Mood swings in pregnancy: how to live in a new body

June 19, 2011

 mood swings pregnant
 Pregnancy - a time when women can be reversed as the tastes and outlooks on life. Even if the long-awaited pregnancy and suffered, after the onset of a woman is not always able to recognize it immediately, because that's how her psyche. For some time the woman may even seem that it is not very happy about it, and the long-awaited event. But it is by its grandeur and eventually passes.

 Mood swings in pregnancy: how to live in a new body

Home pregnancy - adaptation to the status

With the onset of pregnancy, a woman feels in her body that something has changed. Changing tastes, habits, character. All this - the result of hormonal changes and changes in metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things

The woman is always thinking about the problems that surround it: what will happen to the child, whether he be born healthy, whether it can provide and give him a decent future, how to deal with work and career. And all this against the background of pronounced hormonal changes, which are already able to unsettle.

The emotional state of the woman I was particularly strong. It becomes sensitive to such trifles that had previously not noticed. It is characterized by mood swings, when after just manifested irritability attack Irritability - you try to control my temper  Irritability - you try to control my temper
   it goes to the sweet chirping. But her irritation can cause everything from a husband to his native colleagues and boss. From the slightest obstacle or a harsh word she began to cry. At this time, the woman feels lonely, it seems that it surrounds the wall of incomprehension. She seemed to be locked in their inner world.

But the greatest experience at this time - it is the thought of the child. A woman remembers the smallest details of his life, which preceded the conception Conception, ovarian cycle, fertilization and genetics of a child  Conception, ovarian cycle, fertilization and genetics of a child
 With horror touches in memory all the possible violations that she made at this time, and that could affect the child.

All this is not so easy to survive, as it seems from the outside. To cope with this condition the woman sometimes fails to work, even though she is well aware that it is happening.

 Mood swings in pregnancy: how to live in a new body

So how do you adapt?

First of all, we must try to forget about all the problems and enjoy his new status. And if you carefully listen to her, we can see how all the senses sharpened as everything began to play very different colors, all of which gives signals that somewhere inside begins to develop a new life. And loneliness is also not a bad state, because you can understand herself and her feelings.

As for the most important, deep fears that can inadvertently harm your baby, then you should know that nature is very well protected it from external and internal influences. And some minor violations (glass of wine, a cigarette, not just taking the pill, or one-time stress) can not disrupt its development.

 Mood swings in pregnancy: how to live in a new body

Mid-pregnancy - the inculcation of love to your body

After the third month of pregnancy improves the physical condition of the woman adapts to pregnancy and her emotional state becomes more stable. But here begins the change in the physical appearance of a woman. For some women, it is also very sensitive. The main psychological task at this stage - to accept and love your body and altered again to feel beautiful and loved. It is not always possible and not at once: there are times when a woman feels loved and cherished, and sometimes - abandoned and unloved.

During this period, with the right attitude to his woman gradually from self-doubt goes to the feeling of happiness, peace and harmony. Mid-pregnancy - the most peaceful and enjoyable time.

 Mood swings in pregnancy: how to live in a new body

The final stage of pregnancy - leaving a

Phased development of pregnancy gradually plunges into the depths of a woman's own feelings and emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
 . It is important that at this stage it did not matter, nothing - it plunges inward and communicates with her unborn child. The child feels the emotion very well mother, he is worried with her and is happy when his mother happy. Nothing should knock a woman out of this rut. She listens to his child, his condition and desires, talking with him and thinks about how well the baby looks like her.

Just before the birth of a woman seen nesting instinct: it leads its nest in order to bring to the chick. This is a very strong instinct that makes working at home, even those women who had not had a clue about such a hassle.

And again before delivery woman only interested in its own problems, so it becomes scattered, can hardly understand what she is asked, and think logically.

 Mood swings in pregnancy: how to live in a new body

How to maintain good mental health during pregnancy

First of all, need to avoid stress, unpleasant situations do not read and do not look thrillers too exciting television programs. A pregnant woman should be occupied by their home and themselves. And the more fun it will get from it, the better.

Equally important is the removal of fear and anxiety before birth. To gain confidence in the successful outcome of childbirth, a woman should be regularly observed in female consultation. It would be nice to agree in advance with obstetricians maternity hospital for childbirth - it also gives a woman a feeling of peace and security.

With the right attitude of the woman and her family to the pregnancy is a great time and the change of mood is not an obstacle to, to enjoy his fortune.

Galina Romanenko

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Enterosgel in pregnancy - only on prescription

March 11, 2012

 enterosgel pregnancy
 During pregnancy, there are many conditions for which you can take enterosgel. But to make it on their own (like any medicine) is not necessary. Treating a pregnant woman should always be supervised by a doctor of female consultation.

 Enterosgel in pregnancy - only on prescription

Enterosgel in the first trimester of pregnancy

In the first trimester (first 12 weeks), a woman may develop early toxicosis. It flows differently, a woman may be concerned about malaise, nausea, sometimes - vomiting. But in severe early toxicity vomiting may be multiple, often severe drooling - as a result of a woman loses a lot of fluid and can become dehydrated. And if easy toxicosis treated ambulatory in the antenatal clinic, the heavy - only in a hospital, as a woman is required to replenish the liquid.

In the treatment of early abortion pregnant doctor may prescribe enterosgel, it is not contraindicated during pregnancy, as it is not absorbed into the blood and cleanses the body. Enterosgel is an organic silicon sponge that collects on its surface molecules of average size, corresponding to toxic substances. It cleaned both intestine and blood, as intestinal villi capillaries come close to the surface of the intestinal wall and separated from it only by a membrane through which happens purification.

All these remarkable properties enterosgelya used by doctors in order to cleanse the body of a pregnant woman from toxic substances. But you can not take yourself enterosgel, as from the beginning of pregnancy, many women under the influence of hormones develop constipation.

Enterosgel can strengthen constipation. In such cases it is advisable to do a cleansing enema, but during pregnancy is strictly contraindicated enema - the excitement of motor activity of the intestine can cause similar excitement muscles of the uterus and abortion. For the same reason it is impossible to apply the conventional laxatives, including plant origin. That is why enterosgel should appoint a doctor, which in the case of constipation prescribe a laxative, which does not cause the increase in the motor activity of the intestine and therefore do not cause harm to the woman.

 Enterosgel in pregnancy - only on prescription

Enterosgel in the second trimester of pregnancy

In the second trimester of pregnancy, the woman's condition usually improves, early morning sickness passes. Nevertheless, and this term may be nausea and vomiting. In addition, women may be an acute food poisoning Food poisoning: how to avoid becoming a victim of its own stomach  Food poisoning: how to avoid becoming a victim of its own stomach
 , Aggravation of any inflammatory or allergic process and so on. Reasons for receiving enterosgelya during pregnancy is very easy to find. And the doctor has the right to appoint the drug.

For example, you can assign enterosgel in chronic pyelonephritis Pyelonephritis - kidney disease  Pyelonephritis - kidney disease
 , Asthma, any other chronic respiratory diseases or upper respiratory tract. It can rid the body of toxic products, which are released during the inflammatory and allergic processes.

But the tendency to constipation in women is, in fact, every week it is amplified as the growing uterus compresses the gastrointestinal tract. And so to make their own enterosgel not recommended.

 Enterosgel in pregnancy - only on prescription

Enterosgel in the third trimester of pregnancy

Since the end of the second trimester increased the risk of a woman toxicosis second half of pregnancy (preeclampsia) - severe complication of pregnancy, during which there is congestion in the small blood vessels (capillaries), bringing first appear swelling then increases blood pressure, affects the kidneys. If left untreated this condition, it can cause brain, which manifests severe headache, convulsions and coma.

Enterosgel in the gestation period is prescribed with extreme caution, as constipation worse - the queen has greatly supported and compresses the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, whereas the female sex hormone progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology  Progesterone - norm and pathology
   continues to block the movement of the muscles of the uterus, stomach and intestines.

Enterosgel is certainly capable of improving the condition of women as "choose" to yourself and make the body of all toxic products of metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 And in this state, they accumulate in the body of the pregnant woman much. He does not display the body of nutrients - minerals and natural flora which helps digest food. But the increased risk purpose of this drug, so in the second half of pregnancy it is administered less frequently.

Enterosgel - it's really useful and safe drug, but a special condition of the woman requires its appointed doctor.

Galina Romanenko

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