Burn calories: 10 easiest ways

September 22, 2006

  • Burn calories: 10 easiest ways
  • Ten ways to quickly burn calories

 burn calories
 You probably have heard how familiar blame the extra weight slow metabolism, but what does that mean? Is slow metabolism - the main cause of problems with the weight? And if so, is it possible to speed up the metabolism to burn more calories?

And indeed - the metabolism is directly related to the weight, but not quite the way you think. Contrary to popular belief, a slow metabolism is rarely a cause of excess weight. Although metabolism affect the basic energy needs, our weight is primarily determined by diet and physical activity levels.


Metabolism: Converting calories into energy

Metabolism - a set of processes of chemical transformation of substances from the moment they arrive in the body, providing its vital functions. In the course of these complex biochemical processes calories from foods and beverages, react with oxygen, resulting in the release energy required for normal body function. Even when we are at rest, your body needs energy to perform the "hidden" functions, such as breathing, blood circulation, regulate hormone levels, growth and renewal of tissue cells.

The amount of energy that the body uses to perform these basic functions (in the absence of physical exertion) is level, or basal metabolic rate and the amount of heat per unit mass of the human body per day. Several factors affect the individual level of human basal metabolism:

  • Height and build. Users tall and strongly built (with greater muscle mass) burn more calories even at rest.
  • Paul. The man is usually less fat and more muscle than for women of the same age and weight, therefore they burn more calories.
  • Age. With age, the amount of muscle decreases, and the percentage of body fat increases, and the process of burning calories slows.

The need for energy to perform the basic functions of the body remains stable and difficult to change. Approximately 60 to 75% of calories you burn each day spent on the implementation of the basic body functions (basal metabolic rate).

In addition to the level of basal metabolism, the intensity of burning calories also influenced by two other factors:

  • Thermogenesis. Thermogenesis refers to all forms of allocation Discharges in women when there is cause for concern  Discharges in women when there is cause for concern
   heat the human body. All emitted by the human body heat is generated by burning calories. Thermogenesis and the metabolic rate Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
   increase during the processes of digestion, assimilation and recharge the body's energy reserves, ietot effect persists for several hours after eating. That is why food is advised to take five or six times a day, if you want to burn fat. On thermogenesis spent about 10% of calories consumed each day.
  • Physical activity. Physical activity and exercise - for example, playing tennis, going to the store, walk in the park, and any other movement - the rest burns calories. Physical activity - the most volatile of all the factors affecting the metabolism and burning calories.


Metabolism and weight

Very easy to blame the problems of obesity metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 Because you can not control it. But because the metabolism - a natural process, inherent in all living organisms, your body adapts to your individual needs, adapting to them. Therefore, after the so-called express diets based on full or partial refusal of food, the body compensates for the lost energy (calories) by slowing the basic processes of the vital activity and calories is not burned and remain intact (before the worst of times).

Excessive weight gain due to diseases that affect the metabolism, such as Cushing's syndrome Cushing's syndrome - an excess of glucocorticoids in the body  Cushing's syndrome - an excess of glucocorticoids in the body
   or gipotereoza occurs in extremely rare cases. In most cases, unfortunately, the weight gain is the result of eating more calories than you need for life. To lose weight, you need to create a "deficit" of energy, ie, eat fewer calories than you need to, and increase the burning of calories by physical activity. To do this, experts recommend:

  • Regular aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises - most effective way to burn calories. For aerobic exercise include walking, cycling and swimming. It is desirable to perform aerobic exercises for half an hour every day. If you want to lose weight, you may need more time.
  • Strength training. Strength training - weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding - very important, because they help counteract muscle loss caused by aging. And since muscle tissue burns more calories than fat, increasing muscle mass and conservation - a key factor in weight loss.
  • Active lifestyle. Any extra movement helps burn calories. Find an excuse to once again walk, climb stairs. Even such everyday things as cleaning the house and washing machines, to help burn calories and contribute to weight loss.

Anorexia have stars downside gloss

December 2, 2011

  • Anorexia have stars downside gloss
  • Anorexia among models

 Anorexia in stars
 A few of the girls that wanted to be thin like the stars, know that the thinness of their idols - is not a sign of health.

 Anorexia have stars downside gloss

Nicole Richie

When Nicole Richie was 25, doctors told her that she may lose her child, if not begin to be treated for anorexia. Because anorexia, but also because of addiction to alcohol and cocaine child's life was in danger actress. Some were surprised that she even managed to get pregnant. Anyway, during the pregnancy, Nicole managed to cope with anorexia, and the baby was born healthy.

 Anorexia have stars downside gloss

Ana Carolina Reston

Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston at the time of his death at age 21 weighed only 39 kg. She struggled for several years with anorexia, but the disease has reached the stage where treatment can only delay death: the body irreversible changes occur, and it can not properly digest food.

 Anorexia have stars downside gloss

Ashlee Simpson

The singer recently admitted that she was a child struggling with eating disorders. Anorexia singer, probably caused by perfectionism, her constant desire to look perfect.

 Anorexia have stars downside gloss

Calista Flockhart

Thinness actress has long raised questions and concerns fans. For a long time, she said she did not pay attention to what they write about it and denied that she had an eating disorder habits. Later, however, Calista Flockhart has admitted that she had anorexia, from which it is trying to recover.

 Anorexia have stars downside gloss

Carre Otis

The actress and top model Carre Otis made a living by its beauty and harmony. But recently she told the unpleasant truth about what she should maintain itself in this form. With 17 years she was sitting on a very strict diet, and sometimes practically starving. Payment for violence against his own body and began to anorexia.

 Anorexia have stars downside gloss

Mary-Kate Olsen

After a few months in the press discussed her haggard appearance, Mary-Kate Olsen beginning treatment for anorexia. By the time the appearance of the actress caused a shock among fans and journalists. She is still struggling with the consequences of anorexia.

 Anorexia have stars downside gloss

Oprah Winfrey

The most powerful woman in television, which is the age of 9 years, raped her nineteen year old brother, and which has since been repeatedly subjected to sexual violence, and then became one of the most recognizable people on the planet, and has passed through the struggle with anorexia. Fortunately, the disease did not have time to go away, and Oprah quickly enough to cope with it - she first coped with many difficulties.

 Anorexia have stars downside gloss

Paris Hilton

Rumor has it that Paris Hilton harmony - the result of anorexia and very intensive fitness. People from her entourage said that it has long been struggling with it, but can not bring himself to treat food simply as the food.

 Anorexia have stars downside gloss

Victoria Beckham

The former Spice Girl for a long time denied that she had anorexia, but then she admitted it on the pages of his autobiography. Talking about her illness, she was, in particular, says that for some time has been obsessed with their own appearance.

 Anorexia have stars downside gloss

Whitney Houston

When the singer appeared in public after a long absence, present experienced great surprise, if not shock. Whitney Houston has become a shadow of itself and blame this not only addiction but also anorexia Anorexia nervosa - symptoms and effects on the body  Anorexia nervosa - symptoms and effects on the body