Children under the age of twelve years: Eight Tips for parents

May 30, 2012

 education of children under the age of twelve tips for parents
 Being a father or mother of a child aged dopubertatnogo easy. During this period, the children of the charming kids turn into unruly monsters, and in today's world, more and more temptations and cause for concern. Parents of children aged eight to twelve years of useful practical advice on how to facilitate the transition of the child from childhood into adolescence.

 Children under the age of twelve years: Eight Tips for parents

Council №1. Monitor the use of computers and stay online

The Internet has its pros and cons .  But the strength of parents to protect the child from viewing Web sites that had nothing to do .  First, do not let your child keep a computer in his room .  Family computer or personal computer of the child should be in the main room of the house, for example, in the living room and the entrance to the system must be protected by a password known only to you and your husband .  In addition, set a time limit for the use of the computer for non-business (ie not for homework), for example, half an hour a day .  Do not rely on a filter program - it does not protect your child from harmful influences and dangerous personalities .  The surest way to ensure child safety on the Internet - this is strictly control the use of the computer, keep it in a visible place and to protect the input password .  Also, take the time to explain to your child that he is in any case should not meet people, whom he met on the Internet .

 Children under the age of twelve years: Eight Tips for parents

Council №2. Encourage friendly meeting in your home

For parents know friends son or daughter is just as important as knowing the child. If you allow your child to invite friends to your house, you have the opportunity to meet people who are in his circle of friends and have an influence on him. This familiarity can both suppress any concerns that arise in your child's communication with the company and help see potential problems before they occur. In addition, if friends are going to a son or daughter in your home, you can be sure that with him or her all right.

 Children under the age of twelve years: Eight Tips for parents

Council №3. Set reasonable limits

Children dopubertatnogo age should be able to go to bed a little later than before, but some restrictions are necessary. We recommend to remove terms return home and bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   forward one hour - enough for a child at this age. For example, if the first child went to bed at nine in the evening, you can not allow him to sleep till ten, and he must return home no later than nine. The older the child, the closer he is to the transition to adulthood Transitional age - the period of emotional turmoil  Transitional age - the period of emotional turmoil
 , The less value it has for bedtime. Nevertheless, we recommend to leave ten o'clock as the time to hang up until the child is fourteen or fifteen years.

 Children under the age of twelve years: Eight Tips for parents

Council №4. Refer all child chores

If the child has not yet started to help around the house, it's time to teach him to do so and give him a weekly responsibilities around the house .  One or two simple duties that must be performed every day - it's not too much for a child of eleven or twelve .  For example, you can instruct the child twice a week to clean the sink in the bathroom and toilet, as well as taking out the trash when it is filled with trash .  Pets require a lot of care and you can teach a child to walk the dog or clean the cat .  Household care help to develop a child's understanding of responsibility and work ethic, but for you it is an opportunity to transfer some of the housework .  Print a list of the works on the house indicating who have to use them, and stick it on the refrigerator or other prominent place .  So the child is not an excuse that he "forgot" or "did not know" what to do and when, and you will be able to lightly strike the case out of the list made .

 Children under the age of twelve years: Eight Tips for parents

Council №5. Give the child the money for personal needs

For conscientious performance of housework betray the child a small amount of pocket money .  This amount is intended solely for the personal use of the child, and not to buy food, stationery and other necessities .  This "salary" motivates the child's quality and timely fulfill its responsibilities at home and gives you the opportunity to learn to know the price of money .  Many children and adolescents do not know the value of money, so they foolishly spend what often later regret .  However, these "financial mistakes," teach them the value of money and avoid spending more serious in the future .  If the child is not in whole or in bad faith performs the duties of the house, pay him 80% of the amount of weekly benefits laid .  Do this for as long as necessary .  If a child performs quality work at home every day for a month, encourage him prize of weekly payments .  Do not force your child to save money, but encourage thrift and the desire to plan for the future .

 Children under the age of twelve years: Eight Tips for parents

Council №6. Reward your child for success in school

Success in high school - a good indicator of success in further education and in life in general. Therefore, make sure that your child is prepared for the lessons and do your homework. Optionally, full control of the learning process and to delve into all the details, but success in the field of education should be encouraged. It is necessary for the child's development and may help him in the choice of future profession and to prepare for it. Do not try to plan the future of the child, just try to make him understand how important it is to get a good education.

 Children under the age of twelve years: Eight Tips for parents

Council №7. Punish when necessary

You can be a loving father or a mother and at the same time punish the child when necessary. At this age, children often provoke parents, testing their authority and violating the boundaries of what is permitted, to ensure their availability. Do not give a child, of course, if your demands are reasonable and consistent with age. Ensure that any punishment to fit the crime, and be sure to discuss with your child, for which he was punished and what his offense. There is nothing pleasant to punish the child, but sometimes it is unavoidable and necessary for the child.

 Children under the age of twelve years: Eight Tips for parents

Council №8. Spend more time with your child

Children at this age spend much time with your friends, at school, in various clubs, groups and sections. Whatever it was, try to spend more time with his son or daughter, and use them to gradually accustom the child to adulthood, until it is done by outsiders. For example, you could read along the popular youth novel, and then discuss it. Another option - ask your child to teach you a hobby or a sport that he is engaged. It is important that during this time you treat a child as an equal, that he saw: you know that he grows and changes, and see in it a personality. This will help prevent problems in the future, when the child enters the awkward age - young people often behave provocatively and break the rules only in order to demonstrate their "maturity."

Educating tomorrow's teenager is not easy. But we hope that the above tips will help you ease the maturing of the child and prevent problems in the future.

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