Modern methods of treatment of syphilis - reducing the duration of the course

February 4, 2014

 Modern methods of treatment of syphilis
 Modern methods of treatment of syphilis are focused on reducing the duration of treatment of this disease. Created in recent years, antibiotics penicillin allow us to reduce the long-acting treatment for syphilis Treatment of syphilis - a laborious process  Treatment of syphilis - a laborious process
   to just a few injections. But it can be treated not all patients with syphilis - for short-term courses of treatment, there are indications and contraindications.


Modern treatment of syphilis: Features

Today, experts are trying as much as possible is available to bring to the public a simple truth that is known in medicine for a long time: it is much easier to treat the early stages of any chronic disease than running when the disease will have its destructive effect on the body of the patient.

This truth fully applies to a chronic infection such as syphilis. In our time there is the improvement of treatment of this disease in the early stages, which is conducted on an outpatient basis. In principle, the treatment of syphilis virtually unchanged, for its treatment still apply antibiotics penicillin - pale treponema spirochete more than half a century has not acquired resistance (immunity) to these drugs.

Changes occur in the duration of treatment of early stages of syphilis. Treatment of early stages of syphilis is often carried out today with the help of penicillin long (extended) action (dyurantnyh drugs), composed of benzathine benzylpenicillin. That is modern dyurantnye drugs actually are analogues of domestic drug bitsillina.

To date dyurrantnym drugs include penicillin retarpen (pharmaceutical company Biohemi, Austria) and ekstentsillin (pharmaceutical company Ron- Poulenc Rorer, France).


Modern methods of treatment of syphilis in the early stages

Modern methods of treatment of syphilis are easy to use, but require a careful preliminary examination of the patient, clarifying the form and stage of the disease, and laboratory control cure. For the treatment of early syphilis dyurantnye used penicillin drugs manufactured using modern techniques - and ekstentsillin retarpen. The indications for their use are primary and secondary fresh syphilis Syphilis - punishment of Venus  Syphilis - punishment of Venus
 Sometimes - a latent secondary syphilis Secondary syphilis - can proceed unnoticed for several years  Secondary syphilis - can proceed unnoticed for several years
 . Dyurantnogo drug injection performed once a week, the amount can be from one to three, depending on the stage of syphilis and clinical appearances.

In addition, dyurantnye drugs recommended for preventive treatment of persons who were in a sexual or household contact with a syphilis, provided that from the moment of contact was not more than two months. In this case, the drug is administered singly.

Dyurantnyh advantage of penicillin is the high efficiency in the early stages of syphilis, ease of use on an outpatient basis (instead of 8 injections per day, only one injection per week) and relative hypoallergenic (formulated products using modern technologies so well cleaned).

But for the treatment of secondary recurrent syphilis many professionals apply dyurantnye form of penicillin is not recommended - their use does not guarantee complete removal of infection from the cerebrospinal fluid.


Effective treatment of syphilis in the late stages

Starting with secondary recurrent syphilis infection often produces complications in the internal organs and the central nervous system, so the treatment of such patients should be administered in a hospital with complex therapy.

Because antibiotics for the treatment of advanced stages of syphilis commonly used water-soluble forms of penicillin that are administered every three hours, that is, eight times a day. A more effective intravenous drip of these drugs - so create a more constant concentration of penicillin in the body of the patient.

Penicillin antibiotics but often produce allergic reactions, so the treatment of syphilis and other antibiotics used groups such as tetracyclines (doxycycline), macrolides (azithromycin, josamycin, clarithromycin), cephalosporins (ceftriaxone and others).

The structure of the complex treatment of advanced forms of syphilis also include bismuth preparations (biyohinol, bismoverol) - bismuth suppress vital functions of syphilis, has anti-inflammatory action. In the treatment of tertiary syphilis Tertiary syphilis - the final stage of the disease  Tertiary syphilis - the final stage of the disease
   designate iodine, such as potassium iodide - it promotes resorption gummas and hillocks formed in skin, internal organs and central uneven system.

Sometimes it is necessary to use drugs and arsenic (novarsenola, miarsenola), but now doctors are trying to avoid their appointment due to significant side effects.

Assign also drugs that stimulate the body's defenses, such as pirogenal, prodigiozan, biogenic stimulators, immune modulators.

If the treatment is carried out correctly, there is a corresponding form of the disease, the syphilis can be cured at any stage. But, unfortunately, in the late stages of syphilis is not possible to completely eliminate the effects of the devastating effects on the agents of this infection.

Galina Romanenko

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Symptoms of genital herpes - a characteristic appearance

May 19, 2013

 signs of genital herpes
 Symptoms of genital herpes - a fine bubbles with clear content that poured groups quickly burst and surface erosions is covered first, and then peel. A characteristic feature of herpes is that the rash does not leave behind scars.

 Symptoms of genital herpes - a characteristic appearance

As genital herpes begins

The first symptoms begin 1-10 days after infection, but may never occur - the disease is hidden (latent), or the introduction of the virus is limited to virus infection.

The first symptoms of genital herpes are called primary herpes. Often they are accompanied by general changes in the body - fever, chills, malaise, pain in muscles and joints.

Against the background of the common symptoms of edema appears Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause  Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause
   and redness of the skin or mucous membranes of the genitals, which are accompanied by severe itching. Itching is enhanced by the appearance of small blisters with transparent contents arranged in groups. After two - three days of the bubbles burst and instead appear extensive surface erosion. Deeper ulcers are rare. Primary herpes hold at least three weeks, and then completely disappear.

This long duration of primary herpes due to the large number of viruses formed in order to "break through the defense" of immunity. After HSV settle firmly in the body, it contributes to reduction of immunity, so any colds, injuries, high loads and stresses will lead to recurrence of the disease.

 Symptoms of genital herpes - a characteristic appearance

Recurrences of genital herpes

Recurrences of genital herpes have a clear link with transient depression of immunity Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults  Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults
 . When immunodeficiencies (eg AIDS) disease relapse can be very frequent.

Recurrences of genital herpes occur much easier and faster than primary herpes. Common symptoms of fever, malaise and other usually does not happen. Harbinger appearance of rashes on the genitals can be discomfort and itching of light for a few hours before the relapse. Then, in the lesion appears slight redness, itching, and groups pour bubbles with clear content that can burst through the day, and as a whole will survive no more than a week, and then disappears without leaving a scar.

The more frequent recurrences of the disease. so it is considered more severe. In mild form of the disease relapses may occur one to three times a year, with moderate - to 6 times, in severe - from 6 to 12 times a year, or monthly. Some women are associated with the exacerbation of the monthly periods.

 Symptoms of genital herpes - a characteristic appearance

Atypical forms

Atypical forms of genital herpes occur uncharacteristic signs of the disease. Patients may be concerned about the constant itching, discomfort in the genital area. When viewed in the lesion is not characteristic blisters, instead they often arise red scaly patches on the skin and on the mucous - redness and swelling.

When atypical forms sometimes immediately affects the internal sex organs - the uterus and its appendages, on which there are blisters. The woman in this case may be experiencing pain, discomfort in the abdomen.

 Symptoms of genital herpes - a characteristic appearance

Extragenital manifestations of herpes infection

Some patients have a rash on the skin and mucous membranes combined with the appearance of the characteristic blisters in other parts of the body. Such lesions may occur in the skin of the buttocks, torso, face (most often around the nose and cheeks), in the oral cavity and so forth. In most cases, this is due to the fact that the body simultaneously present two types of herpes simplex viruses Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple  Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple
   - The first and second (VRG-1 and HSV-2). Extragenital manifestations rarely coincide in time with the genital, they usually appear before the rash on the genitals, and after the start of recurrence of genital herpes Herpes - a virus creeping  Herpes - a virus creeping

Sometimes HSV-1 is introduced into the human body in childhood and is manifested recurrent "cold" on the lips. Later, after the onset of sexual activity is introduced into the body, and HSV-2. In this case, the primary and herpes, and relapses will proceed more smoothly.

Extragenital manifestations in the form of bubble rash on the face there may be long, but after the onset of rash in the genital intensity of these symptoms is reduced.

Genital herpes can occur in different ways, sometimes the patients are treated for a long time against bacterial infections or allergies, and only after thorough examination and exceptions similar diseases they can not identify genital herpes.

Galina Romanenko

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