Artificial birth or abortion in the later stages - Methods

February 10, 2011

  • Artificial birth or abortion in the later stages
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Implementation of artificial birth

Termination of pregnancy is divided, depending on the term of the early (before 12 weeks) or later. Artificial birth - is a method of abortion in late pregnancy (20-27 weeks) by provoking preterm delivery. Conducted artificial birth on social and medical indications. Previously, the list of social indications included thirteen points, but considering the ethical side of the issue (after 20 weeks the fetus is viable and almost formed), it is reduced to three:

  • pregnancy was the result of rape;
  • the death of her husband during pregnancy;
  • deprivation of parental rights.

Medical indications for abortion in the later stages are quite extensive:

  • fetal abnormalities incompatible with life;
  • mutations at the gene level;
  • threat to the mother's life (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, severe central nervous system disorders and others);
  • intrauterine fetal death.

 Methods | Artificial birth or abortion in the later stages

The methods of artificial birth

Abortion after 20 weeks developed many techniques. In each case, the choice of method of artificial birth is made on an individual basis, taking into account the contraindications, allergies and condition of the woman:

  • reception prostaglandins;
  • mifepristone;
  • saline abortion;
  • "Small" cesarean section.

 Methods | Artificial birth or abortion in the later stages

Saline Abortion

Saline abortion or "filling" - the most affordable, long and painful method of abortion. Its essence is to puncture the amniotic sac long thick needle and suction of amniotic fluid volume of about 200 ml. In its place, into the amniotic cavity is entered 200-300 ml of hypertonic (20%) sodium chloride solution. Within one or two days the fetus dies and start fights.

If labor has not begun, the fight excite intravenous administration of oxytocin or prostaglandins. As a result, saline abortion, the fetus dies very slowly and painfully. As a result, finding it in a concentrated solution of salt, he gets a full-body chemical burns, choking, bleeding in the brain occurs. After removing the fruit of his body is as bright red as if scalded, with the lack of subcutaneous fat (due to dehydration).

 Methods | Artificial birth or abortion in the later stages

Admission prostaglandins

This is a fairly old method of abortion, and the same as the "fill" a long and painful. Prostaglandins promote the maturation of the cervix and cause uterine contractions.

 Methods | Artificial birth or abortion in the later stages


Mifepristone (Mifegin) is widely used for abortion in the early stages. Perhaps its use and artificial childbirth. 36-48 hours after administration of mifepristone additionally used prostaglandins (Mizopristol). This method is less dangerous and painful. Sometimes, after the 22nd week of possible birth of a live fetus, so spend his natal killing of the introduction of potassium chloride in the umbilical cord, which causes cardiac arrest.

 Methods | Artificial birth or abortion in the later stages

"Small" cesarean section

Operation "small" Caesarean section is performed for women who are contraindicated previous methods. Surgical abortion is performed under strict medical indications in combination with sterilization Sterilization - may be temporarily  Sterilization - may be temporarily
 . "Small" cesarean section may be abdominal and vaginal. Vaginal cesarean section is rarely used because of its technical complexity and the high risk of injuries of the pelvic organs.

 Methods | Artificial birth or abortion in the later stages

Survey for artificial birth

Before the termination of pregnancy a woman should undergo a full examination as to a large operation:

  • Consultation gynecologist and holding ultrasound;
  • general blood Blood tests: a mirror of health  Blood tests: a mirror of health
   and urine;
  • blood chemistry;
  • the blood of HIV, syphilis Syphilis - punishment of Venus  Syphilis - punishment of Venus
   and hepatitis Hepatitis - the scourge of our time  Hepatitis - the scourge of our time
  • blood group and Rh factor;
  • smears on flora;
  • chest X-ray;
  • ECG;
  • medical consultation.

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What are the best condoms: trust but verify - How to choose

May 22, 2011

  • What are the best condoms: trust but verify
  • How to choose

How are condoms from each other

Today, condoms are manufactured from a thin and durable latex, which allows for the necessary protection while maintaining high sensitivity. And yet, condoms differ by several criteria, it is the shape and texture, the presence or absence of lubrication, size, durability, shelf life. There are condoms of different colors, glowing in the dark, samonadevayuschiesya. But the most important difference - this quality.

Condoms can be of conventional elongate shape, and can be - an anatomical conforming to the shape of the penis. In texture they are smooth and textured, which has a smooth surface on all sorts of convexity ribs, round elevations of different sizes, and so on (they are called "features").

Some condoms absolutely no lubrication (they are suitable for people prone to allergic reactions), in the other it is a standard (for example, silicone oil), the third of lubricant twice a quarter present flavored lubricant (usually a perfume or fruity-berry smell) on Fifth - spermicidal (kills sperm and violates their motor skills), in the sixth - the lubricant that prolongs the sexual act (in which there are substances that inhibit ejaculation, but not crush the other components of sexual intercourse).

Available condoms more durable, reliable and ultra-thin, providing increased sensitivity, glow in the dark (with phosphorescent properties) and special rubber band, which allows them to put on, just attach to the head of the penis.

Dimensions of condoms also are different. Thus, condoms, issued in Europe typically have three dimensions (49 mm, 52 mm and 56 mm) in the United States produced a larger number of dimensions (49 mm, 51 mm, 54 mm and 57 mm), and they are expressed in inches (1 inch 2, 54 mm). Asian countries produce lower-quality condoms, and this is often reflected in their size: larger Chinese condoms because of poor latex corresponds to the smaller size of European or American condoms.

Finally, condoms are different from each other in the storage period, it could be from two to five years. Like any rubber products, condoms should be stored in a cool dry place they deteriorate by heat, sunlight, contact with substances which react with the latex (e.g., different oils).


How to choose a condom

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the product. How to define it? It is necessary to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • starting with the package - it should be sealed with industrial way so that upon opening it can not be re-sealed; on the outside (covering the packaging film) and the inner side of the package have to be marked with the lot number and expiration date, as well as a bar code, by which you can determine the country of origin (packing without barcode is better not to buy);
  • You can check the condom itself: when viewed against the light it should be the same thickness and color, without deformation or stains; unpleasant smell condom speaks about his poor quality.

Acquire best condoms in the pharmacy, where they are usually better quality and properly stored. Which company prefer? Better condoms European, American and Japanese production, is almost behind them, the quality of condoms in Malaysia. Often low-quality condoms are Indian, Chinese production and the production of other Asian countries. Less high-quality condoms and Polish.

Unreliability of condoms with different additional parts (for example, with a mustache - they often just break), made of genuine leather and natural membranes (such as animal intestines - they do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases).

Reliable condom should not be torn and sliding. Do not slide usually anatomically shaped condom and do not break condoms better known companies.


Stamps condoms

The main brands that produce high-quality condoms, which can be found on sale in our country, it Sico (Germany), VIZIT (Germany), Durex (global brand), Masculan (Germany), Life Styles (global brand), Innotex (France) , Reflex (Russia). However, many of these brands of condoms manufactured in Asian countries, but not in those that are listed on their packaging. The packaging of this fact is not always indicated. Today, Russian are available and high-quality condoms - Reflex Platinum (they are sterile, unlike other types of condoms) and Magnum (6 kinds of condoms with different properties).

Less than high quality brand condoms - Intimity (Vietnam), Desire (India), TwinLotus (China) and some other brands, produced in Asian countries.

Condom - a reliable barrier means to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases Sexually transmitted diseases - an unpleasant gift of the goddess of love  Sexually transmitted diseases - an unpleasant gift of the goddess of love

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