Turpentine bath for weight loss - fit as a supplement - Contraindications

August 20, 2009

  • Turpentine bath for weight loss - fit as a supplement
  • Contraindications

Turpentine and especially its effects on the body

Turpentine - this essential oil Essential oils and conception: can help the roses?  Essential oils and conception: can help the roses?
 Which is obtained by distillation of Scots pine resin, which is also called oleoresin. Turpentine - a clear, colorless liquid with a characteristic odor and pungent taste, is not soluble in water, only in alcohol, ether and other substances.

The local impact of turpentine has a local irritating effect, which in turn causes a slight anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Furthermore, turpentine possesses disinfectant properties.


Rejuvenating bath AS Zalmanova

The capillaries permeate our body and if they can not work actively (to expand and narrow), it violated the metabolic processes. This happens because during the life of the capillaries become clogged with slags, they disrupted the flow of blood, the cells no longer receive oxygen and nutrients and die. It was built on this theory Zalmanova who invented a special solution of turpentine bath (white and yellow), which gently act on the entire surface of the skin, restoring blood flow and increasing the renewal of skin cells, which causes a rejuvenating effect. Turpentine baths strengthen and revitalizes the body, normalize blood pressure, soothe the nervous system, increases the body's defenses, promotes dropping excess weight and rejuvenate the skin.

Currently, for turpentine baths produced a special preparation - Skipofit.


Contraindications to the use of turpentine baths

As with any other method of physical therapy, turpentine baths have a number of contraindications:

  • idiosyncrasy of turpentine;
  • alcohol intoxication (capillaries while intoxicated, and so extended);
  • less than six months after suffering an acute myocardial infarction Myocardial infarction - the most formidable diagnosis  Myocardial infarction - the most formidable diagnosis
   or stroke Stroke - a serious brain injury  Stroke - a serious brain injury
   and only after the survey;
  • a sharp increase in blood pressure;
  • irregular heartbeat;
  • congestive heart failure;
  • thrombosis (blockage and inflammation of veins), trophic ulcers;
  • Any acute and worsening of chronic diseases;
  • skin diseases, accompanied by a rash, scratching;
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!  Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!

Turpentine bath for weight loss is best done in a medical facility under the supervision of trained medical staff.

  Galina Romanenko

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Water with lemon for weight loss - lose weight and get healthier - Benefits and harms

November 13, 2014

  • Water with lemon for weight loss - lose weight and improve your health
  • Benefits and harms

 water with lemon for weight loss benefits and harms

Water with lemon for weight loss: the benefits and harms

Weight Loss. There are several theories as to why water with lemon helps to lose weight. The most plausible is the one according to which she simply helps to better control the appetite. Thanks to the strong taste of lemon it is "cheating" the taste buds is much better than plain water, with lemon water in the minimum amount of calories.

  • Treatment of infections mochevyditelnoy system, such as cystitis. Lemon alter blood pH and bladder, creating an unfavorable environment for the life of the bacteria that cause these infections.
  • Eliminate bad breath. Water with lemon kills bacteria that live in the mouth, so that the unpleasant smell disappears almost instantly.
  • Improving the tone and skin tone. Vitamin C in the lemon which, as you know, very much, stimulates collagen production, prevents wrinkles, making the skin more elastic, and its tone - more smooth and healthy.
  • Strengthening the immune system. Lemon is one of the best natural remedies to strengthen immunity Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system  Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system
 And losing weight with the help of lemon water will help you not only become more beautiful, but also, perhaps, to avoid seasonal colds.
  • Improving the functioning of the brain. Almost everyone knows that a lemon - a rich source of ascorbic acid, but not everyone knows that there are also a lot of potassium. This material has a beneficial effect on the brain and throughout the nervous system.
  • Cleansing the liver. Generally, any diet using lemon water, in fact, helps to lose weight and cleanse the liver from toxins. This is everything - except, perhaps, those rare people who never eat foods that contain preservatives, trans-fats and other harmful substances, abstain from alcohol and live in regions where there are no problems with the environment.
  • Unfortunately, in the ointment, in question - that is, water with lemon - there are a few spoonfuls of tar. If you drink it for too long and / or in very large quantities, it can cause the following problems:
  • The destruction of tooth enamel. These side effects have all drinks containing large amounts of acid. The following measures will help reduce the likelihood of damage to teeth. Brush your teeth, not earlier than half an hour after you drink water with lemon. Diet, during which it is recommended to drink water How to drink water to lose weight  How to drink water to lose weight
   Lemon should not last more than two weeks. Drink water with lemon through a straw - this will minimize contact of water with the teeth.
  • Heartburn. Water with lemon can cause heartburn or aggravate it in those who suffered from it before. Its main features are a strong burning sensation or pain in the chest Chest pain is one symptom - a lot of diseases  Chest pain is one symptom - a lot of diseases
 Occurring or immediately after a meal, or twenty to thirty minutes after a meal.
  • If you have any problems with the gastrointestinal tract, before using water with lemon for weight loss, you should consult with your doctor.


Example menu lemon diet for one day

One or two cups of warm water with lemon juice. Drink this drink immediately after waking up.

  • Breakfast: fruit salad (such as apples, oranges, plums, pears), plain yogurt and two tablespoons of oat flakes, 300 ml of soy or cow's milk, a cup of black coffee without sugar.
  • Morning snack: 8 almonds and water with lemon.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup with two slices of whole-wheat bread, vegetable salad with olive oil and grated cheese.
  • Afternoon snack: two oatmeal cookies or whole grain bread with one tablespoon of cottage cheese and slices of tomatoes, a glass of water with lemon.
  • Dinner: fish, grilled or chicken with olive oil and lemon juice, a portion seen vegetables with sesame seeds, baked peach Peaches: benefits and harms of sun fruits  Peaches: benefits and harms of sun fruits
   and cinnamon, and a glass of hot water with lemon juice.

The total calorie daily diet should be from 1200 to 1600 kcal.

This diet allows you to lose weight, on average, two to three kilos a week; one kilogram of weight usually goes away after a day of detoxification. If desired, the diet can be repeated after three to four weeks. However, if you continue to follow some of the principles of this diet and you will be drinking one or two glasses of water with lemon a day, even without any special diet you can lose up to four or five kilograms and a half or two months.

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