Validol - contraindications are few

November 4, 2012

 validol contraindications
 Validol really has very few contraindications. Successful chemical formula of the drug was invented in the late 19th century in Germany, but today validol takes basic position as the heart and calming medication.

 Validol - contraindications are few

Can validol give side effects

Action validol due to the reflex stimulation of cold receptors of the oral cavity. This stimulation leads to secretion in the hypothalamus (a brain region responsible for the work of the endocrine system) and the pituitary gland (the main endocrine glands, also located in the brain), the biologically active substances of endorphins and enkephalins, which are also called endogenous (formed in the human body), opiates . These substances contribute to the expansion of blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, have a sedative (soothing) properties and cause a feeling of euphoria - causeless joy, enhancing the mood of the patient.

In addition, produced and other biologically active substances - kinins that also relaxes the walls of blood vessels, smooth muscles of internal organs and stimulate the endocrine glands - salivary, lacrimal, gastric mucosa.

Like any other drug, validol Validol - old, but reliable  Validol - old, but reliable
   may produce side effects such as allergic reactions. Allergies to Validolum rare, however, impossible to eliminate this reaction.

An allergic reaction to validol most often in the form of itchy skin rash, hives (maculopapular, rising in his eyes and merging rash) and angioedema (swelling of subcutaneous fat, rolling in the throat and cause choking).

Another side effect could be a reduction in blood pressure (BP). But this happens very rarely and only in people who are prone to sudden changes in blood pressure, such as vegetative-vascular dystonia. Typically in such cases the patients concerned dizziness.

Finally, the reception is sometimes validol increased lacrimation, salivation, nausea and vomiting, as a reflex stimulates the exocrine glands - salivary and stomach. These phenomena do not require any help and pass on their own.

 Validol - contraindications are few

In some cases, you can not assign validol

Validol can not appoint an individual hypersensitivity to the drug or one of its components. It is believed that the composition include peppermint validol Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness  Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness
   peppermint and valerian root. But this is not the case: depending on the manufacturer, as part of validol can be a significant amount of impurities in some preparations of their number reaches thirty.

Furthermore, today Validolum manufactured as a drug based on natural raw materials and synthetic chemical similar to natural. It can also extend the capabilities of its range of individual intolerance.

Do not appoint validol at constant low blood pressure or vegetative-vascular dystonia, when the blood pressure tends to a rapid increase and decrease. Of course, the drug in this case does not cause any serious consequences, but it can cause headaches and dizziness.

Finally, tablets validol as auxiliary substances often present a simple sugar that is a contraindication for appointment diabetics. Such patients need to appoint validol dosage forms that do not contain sugar.

Do not appoint validol under the age of two years. Precautions This medication should be taken during pregnancy and nursing Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice

 Validol - contraindications are few

What else do you need to consider when taking validol

Validol is more sedating than the vasodilator. Therefore, it should not be used in emergency cases, strokes - this can lead to partial necrosis (necrosis) of the heart muscle is not received in time the oxygen that is a myocardial infarction.

To relieve angina attacks Angina - oxygen deficiency  Angina - oxygen deficiency
   today recommended to take nitroglycerin - it instantly (usually no more than a minute) removes the attack. Nitroglycerin is often taken together with validol - it allows you to reduce or to stop the headaches caused by nitroglycerin, and increase (potentiate) the therapeutic effect of the latter.

 Validol - contraindications are few

How to take validol

Validol available in tablets of 60 mg, in the capsules of 50 mg and 100 and the liquid in the form of droplets of 5 ml per vial. Take validol one - two tablets or capsules under the tongue and held there until complete resorption. Validol liquid drip on a piece of sugar 3-6 drops (3 drops contain 60 mg of active principle) and also resolves under the tongue.

Side effects validol (except allergic reactions) are not the reason for the cancellation of this drug, it is usually after some time go by yourself. Suspicion is an allergic reaction requires immediate cancellation validol.

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Crushing chest pain - whether it is linked with heart disease?

March 3, 2012

 Pressing pain in the chest
 Pressing pain in the chest Chest pain is one symptom - a lot of diseases  Chest pain is one symptom - a lot of diseases
   It may be a sign of serious heart disease such as myocarditis. The same pain can occur when cardioneurosis - central nervous system disorders related to stress and emotional stress. Treatment of these diseases are completely different.

 Crushing chest pain - whether it is linked with heart disease?

Pressing pain in the chest caused by myocarditis

Myocardium - is the heart muscle, called myocarditis, an inflammation of the myocardium. The occurrence of myocarditis can be caused by different reasons. The main importance are infections, toxic effects and changes in the immunoreactivity of the organism. The most common infectious myocarditis are allergic nature. Developing myocarditis, and when exposed to various toxic substances (e.g., carbon tetrachloride), after administration of medicaments and serums effects of high doses of ionizing radiation.

One of the most common complaints of patients with myocarditis of any origin - pain in the heart. They may wear different character, sometimes heart pain resemble the pain of angina, there are some sharp piercing and cutting in nature, but can not be removed by nitroglycerine. In other cases, patients concerned about the constant pressing and nagging pain in the heart, which can be replaced by more intense pain. Attacks of pain can be repeated many times a day.

In addition to pain in the heart myocarditis may appear shortness of breath (approximately half of the patients), feeling disruptions heart sinking heart, heartbeat. Almost always myocarditis accompanied by general weakness, fatigue, lack of full strength. Often, a little fever.

Diagnosis of myocarditis is largely connected with the right to ask the patient, as myocarditis often occur within two to four weeks after a viral or bacterial infections (flu, sore throat, etc.). For the diagnosis of the patients underwent an electrocardiogram (changes may be very different), echocardiography (reflects the presence of myocardial damage without specifying its nature), X-rays of the heart (marked increase in the shadow of the heart), laboratory tests (identify active inflammation).

Treatment of myocarditis depends on its cause. When myocarditis of any nature shall be appointed bed rest. Prescribe anti-inflammatory and desensitizing (reduces allergic disposition of the body) treatments. If the nature of the bacterial myocarditis, the prescribed antibiotics.

 Crushing chest pain - whether it is linked with heart disease?

Pressing pain in the chest caused by cardioneurosis

Cardioneurosis is a condition that occurs in violation of the central nervous system. Manifested cardioneurosis each patient differently, but the examination is usually not detected any changes in the heart.

However, patients experiencing cardioneurosis sometimes very severe suffering, they can appear heartbeat, feeling a sinking heart, the pain of a different nature. Pain in the heart at cardioneurosis often mimic the pain of angina, ie there are sharp stitching, smack in the left arm and shoulder blade. But they differ from anginal pain that can last longer, are not removed by nitroglycerine and lead to the development of myocardial infarction. On the contrary, such a good shot of pain sedatives, relieve mental stress and stress and establish the correct mode of the day.

Pain in cardioneurosis can wear and constant oppressive nature of that further enhances the state of neurosis Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock  Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock
 As patients are confident that suffer severe heart disease. All of these symptoms usually appear in the background of a general anxiety, a sense of fatigue even at low physical activity (which is very similar to the symptoms of myocarditis), the emergence of "a lump in the throat", it is impossible to breathe the air in deeply. Such patients are often well swallow solid food, while liquid and semi-liquid makes them muscle spasm of the esophagus. They often suffer from headaches, dizziness, fainting, feeling tide of blood to the head, excessive sweating, insomnia.

All the symptoms of the disease is enhanced by stress, lack of sleep, any abuse of psychoactive substances (strong tea, coffee, smoking, alcohol, drugs - stimulants), and so on.

Before treatment, the patient is required to cardioneurosis conducted a comprehensive survey in order to avoid heart disease. After that, the patient explained the essence of the disease, that is what the disease really is, but not the heart, and nervous system disease manifestations which are very similar to symptoms of heart disease.

Will such a patient a healthy lifestyle, with the exception of stress, sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   not less than eight hours a night, frequent exposure to fresh air and moderate physical activity. Of drugs prescribed sedatives, better plant origin (extracts of valerian, Leonurus, and so on). If herbal medicines do not help, your doctor may prescribe courses more effective sedatives - tranquilizers day and night.

Pressing pain in the heart Pain in the heart - always consult a doctor  Pain in the heart - always consult a doctor
   subject to mandatory inspection.

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