Navel piercing - the consequences may not be good news

September 2, 2013

  • Navel piercing - the consequences may not be good news
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 navel piercing consequences
 In most cases, a navel piercing heals without causing any problems, but some people have the dream of decorating the navel leads to undesirable consequences. Navel piercing heals in general much longer than, for example, pierced ears. So it is necessary to think carefully before you go to the piercing parlor. Navel piercing - the consequences will be for you if justified by the results?


How dangerous navel piercing

The most common problems associated with belly button piercing:

  • Skin infections;
  • Systemic infection, affecting the entire body - sometimes they can be dangerous to human life;
  • Lacerations and other injury to the skin, which can lead to the formation of scar tissue;
  • Problems related to decorations, such as an allergy to metal. To avoid this, choose earrings for navel from safe materials, such as surgical steel, gold, platinum, niobium and titanium;
  • Damage to blood vessels and nerves - is a rare complication, which may encounter people who do have a navel piercing amateurs.

If in a piercing salon used non-sterile equipment, possibly infected with hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV. Sometimes the consequence of violations of sanitary norms becomes sepsis - blood poisoning, which in the absence of prompt medical care can lead to death.

Finally, the important problem is that the earring at the navel constantly clings to clothing rubs against the belt pants and skirts, and it slows down the recovery process of the skin. In the first few weeks after the piercing you have to wear loose-fitting clothing with a low belt to avoid damaging the fresh puncture.


How long is healing navel piercing

Piercing Healing time depends on the puncture site. Navel piercing - one of the most long-healing: his complete healing takes six months to a year and a half.


Care navel piercing

Most undesirable effects associated with navel piercing Navel piercing - only for the most distinguished  Navel piercing - only for the most distinguished
   It can be avoided if properly care for the punctured skin.

To stop the bleeding, apply to the skin a clean piece of gauze or other fabric, and firmly press down her arm.

To remove the swelling and reduce bruising in the area of ​​the puncture, apply cold compresses to the skin - it can be, for example, the packaging of frozen vegetables wrapped in a towel, or a tablespoon, the information you previously hold in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes. Do not apply directly to the skin of ice, since it may damage the upper layers together with the therein positioned blood vessels.

Wash the navel and the skin around it twice a day with warm water and soap. Do not apply creams and body oils to the puncture until it heals.

According to the research, antibiotic ointment does not have a positive effect on the healing piercing. If for any reason you are using them, apply them sparingly and not more than written instructions. When a skin rash, itching, or other signs of an allergic reaction, it is recommended to stop using the ointment.

Do not wear clothes that are tight to the navel, or cause friction in this area. In some cases, to avoid friction, can seal the puncture patch, but do not do it too often - for normal healing skin needs to breathe.

If the skin around the puncture blushed deeply and become hot to the touch, or there were other signs of infection, remove the belly button earring, and start to clean it with warm water and soap for three or four times a day. It is also possible to use disinfectants. Some experts recommend warm compresses to do - just apply to the navel a piece of cloth soaked in warm water every day for 15-20 minutes. If after 48 hours did not get better, or symptoms will quickly worsen, contact your doctor.

OTC medications that can be used to relieve the symptoms of infection:

  • Paracetamol;
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs): Ibuprofen Ibuprofen: anti-inflammatory drug  Ibuprofen: anti-inflammatory drug
 , Naproxen, aspirin, diclofenac Diclofenac - relieve inflammation and pain  Diclofenac - relieve inflammation and pain

Be careful when taking these drugs. Read the instructions carefully and do not exceed the recommended dose. If you are not sure whether you can take a particular medication (especially if you have previously had an allergic reaction to any medication), should consult a doctor.


Navel piercing - how to avoid problems

  • Get vaccinated against tetanus Vaccination against tetanus - the struggle with a terrible infection  Vaccination against tetanus - the struggle with a terrible infection
   before doing the piercing if you have over the last ten years has been tetanus.
  • Choose an experienced professional piercer. Find out where he was trained, what equipment to use and how to clean. Ideally, if someone you know has previously addressed this master, and was satisfied with his work. In any case, the master should use sterile equipment, disposable gloves and needles, as well as jewelry made of materials that do not cause rejection. Master must wear new gloves before you start working with the client, and after it, for example, on the phone or open the door - on their surfaces can be a lot of potentially dangerous microorganisms.
  • Check if you have a piercing salon that you have selected the license.
  • Trust your first impression if you are logged into the piercing area, and it seemed to you that there is dirty, then, most likely, and it is, consequently, in this salon you do nothing. In the room where do the piercing must be clean - it's a firm rule.
  • The first ornament that the master puts in the navel, in no case to be made of an alloy containing nickel - allergic to this metal is very common.

To protect other people from infection, be sure to tell the master, if you are sick with hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV - good master will not give up the work, but take extra precautions.

Botox injections: sacrifices for beauty

November 20, 2011

 Botox injections
 Save elusive beauty and stop the inevitable process of aging and the onset of wrinkles - the dream of almost every woman. Not surprisingly, the largest companies-representatives of beauty industry for decades struggling with the creation of "the elixir of eternal youth" - funds that would most effectively slows down the aging process. Of course, in the near future a miracle cure is unlikely to emerge, however, modern cosmetology offers women a variety of ways to keep longer inevitably leaving age beauty of the skin. One such spoobov - perhaps the most popular and sought - Botox injections.

 Botox injections: sacrifices for beauty

What is Botox?

About that, what do you want Botox injections, knows most of today - as Botox, a drug that helps in the fight against the first signs of skin aging Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions  Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions
 , Unwanted wrinkles appeared on the market for a long time. In fact, Botox - is the trade name of the particular drug botulinum toxin. The protein complex consisting of the neurotoxin and protein, botulinum toxin blocks neuromuscular activity.

Initially, botulinum toxin injections or Botox is not used for the rejuvenation and the treatment of certain specific diseases, "freeze" the muscles Botox has proved useful, for example, in alleviating the symptoms of various spasms, normalization of hyperhidrosis Hyperhidrosis - it is better to determine the cause  Hyperhidrosis - it is better to determine the cause
   (sweating). However, Botox has gained the greatest popularity at a time when there was in cosmetology as a means of combating early wrinkles.

 Botox injections: sacrifices for beauty

Botox injections: the effective "freezing"

Such a high popularity of Botox injections is explained, first of all, effective procedures - after a course of injections smooth out even the deepest wrinkles, and a number of side effects for most women, personally assess the significant results, remains a factor bearable. The action of botulinum toxin relaxes the muscles as a result of complex biochemical reactions: in fact, the drug blocks the peculiar relationship between the muscles, increased activity which leads to the formation of wrinkles, and motor nerves. As a result of the muscle beneath the skin, which resulted in the reduction of wrinkles, less exercise, and thus are smoothed and small, and even wrinkles formed muscular activity. The skin surface for a sufficiently long time is completely smooth and flat.

Botox injection procedure itself is quite simple: in the area of ​​the skin at the injection site pre-anesthetic is applied, providing obezboleivayuschee impact, and then using a fine needle into the muscle administered drug. The first results of the action Botox not appear immediately: a drug usually takes effect only after seven to fourteen days. The effect of Botox injections long enough, however, depends on the individual characteristics of the skin - in particular, the formation of new wrinkles and muscles return to normal activity may begin after two and eight months. However, as a rule, iektsii Botox - a procedure quite regularly: to consolidate the results of its actions Botox conducted every few months to ensure the absence of new wrinkles and maximum muscle relaxation.

 Botox injections: sacrifices for beauty

Botox injections: main shortcomings

Although at first glance it may seem that Botox - the very elixir of eternal youth, which tried unsuccessfully to create a work the most prominent representatives of the beauty industry, in fact, and this method of struggle against the first wrinkles are a number of significant drawbacks. In pervkuyu ​​all need to remember that Botox - not a panacea and all wrinkles to deliver, in principle, capable of: as a rule, Botox injections are not used for smoothing the skin in so-called difficult areas - around the mouth, the cheeks, the chin . To smooth out wrinkles in these areas, using other drugs.

Another drawback of Botox - the risk of certain side effects: Botox, contrary to popular belief, does not affect facial expressions, but with the introduction of an overdose of the drug can be observed characteristic wrinkles on the bridge of the nose, drooping corners of the mouth or a century, a small asymmetry of the facial features.

Tatiana Smirnova

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