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January 4, 2013

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 bioepilyatsiya wax
 Among the different treatments that offer beauty salons, bioepilyatsiya wax occupies a special place: it is difficult to decide for the first time, and in the future - it is difficult to refuse. Indeed, there are not many ways to not only get rid of the hair, but also make the skin soft and smooth in the long term.


"No! "Excess hair

At all times women have sought to be beautiful and attractive to men. Ideals of beauty are constantly changing, and a smooth and soft skin without unnecessary hair has always been in favor. Of course, occasionally comes the fashion for "naturalness" and even Hollywood stars to flaunt hairy armpits, but this mode is usually fleeting. The vast majority of boys prefer that women's skin was smooth and not "woolly". Of course, women try to match the fashionable ideals and to get rid of unwanted hair.

What hair can be called "extra"? The first lady was removed, "antennae" on the upper lip, armpit hair on the legs and thighs. There is no consensus whether to remove pubic hair completely, but out of a bathing suit or underwear in any case should not hang tough growth. Therefore, those who choose candid styles of bathing suits or shorts, you should consider a deep or full hair removal bikini, the rest we can restrict hair removal through washing.

The question is, what kind of hair removal prefer care of almost all women. The perfect way to get rid of hair, probably does not exist. All hair removal methods have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, today one of the most popular ways to get rid of excess hair is hair removal wax - a method that has enjoyed Cleopatra. This method to get rid of excess hair is often also called "waxing".


Advantages and disadvantages of wax bioepilyatsii

A serious drawback from bioepilyatsii Bioepilation time tested  Bioepilation time tested
   wax, probably only one - the procedure is very painful, because the hairs are pulled out by the roots. In modern compositions bioepilyatsii include sedatives and painkillers additives that minimize discomfort, yet the procedure is not a pleasant and relaxing. Therefore bioepilyatsiyu wax do not recommend pregnant women, as well as suffering from a serious heart disease and epilepsy. Furthermore, this type of hair removal is not indicated for patients with diabetes. Bioepilyatsiyu wax can not be done if the skin in the area of ​​hair removal Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?  Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?
   there are moles and other benign or malignant tumors. Hot wax is also contraindicated for varicose veins.

Pluses bioepilyatsii wax evident: during the procedure not only from the destroyed hair, but hair growth stage, moreover, damaged hair bulb. The skin pleases its softness for a long time - at least two weeks, sometimes a month and a half. Then the hair still grows, but more soft and subtle than before. With each new procedure, the hair becomes weaker, and after a year and a half of regular epilations can even stop the growth. In addition, each time the procedure is becoming less painful. Bioepilation does not irritate the skin, does not cause redness and itching. Together with hairs removed and dead skin cells, and the skin looks amazing.


Varieties waxing

Waxing can be carried out hot, warm and cold wax. It should be noted that for these types of epilation Hair removal: perfect skin without hair  Hair removal: perfect skin without hair
   used different formulations: In hot wax, prepared on the basis of oil and pine resin are added to vegetable oils and rubber; warm and cold waxes in the structure have special emollients that make the material softer without heating. Manufacturers added to the different waxes antiseptic and soothing additives to make the procedure as pleasant as possible. Thus, the addition of menthol provides easy anesthetic effect, and herbal extracts inhibit the growth of hair in the future.

Waxing hot wax is considered to be the most efficient: under high temperature opens the skin pores and hair is easily removed. This method is used in the most sensitive areas such as the upper lip, bikini line or underarms. The heated wax is applied in the direction of hair growth, and when the wax hardens, tear off sharply against the hair growth. Because the hot wax is very easy to burn, the procedure should be carried out only in the cabin, to avoid injury.

In less sensitive areas, such as legs, try a warm or cold wax. Cartridges with warm wax heated in special trays and applied to the area of ​​hair removal Waxing: the easy way to beauty  Waxing: the easy way to beauty
 . After solidification of the mass of the wax is removed by a sharp movement against the hair growth. The ideal temperature for such a wax is the temperature of the human body. Cold wax - the low melting: it can warm up and soften in the palms, which impose almost strips with wax on the surface epiliruemye. This procedure is known and skill can make yourself at home, but do not try using cold wax to remove hair in sensitive dreams, such as the bikini line.


That was not excruciatingly painful

To reduce the pain of hair removal, experts recommend to carry out the procedure in the middle of the menstrual cycle when the body less sensitive to pain. Facilitate the removal of hair epilation pre-peeling zone. Especially good hair is removed, if the skin is well warmed up with hot shower or sauna.

In some cases, beauticians apply special anesthetic gels which reduce the pain of the procedure. Often there is not out of place and the tablet analgesic or other pain medication, adopted a half-hour before the procedure.

Waxing bikini in the cabin - what to prepare?

June 3rd, 2013

 bikini waxing in the salon
 You're going to do waxing for the first time? It's great - you will enjoy the opportunity for a few weeks to forget about the unwanted hair. And do not worry - a procedure usually waxing Waxing: delicate solution to the problem of unwanted hair  Waxing: delicate solution to the problem of unwanted hair
   Bikini in the cabin passes pretty quickly, and each time gives less discomfort.

 Waxing bikini in the cabin - what to prepare?

Is it possible you do waxing?

If you've never done before waxing, spa or salon worker will ask you to fill out to make sure that you do this procedure is not contraindicated. The questionnaire has questions on certain infectious diseases, taking certain drugs and pregnancy.

 Waxing bikini in the cabin - what to prepare?


You will be taken to a separate room and asked to undress completely below the belt. Then the employee will leave the salon, you can smoothly prepare for the procedure.

 Waxing bikini in the cabin - what to prepare?


When the specialist comes back, he or she (epilation bikini most women do) ask which specific areas you want to remove hair. Someone wants to remove only the hair, which does not cover ordinary underwear, someone needs to remove all the "vegetation" pubic and around the genitals. Frequently asked about it even during the recording process, the specialist know how much time he needs to spend on the client. From this will depend on the cost of the procedure.

 Waxing bikini in the cabin - what to prepare?

How to prepare for hair removal

The hair length should be at least 6 mm, otherwise the wax will not be able to "capture" them strongly enough - most of the hair will remain in place, though, most likely, you will still be hurt. So before you go for hair removal Hair removal: perfect skin without hair  Hair removal: perfect skin without hair
 Let the hair grow back. If they are too long, the specialist who conducts the procedure, podstrizhet them. At very long hair waxing can be painful too; moreover, long hairs often torn a few millimeters from the skin surface, instead of being uprooted.

The skin, which will remove the hair, clear. If you use a hard wax (it is best to remove coarse hair), the oil applied to the skin - it will prevent possible damage. If you use soft wax, the skin is first necessary to put a special powder that absorbs all the oil present on the surface of the skin.

 Waxing bikini in the cabin - what to prepare?

The process

Specialist wears gloves and using the applicator applied to the hair warm wax. By using soft wax on top of it applied strips of cloth. Hard wax is removed, when it dries, so the fabric is required. Before you remove the wax specialist little tightens the skin - it makes the procedure less painful.

 Waxing bikini in the cabin - what to prepare?


Since the wax can not be applied to the skin more than once per session, some remaining hairs with tweezers pull out. Then a specialist with a special wax removers cleanses the skin, and causes a soothing lotion. Then again, you leave a room, so you can get dressed.

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