Flat warts - the most dangerous form

April 18, 2013

 flat warts
 Caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), genital warts may be (their appearance is hard to miss) or flat, located within the mucosa. Flat warts occur unnoticed, they are difficult to detect even during the inspection of a gynecologist. But it is flat warts often degenerate into a malignant tumor Malignant tumor: cells are mad  Malignant tumor: cells are mad

 Flat warts - the most dangerous form

Why is HPV infection can occur in different ways

Human papillomavirus (HPV) - is a very common virus, which has many subtypes (serotypes). For example, urinary organs diseases cause more than 30 subtypes of the virus. For each of them is characterized by loss of "their" target tissue, which is characteristic developed for this subspecies growths (warts). But this does not exclude the lesion data HPV subtype other tissues.

One of these subtypes of HPV cause warts are flat, which are often located on the mucous membrane of the cervix in women and on the penis in men (but may also be located on any parts of the genital mucosa). A special feature of flat warts is their imperceptible during and frequent malignancy (degeneration into malignant tumor). Once started, this process is very fast.

Infection with HPV subtype data, as well as the rest of his subspecies, occurs mainly through sexual contact, but can not be excluded as household and the way (through the linen, towels, etc.) transmission.

 Flat warts - the most dangerous form

The appearance and structure of flat warts

Flat warts are also called endophytic, i.e. not increasing the outside (such as the warts - they are exophytic) and inwardly mucosa (epithelium). Flat warts usually do not protrude above the surface of the mucosa and gynecologist at survey it is virtually impossible to see. Moreover, and colposcopy (detailed examination of the mucous membrane of the vagina and cervix using the optical equipment that can magnify the image many times), flat warts are not always detected.

Flat warts are inside the endothelium. Almost always, this type of disease occurs with minimal symptoms, unnoticed. They can be detected or colposcopy, or if located near genital warts.

 Flat warts - the most dangerous form

The most prominent features of the disease

Current HPV infection, which manifests itself in the form of characteristic flat warts with internal growth, may be different. Sometimes flat warts disappear on their own, most often this option flow occurs during pregnancy, it is not entirely clear, because during pregnancy decreased immunity. It once again reminds us that HPV infection was studied not enough.

Sometimes appearing Education held for several years without spreading or maligniziruyas. But this, of course, at any stage can occur degeneration of flat warts to cancer.

Sometimes there is a very rapid growth of warts that makes to take emergency measures for screening and treatment of women. And in about one in 20 women flat warts degenerate into cancer over a period of two to five years.

 Flat warts - the most dangerous form

Additional tests

In identifying flat warts colposcopy Colposcopy - how to prepare it properly?  Colposcopy - how to prepare it properly?
 . With colposcopy can be seen on the surface of the mucous membrane sufficiently clear contours of flat warts. If such a mucosa cause acetic acid solution, then a few minutes later a portion disposed over warts will become whitish shape.

Because of the difficulty of identifying and rapid risk of malignancy is suspected flat warts necessarily biopsy - a fence of tissue from the affected area for histological examination. Histological examination reveals altered epithelial cells and the cells are flat warts. The cells thus have the characteristic features is to defeat According to the HPV subtype.

Of great importance is the definition of the extent of damage the cells medium (basal) layer of the epithelium - this will depend on the tactics of treatment. In half of the flat warts are combined with dysplasia Dysplasia - what is it?  Dysplasia - what is it?
   (cell change) the basal layer of the mucosa of varying degrees, is usually considered a precancerous condition. Quite often there are also cells of the basal layer of the epithelium characteristic of malignant tumors.

Detection of flat warts is of great importance for the prevention, timely diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer Cervical cancer: possible cure  Cervical cancer: possible cure
   women and the glans penis in men.

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Than to treat vaginitis - the appointment of a doctor

April 11, 2013

  • Than to treat vaginitis - the appointment of a doctor
  • Antibiotics

 than to treat vaginitis
 Cure vaginitis without prior examination of women is impossible, because only on the basis of complaints of women and their inspection is difficult to establish the cause of the disease. The reason may be pathogens, sexually transmitted diseases, as well as non-specific infection, which constantly lives in the mucous membranes of the vagina, causing disease only under certain conditions. For the treatment of different types of vaginitis require different medications.

 Than to treat vaginitis - the appointment of a doctor

The treat specific vaginitis

Specific vaginitis infections are sexually transmitted. Treatment of these infections is carried out with the use of generic drugs and local actions that are selected individually according to the results of laboratory examination.

Often these infections are combined and then for their treatment requires the use of multiple medications. For trichomonal vaginitis (they are called protozoa) rarely occur on their own, in most cases, they are combined with some kind of bacterial infection, such as chlamydia or gonorrhea. In this case, patients received first metronidazole (Trichopolum) or tinidazole to suppress the vital activity of Trichomonas.

And only after the destruction of Trichomonas can begin to treat bacterial infections, because it is usually hidden in the cells of protozoa. To this end assigned systemic antibiotic treatment. For the treatment of gonococcal vaginitis today the most commonly used antibiotics penicillin (eg amoksiklav), cephalosporin (ceftriaxone) or tetracyclines (doxycycline). Select one or another formulation of the results of laboratory tests.

With regard to the treatment of chlamydial, mycoplasma and ureaplasma vaginitis, many experts prefer to stick to the latest data research laboratories in which research is carried out on animals and therefore have a high accuracy. Thus, research now reveals an increased sensitivity of these microorganisms to macrolide antibiotics (sumamed, vilprafen Vilprafen - modern highly effective and non-toxic antibiotic  Vilprafen - modern highly effective and non-toxic antibiotic
 Clarithromycin), tetracyclines (doxycycline) and fluoroquinolones (ofloxacin, ciprofloxacin).

Locally at specific vaginitis prescribe douches and hip baths with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory solutions - thus removed isolation and reduces their irritating effect on the walls of the vagina and external genitalia.

Sometimes antibacterial drugs and antitrihomonadnyh overall impact joins the appointment of similar topical preparations, for example, Terzhinan Terzhinan - accessible and efficient  Terzhinan - accessible and efficient
 , Betadine, Polizhinaks and so on.

Locally appointed as restorative treatment in the form of vaginal suppositories laktonorm containing lactobacilli.

 Than to treat vaginitis - the appointment of a doctor

The treat nonspecific vaginitis

Non-specific vaginitis caused by opportunistic pathogens, which constantly lives in the walls of the vagina without causing disease. To conditionally pathogenic cause an inflammatory process that requires additional conditions.

These conditions are usually hormonal disorders and reduced immunity. Therefore, treatment of nonspecific vaginitis begins with correcting these violations. If detected a decrease in the blood levels of female sex hormones estrogen, the prescribed correction with the use of generic medicines (systemic) action. This or medicines that contain estrogen (klimonorma, ginodian depot, Ovestin), or herbal preparations containing phytoestrogens (klimadinon, klimadinon uno, klimaktoplan).

Similar preparations, there are topical: vaginal suppositories Vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation  Vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation
   Ovestin and cream, elvagin, estrokad. The decision as to what kind of a drug in general or local effect, select the physician decides.

Work is also correction of immunity, if any expressed violation. To this end, these drugs are assigned, Immunal, likopid and so on.

Antibacterial treatment of nonspecific vaginitis are not always carried out, and mostly local. Sometimes it is enough rate douching and sedentary baths with infusions and decoctions of herbs with anti-inflammatory and mild antiseptic.

For the treatment of fungal infections (thrush) are used in common drugs (fluconazole) and local (clotrimazole, pimafutsin) action. But as nonspecific vaginitis often caused by mixed bacterial-fungal, infection, to treat them suitable combination of drugs such as terzhinan and Polizhinaks.

Restoration of normal vaginal flora The microflora of the vagina: purity  The microflora of the vagina: purity
   is carried out using vaginal suppositories laktonorm. Intestines or cleaned for a month with the help of probiotics, which include bifidum and laktobakterin.