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October 11, 2012

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 female libido and sex

Birth control pills suppress libido

And it is true, and not true. Some women taking birth control pills, are experiencing a significant decrease in sexual desire. It could be that it is an artificial problem? No. Hormonal contraceptives (intrauterine devices, birth control pills, implants, rings) can actually reduce sexual desire.

The main reason for loss of libido can be vaginal dryness, a side effect that is experienced by some women using hormonal contraceptives. Resulting pain can negatively affect the willingness of the new sex.

Another probable cause of low libido can be hormonal. Lowering hormone levels at the end of the menstrual cycle is a natural contraception Natural contraception: safety from nature  Natural contraception: safety from nature
 It has adverse effects on libido. In contrast, the hormone peak during ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?  Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?
   increases sexual desire.

All of these side effects stop after cancellation of contraceptive. The gynecologist will help you choose the method of protection that does not have a negative effect on the libido.

Sometimes, however, and vice versa: some women report increased libido associated with the beginning of the use of hormonal contraception.

 Libido | 10 myths about sex and women

Women rarely masturbate

This is not true. Masturbation in women is one of the strictest taboos in matters of women's sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality  Nine ways to experience their sexuality
 . Reasons for this issue shamefully hushed up, of course, religious: masturbation was considered completely useless and even harmful to the basic function of a woman - procreation.

Only in the mid-20th century phenomenon of masturbation was supported by the figures: according to researchers regularly masturbated for about 95% of men and 46% women. In the 60s there was a change of public morality and the "democratization" of masturbation.

Unlike men, masturbating from a young age, women tend to start much later, usually after the first experience of sexual intercourse Sexual relations: how to bring passion  Sexual relations: how to bring passion
 . Women often masturbate during the long absence of sexual partner (for example, after the break in relations), and practice it quite regularly. Masturbation usually like women 25 to 50 years, rarely before.

Masturbation plays a very important role in a woman's life. It is a way to know themselves and gain confidence in your body. But it can help to relax and get sexual satisfaction and women experiencing some sexual difficulties (vaginismus, phobias and sexual problems).

 Libido | 10 myths about sex and women

The size of the penis important to women

No. Most men of a certain age are concerned about the size of his penis. Many people firmly believe that the longer the penis, the more it is like a woman. However, size is not important, but the ability to use it properly. Occasionally there are women who appreciate only the parameters of the penis of his partner.

Men can rest easy: the pleasure derived from the female sex, it is not related to the length of the penis. The most sensitive areas of a woman's body located at the entrance of the vagina so the penis, which is able to penetrate into the vagina just only a few centimeters, it can bring a woman to orgasm.

In addition, the muscles of the vagina are able to expand and contract and to take the penis of any size. Some women are obsessed with sexual intercourse with a man having a penis is truly gigantic. However, such a penis can even prevent natural movements and hinder sexual intercourse.

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10 myths about sex and women - Orgasm

October 11, 2012

  • 10 myths about sex and women
  • Orgasm
  • Libido

 Women and sex orgasm

Women reach orgasm only by stimulating the G-spot

Not necessary. Recent studies proverbial "point of G», carried out early in 2012, were designed to look at this area of ​​the woman who died at the age of 80 years. After autopsy researcher claimed to have found this region with a intravaginal increased innervation, which, in his opinion, is famous point G. In addition to the extreme conditions of the experiment, this research studies the internal structure of a single person, no different from many others, held before.

Researchers (perhaps because they are men?) Are extremely intrigued by this popular women's area. For the first time we speak about it in the 50s of the last century as a point stimulation which gives pleasure to the woman. A study conducted in 2010 and studied more than 1,800 women, monozygotic (identical) and dizygotic (or geterozitotnyh) twins If you have twins: Ten Smiles  If you have twins: Ten Smiles
 It showed very interesting results. Identical twins who have the same genotype have similar probability of finding at point G. Moreover, identical twins rather than heterozygous, generally can detect at this sensitive area. The researchers concluded that any sensation at point G is completely subjective, and that this area can not all be listed in the anatomical atlas.

Pending further study of the issue the media are competing to present different evidence and arguments for or against the existence of this area. The final decision for women - each can confidently determine whether she feels a special feeling at the point G or not.

 Orgasm | 10 myths about sex and women

After menopause, a woman's libido disappears

Incorrect to say that the beginning of menopause means the end of the sexual life of a woman. Sexual desire in women as in men, appear at any age. Menopause means only the cessation of hormone production by the ovaries. This can lead to certain consequences: hot flushes, vaginal dryness and loss of libido. Fortunately, these unpleasant symptoms of menopause can be overcome.

Physiologically, due to lower levels of hormones a woman's body undergoes certain changes: reduced skin tone and muscle, increased fat mass. Changes in hormonal levels also affects the bones, increasing the risk of osteoporosis Osteoporosis - he threatens you?  Osteoporosis - he threatens you?
 . Woman becomes weaker and "fragile" physically.

Psychological changes are also quite "sensitive": a woman feels that she is aging rapidly and has never be able to have a baby. This period takes more or less the same for all women.

Typically, several months after the onset of menopause side effects disappear and the woman returned to the tranquility and sexual desire. According to numerous studies, many women maintain a regular sex life after menopause, without experiencing any problems, or even using hormone replacement therapy Hormone therapy - is it possible to fool nature?  Hormone therapy - is it possible to fool nature?
 . Some women even claim that menopause was the beginning of sexual liberation, to get rid of constant fear of unwanted pregnancy.

 Orgasm | 10 myths about sex and women

Women do not like porn

It is not true. Pornographic movies are not just for men. Art pornography existed in prehistoric times: archaeologists find frescoes, the explicit aim of which was the excitement of sexual desire. The emergence of new media has led to the emergence of new ways to spread the exciting sexual interest production: films, video tapes, and finally the Internet.

If the 80-90-ies of the last century pornographic films were addressed primarily to men, the recent trend has been reversed, and taking into account the opinion of the female audience. With the advent of the Internet there pornographic videos and films for every taste, and a woman firmly taken its place in the ranks of the interested spectators.

There is no research showing what is the ratio of male and female lovers of pornography, but it is clear that the majority of viewers are men. The reasons are varied, but the decisive factor is likely is that in these movies to forget about romance Romance - trap for women?  Romance - trap for women?
 , Mystery and tenderness, that hits the spot far from all women.