"Smeshariki" - the formula of the "round" of childhood

February 11, 2010

 With a project of the St. Petersburg company "Marmalade Media" called "Smeshariki" Russian audience got acquainted in 2004. Some critics have prepared in advance skeptical comments: say, an animated series featuring funny "kruglyashey" will be only Russian alter ego "Teletubbies", which at one time went for identifying someone propaganda of homosexuality and other deviant behavior negativity.

However, "Smeshariki" were not only well-thought-out commercial brand, but easily won the audience award. "All the kids love all the mom advised" - This is quite a popular slogan would fit for the series. Each plot is full of good humor cartoon "Smeshariki" one hundred per cent to justify its name. Artistic director of the project Anatoly Prokhorov in an interview, called it a family movie. According to statistics, the official website of "Smeshariki" in the ranks of fans of the cartoon in addition willing to engage children and adults, especially women aged seventeen to forty-five years. Men, according to the same data, "Smeshariki" interest only after twenty-five years.

 "Smeshariki" - the formula of the "round" of childhood

No negative characters

The creators of the animated cartoon series, and in particular its director Denis Chernov, it is not by chance decided to portray the characters in the form of beads. Round shape underscores the goodwill Smeshariki and allows children to easily draw their favorite characters.

Each of the nine Smeshariki - a bright personality with its own special character, habits and interests. Among them, there are no negative characters, they learn to see in others is only good.

Croche Rabbit has an inexhaustible enthusiasm, he always can not sit still. He loves adventure and constantly draws them his friend Hedgehog. Crumbling catchphrase: "Firs-needles." He's a little selfish, but against the backdrop of his charm that is almost imperceptible.

Hedgehog - the exact opposite crumble: modest and ladylike Smeshariki, an inveterate collector of cacti and wrappers.

Piggy Nyusha lived with the conviction that every girl should have its own mystery, and still believe in Prince Charming. Frivolous fashionista, she is trying to conceive at the same time and the basics of housekeeping. Nyushinoy mentor acts Sovunya - "ambulance" local scale, sometimes nostalgic for the days when she taught physical education.

Romantic Barash almost continually writes poetry. In love with Nyusha and struggling to win her. It is often in comical situations.

Raven Kar-Karych - Artist in the soul and by vocation, that does not prevent him to be the most reasonable of all. Erudite, but a few scattered, like all artists.

Bear Kopatych - a real handyman. It has a large garden land. He grows everything except pineapples. Collect honey from his own apiary. He likes to repeat the phrase: "Bite me, Bee! "

Intelligent Losyash the conversation at every opportunity inserts the phrase "Phenomenal! "And" my dear friend! ". He reads a lot, giving preference to the exact sciences, but finds time for computer games.

Penguin Ping somehow speaks with a German accent and occasionally exclaims: "Oh Mein Gott! ". Pins - engineer and inventor. He made iron nurse, wheezing creature named Bibi, rocket and many other things. At night, sleeping in the fridge.

 "Smeshariki" - the formula of the "round" of childhood

Interesting facts about "Smeshariki"

The contribution of the animated series of "education of the younger generation" is difficult to overestimate. Instructive moments deftly played with bright subjects. Some series are united even in the so-called "ABC" "ABC security", "Health ABC" "ABC of the rights of children", "ABC goodwill", "ABC of Reading."

In 2008, "Smeshariki" were awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation. The material of the size of the premium of five million rubles divided between the artistic director Anatoly Prokhorov, art director and producer Salvat Shayhinurovym Ilya Popov.

In the same year, "Smeshariki" shown in the United States. 104 cartoon series, adapted to the US release, aired the CW called «Gogoriki». Broadcaster CW decided therefore to support the ideological concept of the project "A world without violence." In Germany, "Smeshariki" acquired another name - «Kikoriki».

In May 2009, one of the Smeshariki suddenly found himself in space: the flight engineer of the spaceship "Soyuz TMA-15" Roman Romanenko took with him into orbit daughter donated stuffed toy in the form of Bibi.

 "Smeshariki" - the formula of the "round" of childhood

Catch phrase

By the number of aphorisms sent "Smeshariki" from the screen to the people, the animated series can compete with the classics of Russian cinematography like comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai.

The ten most hilarious "round" pearls were the following:

  • "Decent animal has nothing to hide behind the mask! "
  • "It's always: for someone ballast, and for someone to treasure! "
  • "Call me" boss "- will not go wrong! "
  • "Strange you harmony! If I met her, I would even say hello to her did not "
  • "Come on! And you will see a rabbit in the fighting action! "
  • "Gentlemen, first agreed to help, and then to ask! "
  • "It is proved that if you wash your hands, health, an unexpected fall there is no guarantee! "
  • "That can not be, because it is not interesting! "
  • "In matters of friendship size does not matter"
  • "But to live without the beauty does not. Does not work…"

Svetlana Usankova

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The sexual development of the child: that the "normal", and that - no

June 1st, 2012

  • The sexual development of the child: that the "normal", and that - no
  • Deviations

 sexual development of the child's rate of deviation
 We live in an age where sexual violence and child abuse - not a horror story from the newspapers, and the very real threat that we have to think more and more often. Therefore, parents (as well as teachers and other adults), it is important to understand what is "normal" in the sexual development and behavior of children and adolescents, and that could be a sign of perfect over the child sexual abuse, or evidence that he takes the sexual aggression toward other children.

In fact, sexual behavior and sexual natural game for children of all ages, both for kids who are just learning to walk, and for teenagers. In infants and toddlers sexual behavior manifests itself in the attention to the sensations of the body needs to embrace and touch, as well as games with toys.


Age threshold of sexual development

Already at a very early age, children are touched and rubbed his genitals, and even the boys have an erection Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man  Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man
 . The first class (five to seven years) children are interested in body parts and their functions. At this age begin sexual games, the child forms an idea of ​​the love and affection that gradually transforms into sexual behavior. Children also have questions on topics related to sex ("where babies come from?"). Interest in the topic is exacerbated in 8-9 years.

Children dopubertatnogo age (10-12 years) are more focused on social relations, they begin to feel conscious sexual feelings and impulses. Children touch their genitals, caress and stimulate them through childhood, but during this period masturbation becomes conscious character.

At this time lays the basic models and schemes of sexual behavior that will emerge during puberty and later (at the age of 12-13 years of age and older).

During puberty, your child has a rapid physical development, there are secondary sexual characteristics. The girls begin to menstruate and boys are more likely to masturbate. The older and older the child becomes, the more he is interested in romance, intimacy, sex. This interest is fueled by physical sensations, emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
   and the expectations of society. At this time, teens tied first romantic relationship, begin to "meet" with the pleasant boy or a girl. Gradually, emotional intimacy becomes more intense, and often leads to sexual relations Sexual relations: how to bring passion  Sexual relations: how to bring passion
   (dreams of "subject", holding hand, innocent kisses, passionate kisses, caresses (petting), sex with penetration).

But it is important to distinguish between normal sexual behavior, age-appropriate child and abnormal sexual behavior. Many children from infancy peculiar sexual behavior and an increased interest in sex, though they have not yet reached puberty. However, a normal (or expected) sexual behavior should not be outspoken and provocative. Normally, the child's interest in sex is a game or exploratory nature. The child is not fixated on sexual activity, do not show aggression towards others; his behavior does not cause harm to himself or other children.


Norm and deviation

Like the rest of the development, the sexual behavior of children change over time, and many manifestations of sexuality are normal for children the same age, are considered to be a deviation for older or younger children. On the other hand, some sexual symptoms should cause parents concern, regardless of the age of the child. They should not be ignored or regarded as child's play or a temporary phenomenon.

Other manifestations of sexual behavior are more serious and worthy of attention of adults, because they can be dangerous for the child and for others. But sometimes hard to understand, when sexual behavior is natural and normal, and when it indicates a problem or an abuse of sexual development.

Normal sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality  Nine ways to experience their sexuality
   in children and adolescents can also be a cause for concern when they are intrusive nature, signal a certain obsession with sexual activity or affect the other, without their consent.

Thus, the sexual development of children should be of concern in the event that suppresses the development of other areas (for example, instead of playing a child masturbating), and if sex game forced on a child (or a child). This is the boundary beyond which sex game turns into sexual abuse, and the child is formed aggressive sexual behavior.


Early sexual development of children

Children dopubertatnogo age, who witnessed the sexual acts or had sexual contact, often show no age-appropriate sexual behavior. Such children can participate in a variety of sexual activities, peculiar to the adult, or use sex to show their independence.

For deviations of sexual behavior may include overreliance sexual games, suggestive comments or gestures with sexual connotations, relationships with other children, as well as harassment and exploitation of other children.