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October 27, 2013

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Selecting playpen

Of great importance are the size of the arena. The spacious arena, the more it space for active movement, and that this is best for the child's playpen. But in a small room such arena could simply not fit, so little space created compact cots. Compact playpens are often collapsible, easy to carry with you from one room to another.

Also important is the height of the arena, which can range from seventy centimeters to one meter and twenty centimeters. Low model the least practical - they are only suitable for very young children and are not safe for the yearlings, which may outweigh over the edge and fall out of the arena. Therefore it is always better to choose high playpens.

One of the most important qualities of the arena is its safety. You should select a model with no sharp corners with soft bumpers and solid, but resilient flooring. The walls of the modern arenas are made of thick nylon mesh through which it is impossible to stick fingers. As a rule, playpens are equipped with soft rubber rings, which are convenient for grabbing the kids who are just learning to stand up and walk. For these very small rings are hung toys.


Wooden playpens

Riding wood familiar, perhaps, to everyone. They are environmentally friendly and durable. Since these playpens are quite heavy, they are almost impossible to overturn, but transporting them can be difficult. Wooden models can disassemble and assemble, but Folding wooden playpens do not normally do.

When buying wooden playpen should check that its surface is completely smooth. Arena serrated, chips and cracks may not be safe for the baby.


Inflatable playpen

These models are very easy to store and carry - in deflated as they are placed in a small bag. Inflatable playpen attract kids bright colors and transparent walls, through which you can see my mother.

Since inflatable arenas usually have a low wall, they are not suitable for grown children older than one year. In addition, learn to stand in these arenas is not easy - elastic bottom is more suitable for jumping.


Folding cots

The most common variety of arenas - a folding playpen mesh. This arena is easily expanded if necessary, and when folded it takes up very little space. Folded arena may well be stored behind a cupboard or under the bed, in addition, it is easy to carry from room to room and then transported out of the apartment in an apartment, if the need arises.

A method of folding may vary arena. In some arenas, you can detach from the bottom of the uprights after brow upper frame is lowered to the bottom. As a result, the arena is almost completely flat, but the size of the top and the bottom remains the same. This method of addition is called the horizontal or flat. Another type of collapsible arena - arena-book. In this case, the upper frame and the bottom half folded - Folded playpen is obtained not as flat as the first variant, but more compact. Manege-book is easy to fold with one hand, it requires almost no effort. What type of addition you choose depends on where you intend to keep riding.

Classic playpens have a round, rectangular or square shape, they allow both options adding. If the room is small place, comfortable corner will arena, which has the shape of a quarter circle. This arena is set in the corner and takes a very small area. But because of the design features angular playpens are added only horizontally.



Bed-arena is a cot with high mesh bumpers. At night, it is a device used for sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 And in the afternoon it is possible to play, as in a conventional arena. Use a bed can be from birth to two to four years.

Folding bed-riding quite compact when folded and can carry with them, for example, to the country or to visit. Beds, playpens, as a rule, are equipped with wheels for easy moving of the arena from room to room and special arcs rocking, which are very useful for rocking the baby. When the baby is awake, removed under the bottom of the arc. The side walls of the bed-arenas often has a special hole to the grown up kid could get inside yourself. Sometimes these are equipped with cots and other useful "stuff", for example, changing board, pockets on the walls, mosquito nets or tents.

Moreover, the "advanced" bed-cots can calm the child without the help of parents onboard computer responds to the crying baby, and then turn on vibrate for rocking the baby. Soft lighting and a quiet lullaby Lullabies: universal hypnotic  Lullabies: universal hypnotic
   help the crumbs to calm down and fall asleep. Some beds may even lose the child record voices of his parents. Managing such complex beds Manege can be remotely using the remote. Of course, such devices are quite expensive.


Proper use of the arena

To the arena did not waste of money and would bring only joy and not a problem, you need to use them correctly. There are a few simple rules for the selection and use of arenas:

  • When selecting the arena you need to pay attention to its stability: if the arena is swinging better to abandon the purchase;
  • The diameter of the mesh of the arena should not exceed half a centimeter;
  • Grid arena should be white, semi-transparent or pastel shades. Dark colors and bright patterns on the grid - a serious burden to the eyes kid;
  • The distance between the beams of the arena should not be less than five or more than seven centimeters;
  • You should not put in too much riding toys, climbing up on that kid can get out of the arena;
  • Modern hygienic playpens are made of washable materials. It is advisable to wipe the surface of the arena every day, not forgetting the grid on which the dust settles.

Maria Bykov

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Colic in infants - how to help your child? - Help

April 1, 2010

  • Colic in infants - how to help your child?
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Features neonatal period

Newborn is a child from birth to the age of four weeks. The main feature of the neonatal period is that all the organs and systems of a child moving from fetal to adult living conditions, which means that their work is completely changing. Changes and the work of the gastrointestinal tract. The salivary glands are not working almost newborn, motor and secretory functions of the stomach developed satisfactorily. Gastric juice contains hydrochloric acid labferment (rennet, which provides curdling milk), pepsin (an enzyme that cleaves proteins) and lipase (breaks down fats). Pepsin activity is low, the main enzyme of gastric juice is labferment.

During the first 10-20 hours of extrauterine life intestine child does not contain bacteria, then it appears E. coli, acidophilic bacteria, staphylococci, streptococci, and so on. The normal bacterial flora of the intestine is formed gradually and promotes proper digestion, the formation of B vitamins B vitamins: the body useful helpers  B vitamins: the body useful helpers
   and vitamin K. In the first hours of life of the newborn released meconium (feces original), he is sterile. Then breastfeeding bowel movement occurs 2-3 hours after feeding.

 Help | Colic in infants - how to help your child?

What is colic and why they occur

Colic - a pain in the gut. They usually occur from the third week of life and continues until three or four months. During a colic baby is restless, cries, presses the leg to his stomach, refusing to eat or, on the contrary, wants to nurse constantly, but a cry interrupts the sucking, swallowing air at the same time.

Causes of colic:

  • imperfection of the gastrointestinal tract of the child: not enough enzymes to digest the food, the lack of the normal intestinal flora which helps digest food; the third week of life, these phenomena occur because the baby needs more milk, and the gastrointestinal tract can not cope with this load, the splitting of the milk, a large amount of gases; after three months is the formation of the normal intestinal microflora and colic pass;
  • swallowing air during feeding - a very common phenomenon, most often it manifests itself in premature and injured during birth of children with disorders of the nervous system: the child often interrupts sucking cry, swallowing with the air;
  • improper maternal nutrition: fat fried meat, fresh milk, legumes, plenty of fruits and thermally unprocessed vegetables, sweets and rich foods can cause colic in children.

 Help | Colic in infants - how to help your child?

How to help the newborn

Help for colic depends on the underlying cause, which caused them. But most of the causes of colic are mixed, causing increasing abdominal distension Bloating - if you are bursting inside  Bloating - if you are bursting inside
   the child. Therefore, if a child has colic, you should gradually make:

  • attach the folded diaper heated to tummy; diapers need to warm the two: one is on his tummy and the other basking in the kettle or the battery (remember only that the skin newborn easily infected, so the best diaper bag to heat in a clean or wrapped in another diaper);
  • put the child on the left side, bend the legs and put it into the anus the vapor pipe; if no special venting tube, it can be done easily from the nursery syringe (klizmochki), cut with the tip of her (only necessary with the top of the cartridge to a short tube does not slip into the rectum).

After feeding the baby Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice
   be sure to keep upright "column", supporting the head, with better pacing; This procedure can end only after a child with sound otrygnet air, sometimes it takes less than a minute, and sometimes 15-20 minutes.

Between feedings can be given to the child prepared in the pharmacy dill water (her own newborn is better not to cook) or Plantex (a special powder, prepared on the basis of fennel seeds Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices  Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices
 Solution of it prepare yourself in accordance with the instructions). These drugs absorb gases and activate the gastrointestinal tract.

When colic in the child's mother should pay attention to your diet: After a meal the child appear or amplify colic and eliminate it from your diet. Sweet milk is better replaced by milk products, meat should be lean (beef or chicken), vegetables - thermally processed fruit - a small amount. Completely should be excluded sweets and pastries.

If, despite your best efforts, cramps do not go, you need to see a doctor, perhaps to help a child, he would appoint a special reception antifoam preparation Espumizan, enzymes and probiotics (drugs that contain bacteria - representatives of normal intestinal microflora).

Galina Romanenko

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