Lose Weight correctly: slow and steady wins - on going - How to lose weight right?

October 30, 2008

  • Lose Weight correctly: slow and steady wins - on going
  • How to lose weight right?

How to lose weight right?

The answer is - by using the following principles:

  • The first of them - model the mood of luck. Do not put at the heart of the goal - to lose weight quickly. When our mind on anything loops, the body may start to resist violence. Of course, tune into the weight loss is necessary, but without fanaticism. After all, by and large, true love, friendship and respect depend on your character and not by the figures. Just believe that you will succeed.
  • Second - start the era of weight loss even with some motor activity .  An escalator in the metro - an excellent free simulator for the most treacherous parts of the female body - the hips, if you do not stand and climb it up yourself .  Do not like the subway, take the stairs to a friend at home or at work, ignoring the elevator - the same time the heart muscle potreniruetes .  Let you walk short distances, but cheerful springy step .  Put all of your folders at work as far as possible from the desktop .  And remember the childhood home - and jump: on two legs on one turn, with a rope (if the apartment allows) or without, gradually accustom the body, that he should be physically active .  And so - from small to large loads, without straining to break into the first and last workout muscle Pick the kind of sports activities that you will enjoy .  Bodyflex, Callanetics, dancing or fighting conventional (capoeira, tai bo), martial arts and women's boxing - may not only help you lose weight, but also to open up new prospects in life .  The main thing - to move, otherwise we can not see luck .
  • Third - do your food right. Diet, by definition, meant to be treated, not as self-destructive behaviors. And treatment is known to be prescribed by a doctor. If you have no desire to seek sensible nutritionist, forget about the alleged Superefficient diets, after which 10 kg of leave per week. Perhaps a week remaining before the corporate event, and you will be able to lose a certain number of kilograms. Only at the very party main dish on the menu would have to declare lettuce. Otherwise, you will resemble Cinderella at the end of the first ball. This is a joke, of course, but nevertheless - extra kilos dropped back at record speed. What can we say about the saggy skin. Skinny Cow - not the doe, the wise folk reiterates the second principle. The only diet, which should pay attention - Mediterranean.

 How to lose weight right? | Lose Weight correctly: slow and steady wins - on going

What is good nutrition?

  • Firstly, the power mode. Try to eat more frequently (every 3-4 hours) and small portions, chewing food thoroughly. Your body can be a little deceiving, reducing appetite. As you know, visual portion of a small platter looks more and calms the brain. The blue and purple colors in the kitchen and the smell of green apples reduce appetite. In addition, try to have the last meal was not later than 2-3 hours before bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
  • Second, the composition of the food. What to do - nutritionists insist on the exclusion from the diet of delicious hazards: cakes, candies, smoked sausage and fat, precooked and fast food. As a consolation, instead of enemies, you can use sweet dried apricots, prunes, figs, dates and nuts carefully (they are fairly high-calorie), black (bitter) chocolate. Sausages have to be replaced with low-fat boiled, baked or stewed meat, preferably beef or chicken. Its consumption is cut at the beginning of losing weight up to 100 grams a day, three times a week (and we can safely say that you stick to your diet - Mediterranean). Be sure to include in the diet of fish, vegetables (especially all kinds of cabbage and carrots), fruits and herbs (dill, parsley Parsley Health and Beauty  Parsley Health and Beauty
 Basil, mint Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness  Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness
 , Cilantro), and leafy lettuce, vegetable oil (preferably unrefined) grains, low-fat cottage cheese and fat.
  • Thirdly, the quality and quantity of fluid. Sweet drinks someone seem delicious and energy - invigorating. Nevertheless, they are the first applicants to ensure that does not attend to your basket. Beautiful figure calls filtered or mineral water, fresh juices, herbal or green tea, low-fat dairy products. A glass of cool water on an empty stomach and the intestine stimulates the appetite a little deceiving. Only should adhere to the rules - the liquid drink 20-30 minutes before eating and after an hour and a half after. By the way, water with honey and a couple drops of lemon can completely kill hunger.

And the last - for the maintenance of the form be sure to take vitamins.

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Way to lose weight - diet against physical training - principles of good nutrition

April 18, 2010

  • Way to lose weight - diet against physical education
  • The principles of good nutrition

Is it possible to lose weight with diet alone

Diets for weight loss so much that eyes run, and almost all of them promise quick and painless weight loss. Today, many women realized that any special diet can not replace proper nutrition based on a complete change of dietary habits. In the short term (1-2 days, no more) stringent diet can "break the deadlock" metabolic processes and help the process of shedding weight.

The secret of any weight loss is that proper diet must be combined with exercise. Otherwise, nothing happens: your body simply will not expend the energy, putting it in store as fat. This is a protective reflex, which was formed over thousands of years, and can not be changed. Of course, you can not eat at all for months or sit on a starvation diet completely, but it is also to anything good will not: there will be irreversible changes in the body and people just die.

So, in order to lose weight and at the same time undermine the health, you need the right combination of exercise and a balanced diet.


What is a balanced diet and psychological bases

Nutrition - it is food, in which a person eats to live, not naedyatsya but obtain all the necessary nutrients .  Excessive amounts of food as harmful as its lack of .  The difficulty of the transition to a balanced diet is that you want to change your attitude to food in the subconscious, and it is much more difficult than simply to understand .  Our minds could understand and accept the principles of a balanced diet is very fast, but the subconscious mind, which commands all our subconscious actions (heartbeat, breathing, metabolism) is not ready to rapidly changing their habits, so it actively resists changes in diet .  Establish a unified conscious and subconscious work on this issue can only form a correct dietary habits with the help of willpower .  It will take time, but then, when these habits become your subconscious to "native", you'll love healthy food and you will not have problems with excess weight .


The principles of good nutrition

The principles of good nutrition are very simple, they are clearly formed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and became the basis of the civilized countries supply the majority of citizens. With a balanced diet all the products are divided into three groups on the basis of a traffic light:

  • "Green" products can be eaten in unlimited quantities, it is vegetables (not less than 400 grams per day - optional), fruit, cereal, cooked in water, and wholemeal bread;
  • "Yellow" products have some limitations, they are eaten in smaller amounts than the "green", and only low-fat: it is meat, fish (fatty fish have a useful, but not often), dairy products, vegetable oil;
  • "Red" products need to have as little as possible, and it is better not to eat at all: fatty meat, butter, sugar, sweet confectionery.

But sometimes you want something "harmful", what do you do? Try it, but do not have enough of them. It was on such a rational approach and are based on current nutrition recommendations.


Physical exercise

Lose weight without properly selected physical activities impossible. The correctness of their lies not only in the choice of certain exercises (they can always be found in the literature or on the Internet), but also in the sequence and duration of their implementation.

The intensity of the stress depends on the age and physical fitness. If a person leads a sedentary lifestyle, the need to increase physical activity gradually. It is best in this case to start with hiking the increasing duration. Once the body gets used to the increased load (criterion - no shortness of breath), you can begin to exercise.

The complex of physical exercises should be performed several times a week (3-4) with intervals required for recovery. One lesson to be at least an hour, as the first half-hour sessions for their supply of energy is spent inventories of complex carbohydrates and only after these stocks run out, in the course are fat reserves. Best of all fats are burned in the alternation of intensive and light loads.

If a person knows the principle of fat burning in the body, it is necessary to choose for this exercise is not difficult. Good effect gives classes that begin with the walk (jogging, swimming), and then proceeds to force exercises with dumbbells. At the same time the main thing to remember: do not help the fat burning high and prolonged load with alternating intensity.

Constant proper nutrition Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food  Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food
   and sedentary life - is prevention of excess weight.

Galina Romanenko

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