Removal of moles - a deadly process?

June 8, 2008

  • Removal of moles - a deadly process?
  • Methods

 Mole removal
 Typically, the mole is any dark spot or bumps on the skin. However, in reality, not every spot on the skin - a birthmark. Moles or nevi, for various reasons, often have to be removed.

 Removal of moles - a deadly process?

There are two surgical method of removing moles:

  • excision (cutting), followed by suturing
  • excision with cauterisation (mole burned with the help of a special device)

Removal of moles laser is also sometimes used, but this method is not always suitable due to the fact that the laser light does not penetrate deep enough. Excision can be done with or without the imposition of stitches, depending on the depth of the mole and the desired cosmetic effect.

In addition to the moles, the following types of spots on the skin:

birthmark Birth injuries - than they threaten your child?  Birth injuries - than they threaten your child?
   (congenital nevi)
excessive accumulation of blood vessels (hemangioma)
keratoses (benign or precancerous growths, which usually appear after the age of thirty)

 Removal of moles - a deadly process?

Which leads to the appearance of moles

  • Some people are born with moles, others they appear later.
  • Prolonged exposure to the sun can also lead to the appearance of moles or even cause atypical or dysplastic, birthmarks.
  • Do not underestimate also the role of heredity. In some families, there are hereditary atypical (dysplastic) moles that are considered a sign of an increased likelihood of developing melanoma, or skin cancer Skin cancer - a full recovery possible  Skin cancer - a full recovery possible

 Removal of moles - a deadly process?


  • Risks in removing birthmarks may include infection, allergic to anesthesia, and nerve damage. The right choice of a dermatologist or a surgeon who impose the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to remove moles - not an easy task, but it allows a lot to reduce the risks.
  • Other risks may depend on the land, on which there is a mole, and the method of its removal
  • The most frequent complication in removing moles - the appearance of scars. Some want to remove moles from a purely aesthetic reasons, not realizing at the same time that the removal of moles can lead to the appearance of the scar. Before you make a decision about how to remove moles, your doctor should warn you about the risks and talk about the probability of occurrence of the scar and how it is expected to look like.

 Removal of moles - a deadly process?

Preparing to remove moles

  • Depending on the choice of the surgeon, the surface impact cleaning fluid containing alcohol, betadine or another substance.
  • Plot obrabavyvaetsya means local anesthetics such as lidocaine (Anestakon, Baktin, LidaMantle, lidocaine, Medi-Quick Spray, Xylocaine (jelly or a means for local use), Xylocaine viscos, Zilaktin-L). Typically, it takes much time. Some surgeons prefer to wait a while (about 15 minutes) to allow reduced blood flow to this area. It is interesting that the majority of patients use the word Novocain Novocaine - why it is so popular in medicine?  Novocaine - why it is so popular in medicine?
   (procaine), when talking about the anesthesia, although the anesthetic is no longer used in operations on the skin. If the patient is allergic to lidocaine, other drugs can be used. To prevent bleeding, many surgeons are added to lidocaine epinifrin.
  • Depending on the size and method of mole removal at the impact site can be superimposed drape.

 Removal of moles - a deadly process?

During the procedure,

Removing a simple method of cutting off, without sutures.

  • Surgeon takes scalpel cuts mole at or slightly below the skin.
  • Then, using an electrical appliance or for cautery (moxibustion) moles, or apply a topical remedy to stop bleeding.
  • Thereafter, the wound is applied topical antibiotic.
  • Bandage.
  • The doctor gives advice on wound care, and you can be free.

Remove with sutures

  • Ektsizii method (cutting) with sutures are usually removed darker or flat moles.
  • The doctor says the mole, processes, clears the surface and analgesic effects.
  • Using a scalpel removes the mole itself and its surrounding border. Size is determined by the boundaries of the mole and the surgeon depends on the likelihood of developing cancer or a precancerous condition after the removal of birthmarks.
  • Depending on the depth, closed with stitches on the upper or deeper layers of the skin. Sutures are superimposed on the deeper layers are bioresorbable, and does not require subsequent removal. The sutures are removed at the surface of the skin after a while the surgeon.

 Removal of moles - a deadly process?

After the procedure

Wound care at home:

  • After the procedure must be applied to the wound layer of antibiotic ointment Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?  Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?
   and apply a bandage. Use neomycin-free ointment (Medi-Quick, Neosporin triple antibiotic). Many people develop allergies to neomycin, which leads to itching and rash at the wound site. If you are allergic to neomycin, use drugs without, for example, Polysporin.
  • Treat the wound once or twice a day with water or diluted hydrogen peroxide.
  • After the treatment, the wound, apply ointment and bandage.
  • Follow these guidelines to complete wound healing.

Puncture lips trust professionals

September 30th, 2010

  • Puncture lips trust professionals
  • Contraindications

 lip piercing
 There are many types of lip piercing, and the most common variants do not puncture the mouth directly, and the skin over it or under it. Most types of lip piercing associated with the risk of damage to teeth and gums, even with careful selection of jewelry lip it can be avoided.

 Puncture lips trust professionals


Labret - a puncture, which is made as a rule, in the middle of the lip. Sometimes doing a puncture below the lip or higher - depending on customer preferences. Such punctures heal for a long time. Complete healing usually occurs in 4-12 weeks. Until healing is necessary to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. Each time after a puncture food should be washed mouthwashes.

 Puncture lips trust professionals

Piercing Monroe

In this case, make the puncture side, above the upper lip. To avoid strong friction decorations on teeth and gums, consult with a specialist about choosing dyeing.

Puncture healing to three months. During this time it must be cleaned every day, with both outer and inner side.

 Puncture lips trust professionals

Medusa Piercing

In this case, make a puncture labial groove. It is important that the puncture was made exactly as the offset from the center of the groove significantly affect the symmetry of the face. The puncture heals quickly - in three or four weeks.

 Puncture lips trust professionals

Piercing "snake bite"

To get a piercing, make two punctures of the lower lip from different sides. People with piercings can be worn not only in the lip of the bar, but also rings. The risk of damage to the teeth and gums during such piercing somewhat smaller, but nevertheless present.

 Puncture lips trust professionals

Piercing "spider bite"

For this type of piercing make two puncture lower lip disposed close to each other. In each of these can be inserted into separate punctures dyeing, and can be worn curved rod extending through both puncture.

 Puncture lips trust professionals

Safety measures

Puncture lips should desire only a specialist with appropriate training. In no case did not pierce her lip alone and do not ask friends to do the lip piercing. This initiative could lead to infections, adverse changes in appearance and other negative consequences.

If you have any skin disorders, active or history before doing a lip piercing, check with your doctor. Piercing may cause skin irritation and aggravation of symptoms.

In addition, it is not recommended to do a puncture lips for serious diseases of the heart Heart disease and heart attacks: that every woman should know  Heart disease and heart attacks: that every woman should know
   and renal insufficiency Kidney failure - when treatment is vital  Kidney failure - when treatment is vital
 As if these violations is crucial to minimize the likelihood of any infectious diseases. Ideally, even a completely healthy person before making a lip piercing, you should consult with your doctor.