Sudamen in newborns - watch diapers

May 9, 2010

 sudamen newborns
 The skin of a newborn baby vulnerable to infection, so any inflammation and skin rashes are dangerous to his life because of the possibility of joining the infection. The skin of a newborn baby requires special care - it teaches that a pediatrician mom just been discharged from the hospital.

 Sudamen in newborns - watch diapers

Features of the skin of a newborn baby

Newborn is a child from birth to the age of four weeks. The main features of this period is that the newborn child is moving from fetal to adult living conditions.

The skin of a newborn baby is characterized by a thin epithelium with poorly developed horny (surface, protective, able to exfoliate dead skin cells) layer, it is slightly swollen and reddened, covered syrovidnoy grease.

Sweat glands and ducts are poorly developed, limited perspiration and inadequate vascular responses (when an adult hot, blood vessels dilate, giving heat and when it is cold - narrowed, keeping the heat) cause skin imperfections teploreguliruyuschih functions. The sebaceous glands are functioning well since birth.

The skin of a newborn baby is easily vulnerable, but has good resilience and heals quickly with different injuries. The protective function of the skin is reduced, so it often serves as a gateway for infection.

 Sudamen in newborns - watch diapers

As shown

Sudamen appears on the skin of a newborn child when overheating. At this point, the body tries to get rid of the baby's excess heat by removing it from then. Sweat glands begin producing sweat ducts but still so imperfect that can not cope with the task of removing his sweat accumulates in the mouths of the sweat glands by irritating the surrounding skin.

Sudamen is manifested in the form of pinkish-red skin rash over the speakers on top of which sometimes form small bubbles with clear content. Bubbles dry quickly and become brown.

Sudamen usually begins in the natural folds (in the neck, armpits, groin and gluteal folds), and then moves to the chest, abdomen, back and buttocks. In a state of neglect can cover the entire body of the newborn.

Prickly heat child responds to different and sometimes it does not suffer from the condition, it is feeding normally asleep and not too worried. But in some cases, the child becomes restless, eat less and often cries.

 Sudamen in newborns - watch diapers

What is the danger prickly heat

Sudamen itself is not dangerous, and subject to all the rules of care for a newborn Newborn care: ten reasons for concern (which you should not worry  Newborn care: ten reasons for concern (which you should not worry
   quickly. But it is always necessary to remember that the skin of a newborn baby is vulnerable to a variety of micro-organisms around us, many of which are opportunistic. These bacteria always live on the skin of adults without causing disease, as the body of an adult thanks to the protective properties of the skin (immunity) does not allow them to fall into the skin. A newborn baby immunity Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults  Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults
   It has not yet formed and the skin (especially inflammation) vulnerable to opportunistic pathogens. This is primarily different types of staphylococci, which penetrate into the skin of the child, causing the appearance of pustules. Pustular rash on the body The rash on the body: the conclusions only after consultation with a doctor  The rash on the body: the conclusions only after consultation with a doctor
   newborn baby - this is very dangerous, because the pus with blood can get to any internal organ.

 Sudamen in newborns - watch diapers

How to cope with prickly heat in the newborn

When the prickly heat in the newborn should:

  • adjust the temperature in the baby's room (not above 25 ° C), regularly ventilate the room, bringing out the child;
  • to find the right "breathable" diaper with cotton inner base; diapers should not be small or large, it should correspond to the weight of the child;
  • no need to tightly swaddled newborn, enough to put him two undershirts (thin and flannel), one with wired sleeves, and then swaddle him below the belt in two diapers (also thin and flannel), securing the lower edges of the diaper at the waist of the child and, thus making a special bag that the child can move his feet;
  • monitor the timely change diapers: hit on irritated skin stool strengthen skin irritation; after defecation child should undercut lukewarm water without soap, thoroughly dry the skin with a soft dry diaper and give the baby to lie uncovered for five minutes;
  • folds and other places on the skin, covered with prickly heat, can be treated with baby powder, it is better if it will be just talcum powder, no impurities, as each new component can cause allergies;
  • bathe in prickly heat Sudamen - a protective reaction of the organism  Sudamen - a protective reaction of the organism
   stands twice a day, can be simply boiled in water a day into the water can be added potassium permanganate, making a slightly pink solution; more frequent bathing with potassium permanganate will dry the skin and make it more accessible to the infection; bathing in herbal infusions (succession, chamomile and others) - is, of course, is good, but only when the child is not allergic to them, or also added an allergic rash.

Rules of preparation of potassium permanganate: in a small vial to make a concentrated solution of potassium permanganate brown, wait until the crystals dissolve and gently (so as not to put the rest on the bottom of the vial crystals), add brown solution in the tub with water for bathing, making slightly pink solution.

If you see that the baby's skin on the surface of red knots were white heads pustules, then you should immediately call a doctor - a state already requires a different approach and treatment.

Galina Romanenko

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Disposable diapers: long live the scientific and technical progress!

July 8, 2011

 Disposable diapers: long live the scientific and technical progress!
 Modern woman preparing to become a mother, the first thing that puts it in a bag that collects the child in the maternity ward - the package of disposable diapers. Indeed, without these children rarely stuff costs, although they were not so long ago - in the middle of the last century, and was invented by the grandfather to facilitate their fate to care for grandchildren.

 Disposable diapers: long live the scientific and technical progress!

Before disposable diapers

Mother always tried to ease the work of caring for the child. There were special cradle with a hole to drain in the right place, were podguzki, linings, which were laid between the child's legs and throws or erased once they - small pieces of tissue, but not the main diaper. Our mothers laugh, remembering the rubber pants that put children on top of the ordinary, so as not to spoil warm pants. Attempts to prevent unnecessary leakage and reduce the number of soiled children's clothes have always been. Only grandfather, who worked in a large company direct sales, developing new personal care products, was able to make a breakthrough in this direction. Experimental models with great pleasure he experienced on their grandchildren. And the most successful model was wearing the proud name of "Pampers".

 Disposable diapers: long live the scientific and technical progress!

Disposable diapers today

Today the choice of disposable nappies is great .  They differ not only on price but also on the properties, although all are made on the same principle: the adsorbent bed by the child covered with a cloth, which has the ability to pass moisture in one direction, causing the baby's skin remains dry .  Diapers vary in size, which is chosen depending on the weight of the child, the diaper manufactured in Europe more elongated, and in Asia - shorter due to anatomical race .  Fasten diapers using Velcro, some models are longer, which allows you to adjust the width of the diaper .  You can find the division of diapers on the floor, in which case a different arrangement of absorbent material - boys more in the front, and the girls in the middle, may be slightly different cut .  Locations clasping legs comprise gum is better if they are in several layers - this allows to reliably fix the diaper, but not to compress the baby's skin .

 Disposable diapers: long live the scientific and technical progress!

Features children

Moms who are for the education of children without diapers, have a right to a child grow up healthy and without them, a mother will have more and longer erase things baby. Disposable diapers make life easier for the mother - significantly reducing the number of things to wash out of the house a peculiar odor due to the constant drying diapers, mum some free time she can spend with the child.

When properly selected diapers and correct them using the risk of diaper rash and chafing of the child is much less than on the content in diapers.

In diapers there is no greenhouse effect, supposedly dangerous for the boys.

Undoubtedly, if the child is found without diapers, he had mastered the use of pot - according to statistics, the majority of these children for the year is already well use it.

If the child spends most of the time of the day in disposable diapers, this skill will develop later - to two years, or even two and a half - it will depend on how early mother attended to the matter. There are special panties, diapers to accustom the child to the pot. Their peculiarity is that they do not fully absorb moisture, and the child during urination there is a feeling of discomfort, which he will try to escape.

Thus, the use of disposable diapers - it is not mandatory, and the baby will grow fine without them. However, their use does not pose any danger, all the reflexes formed, but a little later than usual.

Svetlana Shimkovich

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