Symptoms of scabies - which need to be afraid

November 28, 2014

 symptoms of scabies
 Symptoms of scabies Scabies - when overwhelmed by ticks  Scabies - when overwhelmed by ticks
   can occur in any person, as it is highly contagious parasitic disease that can be picked up on public transport, in the store, on the street. But it is especially susceptible to this infection children in organized groups - nurseries, kindergartens and schools.


What is scabies and how it can be contracted

Scabies - a contagious parasitic skin infection that is caused by scabies. Itch mite is a microscopic antropofilnymi (live only on human skin), a parasite that feeds on the cells otshelushivshihsya superficial layers of the skin. The female itch mite has a length of about 0, 4 mm and 4 weeks of live. During this time it is doing moves under the surface layer of the skin and lays them on a daily basis for at least two or three eggs. From eggs after some time the larvae emerge, they are two weeks undergoing several transformations and become adult.

Mature itch mites rise to the surface of the skin, mate, after which the males die and fertilized females go deep into the skin, make moves, and lay eggs. These cycles can be repeated many times.

Contracted scabies can be in direct contact with the patient, as well as through his personal belongings.


Symptoms of scabies in humans

After 1-2 weeks after exposure and scabies infection (incubation period is 1-6 weeks), the first symptoms of scabies. This itching, which is especially worse at night. Scabies mites love the delicate skin interdigital spaces, wrists, inner surface of the elbow, the back surface of the feet, buttocks, external genitalia (especially the penis).

The reason for such a strong itching is an allergic reaction Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat  Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat
   mites and their waste products. In connection with this feature during the initial infection scabies itching it appears only after a few weeks, and at repeated - once (pre-sensitization has already passed). In adults, scabies does not usually apply to face, neck, interscapular region, armpits, palms, soles - in these areas the skin is so thin.

At the point where the skin infiltrated the female scabies mite or where she came to the surface, the skin appears a small vial, which then dries and turns into a dot crust. These vesicles connect with the female inside the itch moves, have a distinctive look. This thin grayish-white wavy lines no longer than one centimeter. The itch moves can detect particles of dirt, eggs scabies mites Itch mite - no one is immune  Itch mite - no one is immune
   and the waste products of mites. If not complied with hygiene conditions in places of compromising the integrity of the skin can penetrate the bacterial infection - the skin appear pustular rash.


Symptoms of scabies in children

A feature of scabies in children is that the itch mites can invade any part of the skin - it is much thinner in children than in adults. The child itches all the skin, and it constantly combing her. Therefore, another feature of scabies in children is frequently a bacterial infection is, as children do not understand the danger of permanent injury to the skin.

Therefore scabies children can always complicated pustular infection then the bacterial infection may spread to any other organs and systems.

The younger the child, the risk of such complications is higher - in young children are prone to generalization (spread of the whole body) of any pathological processes.

Moreover, children are more likely than adults develop allergic reactions to skin waste products scabies. Result of inflammatory and allergic reactions can be a chronic relapsing disease of the skin, such as microbial eczema Eczema - is difficult to treat  Eczema - is difficult to treat


Diagnostic symptoms of scabies

The diagnosis of scabies is put mainly on the basis of the characteristic clinical symptoms: blisters, crusts point, burrows, located in the most characteristic areas of the body with a thin skin.

The diagnosis is confirmed by epidemiological and laboratory studies. Epidemiological data - is to identify the source of the disease - patients with scabies, laboratory - identifying itch mite. The material for the laboratory tests is a piece of skin taken under the supervision of a magnifying glass needle. To do this, opened the blind end of the itch course and taken the material examined under a microscope.

Symptoms of scabies should be aware of in order to prevent the spread of this infection, bacterial complications and infection of healthy people who are in contact with the patient.

Galina Romanenko

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Psoriasis treatment in home conditions - a constant struggle with the disease

December 24, 2013

  • Psoriasis treatment in home conditions - a constant struggle with the disease
  • Cleaning the body
  • Methods

 psoriasis treatment at home
 Psoriasis Treatment at home should always be administered by your doctor. How to combat psoriasis? The best is the appointment of an integrated treatment - a combination of good nutrition, healthy lifestyle, medication, physical therapy and folk treatments.

Psoriasis - is a complex problem. Because until now the mechanisms of its development are not fully understood, and there are no common standards for the treatment of this disease. However, today there are a number of fairly effective integrated treatments that are selected individually for each patient by the attending physician. Used as part of an integrated treatment and traditional methods.

Today, it is well established that psoriasis requires a complete change in lifestyle and diet of the patient, giving up bad habits and the gradual transition to a healthy lifestyle, which will need to adhere to at all times.

Only with a healthy lifestyle can be effective medications, whose task is to restore normal metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 , Violation of which caused the symptoms of psoriasis The symptoms of psoriasis - a great variety  The symptoms of psoriasis - a great variety
 . To restore metabolic processes are widely used vitamins, which, as co-enzymes involved in metabolic processes.

When exacerbation prescribe medications that suppress the autoimmune process that underlies the appearance of psoriatic lesions. It hormones, immunomodulators, cytotoxic agents. With the right combination of these drugs selected individually for each patient in the treatment of psoriasis can achieve good results.

Secure process remission help physiotherapy techniques, reflexology Reflexology - a policy of non-drug therapies  Reflexology - a policy of non-drug therapies
 , Hirudotherapy and other ancillary treatments.


Aevitum psoriasis - how important it is?

For the treatment of psoriasis are used a lot of vitamins. But of particular importance are water-soluble B vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins A and E. The B vitamins - is the energy involved in the reaction to produce the energy required for proper cell metabolism. Without this energy cellular metabolism is disturbed, and hence the skin symptoms of psoriasis worse.

Vitamin A (retinol) is involved in the maturation of skin cells (keratogeneza). It has beneficial effects on the function of skin cells (keratinocytes), increases the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, stimulates the redox processes in the cells, the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver needed for the construction of steroid hormones, activates the immune processes in the skin. When there is a deficiency of retinol increased keratinization of the epidermis, which is manifested by dryness of the skin, peeling, and keratinization its surface layers - symptoms characteristic of psoriasis.

Vitamin E (tocopherol) is a major antioxidant that is, a substance inhibits the action of toxic free radicals formed in the cells as a result of metabolism. Tocopherol also stimulates cell metabolism by participating in the biosynthesis of DNA, RNA and tissue respiration.

In the treatment of psoriasis in the home is considered optimal assignment Aevitum complex preparation, which consists of vitamins A and E. Take it to the capsule a day for a month. Assigns Aevitum Aevitum - for the treatment, rather than prevention  Aevitum - for the treatment, rather than prevention
   only the doctor - this medication is not used for prevention as the most vitamin-mineral complexes, and for the treatment, so give side effects and overdose accompanied by severe condition of the patient.


Psoriasis treatment at home - do cleansing of the body?

Almost always in the forums and non-professional sites discussed different ways to cleanse the body psoriasis. Interestingly, most of the discussed methods of purification official medicine are rejected as useless and even harmful.

So whether you want to cleansing the body in psoriasis? It turns out that it is necessary, but a cleansing of non-professionals and professionals understand different things. Many people believe that the first should be cleaned from the "toxins and fecal stones' intestines, and then all the other organs and then everything will be fine. But practice shows that these methods are not always effective and sometimes even cause direct harm to the body. Why is that?

The fact that the human body is in close contact with a plurality of microorganisms. All of them can be divided into useful to help the human body to exist in the external environment, opportunistic (which can harm only under certain conditions, including the decrease in the population of beneficial microorganisms) and pathogenic (disease-causing). In the gut of a healthy person develops the balance between beneficial and pathogenic microflora. If a policy of using the washing bowel enema, this equilibrium is disturbed more often, pathogenic microflora is activated, the process of digestion breaks down and is accompanied by the formation of toxic substances that stimulate the recurrence of psoriasis.

So what's intestines washing is absolutely contraindicated? Not at all, such washing, the doctor sometimes prescribed, including in the framework of the treatment of psoriasis. But only if this patient does have evidence in the form of digestive disorders, provoking exacerbation of psoriasis. If the intestine is working normally, "wash" it is not necessary.

For washing bowel enema usual will not work, it should pursue a policy of colon hydrotherapy (intestinal lavage with a special instrument), followed by a course of rehabilitation treatment.