And the good and bad habits are formed on the same principle.

This principle can be used to get rid of bad habits. We can starve them, not feeding them with their attention. By focusing on habits that we want to find, we make them stronger and gradually takes energy from those who wish to get rid of.

Challenges - this life lessons, even painful, on which we must work if we want to move on. However, too often, we run to the pleasures that give us bad habits. Repeating this sequence a few times (the problem - stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
   - Indulging a bad habit), we are helping the habits take root, creating additional difficulties for themselves, from which you need to run again. All this leads to the weight of negative emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
   and new stresses. Instead, you need to constantly carry out work on the bugs, to find out where and what you do not, if again and again gets into a stressful situation.

Bad habits can be very different: smoking, drinking, overeating, gambling addiction to shopping, social networks, computer games and television, sex, money, fame, power; dependence on others, which is a man of his own independence and individuality. All these habits bring a lot of fun at first, but in the end, they bring us the emptiness and pain that is inevitable, because they force us to commit acts contrary to our nature.

To begin to change, we must first recognize that the pain that we cause our bad habits, much worse than the pain that inevitably accompany getting rid of them. The next step - to understand that now is the time to start getting rid of bad habits and create good. Indecision weakens our will; there are doubts that the desired change is possible, that in the future procrastination replaced by certainty that - no, it will not turn.

Do not delay and start right now. Your first step will be:

 How to get rid of bad habits?


Make a list of bad habits from which you want to get rid of. Record habits that you want to find. How can I write more about why you want to get rid of certain habits, and what you want to develop others. It is much easier to act when you clearly know for what these steps.

 How to get rid of bad habits?

Avoid that is associated with bad habits

People, places, activities, and your own thoughts can prevent you to get rid of bad habits. For example, if you want to quit How to Quit Smoking: Tips for Women  How to Quit Smoking: Tips for Women
 , Try to stay away from people with whom you used to go for a smoke and places where you like to sit with a cigarette and let the smoke in the space. Constantly thinking about something else - about the project he was working on, how more exercise you can do now that you will not interfere with shortness smoker, and so on. The less attention you pay to a bad habit, the weaker it becomes.

 How to get rid of bad habits?

Affirmations and Freedom

In your mind there is a force able to banish any habit. Thoughts have energy that affects our lives, so your thoughts should be handled carefully. Regularly repeat the affirmations to yourself, that should make your will operate at full capacity and in your favor. "I will succeed". "Nothing can stop me." "No matter how many times I ostuplyus - I still go up and will fight on." And so on. You are free to invent for yourself affirmations. It's not just words. With constant repetition, they become part of our consciousness, our personality, and manifest in our behavior.

 How to get rid of bad habits?

Engage in a constructive and meaningful activities

Make a list of what you are doing. List all - that is connected with work, personal life, hobbies, and so on. Be aware of which of these activities bring you the greatest satisfaction and pleasure that is important to you. Concentrate first on this activity - one that allows you to feel their own importance, which you really develop and move forward.

 How to get rid of bad habits?

Cultivate the habit

From time to time you will get bored, you'll yearn for the bad habits, but to focus on the good. So you can grow them inside themselves and himself - with them. Look for environment and employment, are more consistent with your new habits. Do not behave as if you have just started working on them. Instead, do what you will, on your views, would have done if these habits already ingrained in your mind.

 How to get rid of bad habits?


Surround yourself with people who support your endeavors. Those who say that you do not get, and you do not need it, and you should not torture yourself, slow down your movement. Often we are afraid to change your surroundings - do not want to offend old friends, and where is the guarantee that the new will be better. Then you have to make a choice - to offend someone of your friends, or to abandon their goals. Nobody in life does not give you a guarantee on the people, but this should not be a reason not to try new things. You need people who will support you, will not let his hands drop. Maybe it's people with the same goals as you. Maybe it's those who have already passed through the global personality changes. Feel free to look for those who need you and who need you.

 How to get rid of bad habits?


To completely get rid of bad habits and instill a good, we have to practice alone. This task seems too difficult for many - is human nature to be afraid of loneliness and uncertainty associated with it. However, a bit of practice and courage - and you learn to control yourself, even when you are alone. This is one of the most difficult stages of the struggle with bad habits and finding good new habits, without which you will not succeed.

 How to get rid of bad habits?


Me hard. On the destruction of some strong habits may take years. On your way there will be trials and temptations. There will probably be setbacks. Do not give up. When you stumble, be tolerant to yourself, but also use your remorse, to avoid this in the future.

Never stop looking for ways to make their good habits more and more stronger. Continue to work on yourself - you will be sure that the self does not exist limits.

The human ego wants to be rewarded immediately. Praise yourself for what you're doing, but do not cease to remind ourselves that there is still a long way to go and a lot of plans, which are to be implemented. Therefore, deciding to get rid of bad habits and develop good tune into a long and hard work. First, of course, it will be hard. But soon you will not be able to live without the constant discoveries that you will make in yourself.

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