Inguinal hernia in men - at any age

July 4, 2014

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 inguinal hernia in men
 According to statistics, an inguinal hernia in men occurs eight times more often than women. This disease is diagnosed as in newborn boys, and adolescents and young adults, but the greatest risk of inguinal hernia men older than 75 years.


Types and causes of inguinal hernia in men

Two main types of inguinal hernias in men are caused by different reasons.

Oblique inguinal hernia.   This violation is inherent, and he is much more likely to suffer men than women - this is due to the way the developing male fetus. Some children after the testes and spermatic cord are omitted from the abdomen into the scrotum, the entrance to the inguinal canal at the inguinal ring is not closed (this should occur shortly after birth) and in the abdominal wall are not sufficiently dense regions through which sometimes starts bulge gland or part of the small intestine. Particularly high probability of oblique inguinal hernia in boys Inguinal hernia in boys: frequent disease requiring surgery  Inguinal hernia in boys: frequent disease requiring surgery
 Born prematurely, because they have had less time to make the entrance to the inguinal canal had to close.

Direct inguinal hernia.   The reason for this type of hernia is the gradual destruction of the connective tissue that age also leads to weakening of the muscles. Over time, these processes result in the abdominal wall formed small holes through which can slip in the groin part of the bowel or omentum. Typically, such a hernia develops slowly, resulting in prolonged, intense stress on the muscles. The following factors increase the likelihood of direct inguinal hernia Direct inguinal hernia - can only be purchased  Direct inguinal hernia - can only be purchased

  • Sport powerlifting or work related to lifting heavy loads;
  • Chronic constipation;
  • Chronic cough;
  • Obesity.

Typically, direct hernia can be using a light massage of the abdomen through a hernial straighten back into the abdominal cavity.

However, in some cases there is infringement of inguinal hernia - hernial thus become too narrow for a hernia, and no matter what position a person may be, it does not decrease, and always stays outside the abdominal cavity.

Is entitled to a hernia can only surgically.


Symptoms of inguinal hernia in men

Symptoms of this disorder depend on the species. There is a right-hand and left inguinal hernia Inguinal hernia - dangerous or not?  Inguinal hernia - dangerous or not?
   in men, and they give rise to a more or less large protuberances on the right or left side of the groin. These bulges can sometimes increase (usually this happens when muscle tension), and disappear - when the patient is lying. Also found and bilateral inguinal hernia in men - in this case a violation of convexity are formed on both sides of the groin. Occasionally, patients may also experience an increase or swelling of the scrotum.

Other symptoms of an inguinal hernia in men:

  • Discomfort or sharp pain in his groin. Usually it increases during exercise or physical activity, and becomes weaker when the patient is resting;
  • The feeling of weakness or pressure in the groin;
  • Burning sensation in the groin.

If the infringement of an inguinal hernia may have symptoms such as:

  • extreme soreness and redness in the groin;
  • sudden sharp pain that quickly intensified;
  • fever;
  • increased heart rate.

If the patient does not receive timely medical care may begin nausea, vomiting, and severe infection.


Diagnosis of inguinal hernia in men

Experienced doctors diagnose inguinal hernia fairly easy - they have very characteristic features and are rarely mistaken for tumors or other abnormalities. After the doctor will ask the patient in detail about the symptoms, he can ask him to stand up and stretch the muscles of the abdomen or cough. This doctor can observe how the hernia increases or moves in the groin.

Furthermore, doctors usually check whether you can straighten hernia hands or not. Sometimes, in addition, the survey is conducted with the help of ultrasound and / or blood test to assess the general health of the patient.


Treatment of inguinal hernia in men

Adult men surgery is usually prescribed only in cases where the hernia is markedly increased, it causes symptoms that interfere with daily life, and strangulated hernia. Boys and adolescents, who have found an inguinal hernia, operate almost always - it is believed that it is necessary to prevent the infringement of a hernia and related complications.

Removal of inguinal hernia in men is carried out in the following ways:

  • Herniorrhaphy or open surgery to remove an inguinal hernia Removal of inguinal hernia - all features of the procedure . Typically, this operation is performed under general anesthesia, but in some cases can be used local anesthesia. Reduce a hernia through a large incision in the groin area, which is usually performed after hernia repair - strengthening the weakened area of ​​muscle tissue with a special mesh made of synthetic material, safe to humans and does not cause rejection of the body;
  • Laparoscopic inguinal hernia in men is done using general anesthesia. The small hole in the abdominal cavity introduced a laparoscope - a tool to obtain an image of the hernia and surrounding tissue, and display it on the monitor. Looking at the screen, a surgeon with the tools that are introduced through the other hole, gently return the fragment protruding bowel or omentum into place, and then sews the hole in the abdominal wall hernia repair or maintain.

Patients who have had a laparoscopy, usually return to normal a little bit faster than those who underwent open surgery.

However, laparoscopy is not for everyone; for example, it is not indicated for patients who have previously suffered any pelvic surgery, as well as very large inguinal hernias.

Most men after any hernia operation experience general discomfort, pain, and require analgesics. Physical activity for a few weeks should be limited, although it is not recommended complete rest - usually advise patients to start slowly walking as soon as possible after treatment, but avoid excessive stress and, of course, lifting weights.

Treatment of chronic cystitis: a double blow

December 13, 2011

 treatment of chronic cystitis
 Treatment of chronic cystitis involves two completely different approaches. The first - is the treatment of recurrent episodes of cystitis as the usual cases of acute cystitis with antibiotics or traditional medicine. The second approach - it is a long course of treatment, a kind of preventive maintenance, which reduces the risk of recurrence of symptoms of cystitis.

 Treatment of chronic cystitis: a double blow

Treatment of chronic cystitis antibiotics

In some cases, to prevent the onset of symptoms of cystitis is used long-course prophylactic antibiotic treatment. If the duration of treatment of acute cystitis Treatment of acute cystitis: an integrated approach  Treatment of acute cystitis: an integrated approach
   These drugs are only a few days, a prophylactic course of chronic cystitis can last up to several months. Usually in such cases, chronic administration of very small doses of either trimethoprim or nitrofurantoin. And after the first signs of the next attack of cystitis requires a short course of antibiotics to suppress acute symptoms - usually it lasts only three days.

If symptoms of cystitis Cystitis - symptoms: spasms, cramps and discomfort  Cystitis - symptoms: spasms, cramps and discomfort
   aggravated after sexual intercourse, for the treatment of chronic cystitis apply the so-called postcoital antibiotics - drugs that must be taken within two hours after sex to prevent cystitis.

 Treatment of chronic cystitis: a double blow

Self-treatment of chronic cystitis

A very important aspect of the treatment of chronic cystitis, as a drug, and self - increasing the number of consumed liquid (water, natural fruit, berry and vegetable juices). The more fluid enters the body, the more empty the bladder, which promotes the excretion of toxins and bacteria that provoke chronic cystitis Chronic cystitis: a correct diagnosis - the main  Chronic cystitis: a correct diagnosis - the main

An indispensable tool in Borba with chronic cystitis - Cranberry Cranberries for health and beauty  Cranberries for health and beauty
 Both in the form of juice, and in the form of tablets (food additives). The active ingredients contained in cranberry juice can help prevent occasional symptoms of chronic cystitis.

If exacerbation of chronic cystitis associated with sexual activity, it is recommended to empty the bladder before and after sexual intercourse - so the body are derived from bacteria, during sexual intercourse can penetrate along the urethra into the bladder and cause infection.

And with medication, and self-treatment of chronic cystitis to suppress discomfort - burning, cutting pain when urinating - shows the standard analgesic drugs sold in pharmacies without a prescription. It is best to suppress the symptoms of chronic cystitis taking painkillers with anti-inflammatory properties (such as ibuprofen or paracetamol).

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