Oily skin: Natural and artificial care - How to stay healthy

October 11, 2013

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 oily skin how to maintain health

How to stay healthy

It is important to find the right anti-aging cosmetics for oily skin. And, because of the type of skin How to determine your skin type  How to determine your skin type
 To do so is very difficult. Any anti-aging cosmetic products are advertised as very effective. Unfortunately, most of them just in the works. Since cosmetics - it's not drugs, public authorities is not as strictly monitored for its quality. An effective anti-aging products for oily skin to fight wrinkles, improve skin tone, and not to let any fat shine. To find a makeup that makes your skin look really great, you need to listen to what the experts say.

And they recently especially emphasize the importance of supplementation to maintain the beauty of the skin.

 How to stay healthy | Oily skin: Natural and artificial care

How to stay healthy and youthful skin

Every year people are spending huge amounts on cosmetics that fights the signs of aging skin Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions  Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions
 . But anti-aging cosmetics - this is not all that is needed to preserve your beauty.

The following factors may harm your skin and should be avoided:

  • Excessive cleaning may cause dryness, skin sensitization and other problems. Avoid using a leather cleaner too aggressive components. Wash your face at more than twice a day, and warm, but not hot water.
  • Ultra-violet rays. To avoid these harmful effects should reduce the time spent in the sun and fewer trips to the solarium Solarium: harm or benefit?  Solarium: harm or benefit?
 Or opt out of them. When you go outside on a sunny day, use sunscreen Sunscreen is not just for the beach  Sunscreen is not just for the beach
 , Wear a wide-brimmed hats and long clothing.
  • Hot water and chlorine. Most tap water contains a certain amount of chlorine. This substance can cause considerable harm to the skin. The hotter the water, and the longer you are in it, the more damage to your skin. Dermatologists recommend taking a shower or bath is not more than once a day, especially during the cold season, when you do not sweat heavily.
  • Abuse makeup. Most makeup products can cause skin irritation. Components resistant cosmetics can be particularly harmful to the skin. It is recommended to use as little as possible of cosmetics, especially in the skin around the eyes. In addition, the makeup should be applied effective anti-aging creams.
  • Hard detergents and cleaning products, also known as ionic detergents can also be very harmful. Shampoos, soaps, shower gels and liquids for washing dishes, washing powder and fabric softener - all of them may contain substances that have a damaging effect on the skin. Read the list of ingredients on the labels of the media you are using. If some of them are sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, and analogs thereof, such as ammonium lauryl sulfate or ammonium laureth sulfate, when dealing with these substances need to wear gloves or to abandon their use.
  • Misuse of funds for skin care. Many cosmetic products simply are not effective, but some of them contain ingredients that in the long term can damage the skin. It should be very careful about any cosmetics you use.

 How to stay healthy | Oily skin: Natural and artificial care

The fight against wrinkles

There are three very important components of an effective anti-aging: nutritional supplements for skin, anti-aging cosmetics, and means for reducing wrinkles. Each of these are useful, but for maximum effect should use all three.

 How to stay healthy | Oily skin: Natural and artificial care

Nutritional supplements for skin

The importance of nutritional supplements for the skin is often underestimated. Many people forget that the skin is nourished from the inside of the foods that we eat every day. Due to lack of nutrients often becomes flabby skin and wrinkles. Food additives are necessary to your skin, because:

  • With their help, the skin will look younger and healthier
  • They will help to cope with a variety of skin diseases such as acne
  • Helps protect skin from the harmful effects of the environment
  • Has a positive effect on the immune system
  • They have no harmful side effects

The best supplements are made from natural ingredients and have all listed advantages.

 How to stay healthy | Oily skin: Natural and artificial care

Anti-aging remedy for oily skin

Find effective makeup for oily skin is not easy, but there is one tool that reduces wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new, struggling with diskoloratsiey, and it does not leave the skin greasy.

Anti-wrinkle serum

Another important tool for skin care - anti-wrinkle serum.

Use of anti-aging cosmetics for oily skin and supplementation will allow you to look young for many years. Never too late to start. Many studies show that whenever you started to use effective anti-aging products, after a while you get a noticeable anti-aging results.

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Colored contact lenses - a safe and fashion accessory

October 23, 2006

 Colored contact lenses
   Colored contact lenses - it is an effective and apparently easy way to quickly change the appearance. Once they were used mainly in the industry, but now not only the characters, such as "Twilight" can instantly change the natural eye color to gold, red, or any other.

In just a few years, sales of colored lenses rose 20%, and is likely to continue to grow. Manufacturers are oriented primarily at young people, offering the lenses are not only blue, green, black and other more or less natural colors, but also the lens, for example, with the image of the Jolly Roger, flames, feline pupils, and so on.

However, the next fashion trend is a significant risk. Even lenses that do not correct vision, but only change the color of the iris, should be chosen with the help of an ophthalmologist. However, many teenagers and even adults who buy lenses online, without prior consultation with a specialist. Moreover, doctors say that young people exchange color lenses with each other and even the color of vegetable dyes - all this, of course, does not make the wearing of colored lenses Colored lenses: how to learn to "make eyes"  Colored lenses: how to learn to "make eyes"

 Colored contact lenses - a safe and fashion accessory


Generally, all wearing contact lenses is associated with certain risks. However, some people believe that because the color lenses do not correct vision and are used for cosmetic purposes, they can buy and wear, without consulting a doctor. In fact, the colored lenses are made from the same material as that of conventional lenses, and are the same as elements alien to the cornea.

Careful selection of lenses with the help of a professional significantly reduces the risk of complications.

The most serious risk associated with buying colored contact lenses without a prescription - an infection. The effects of bacterial infection can be very serious - until the vision loss and the need for corneal transplantation. The bacteria may be on the lenses stored in damaged packages or produced under conditions that do not meet the standard requirements. Improper cleaning of lenses can also cause bacterial infection. Consultation is necessary also because it will tell you how to properly care for the lenses, insert and remove them.

The size of the lens is also important. Improper size of the lens can damage the cornea and vision loss.

According to doctors, a serious eye infection develops in only four out of every 10,000 people wearing colored lenses. However, for someone who will be one of the four, is it does not matter that the other 9996 people are living happily with her new eye color. To avoid severe complications, only need to spend a little time on a visit to the doctor.

 Colored contact lenses - a safe and fashion accessory

Types of contact lenses

Colored contact lenses - date fashion accessory for women with good vision who want to temporarily change the color of their eyes. Contact lenses allow you to change the boring blue tint to the intriguing nut-brown or even a bottomless black. They are used both in cosmetic and medical purposes.

When buying contact lenses you have a choice between hard and soft lenses. Bifocal and Toric lenses are used for correcting some visual impairment. Contact lenses with special effects used for entertainment, such as Halloween, as well as in film and theater. With these lenses you can create a magnetic gaze vampire whether to turn pupils into fireballs.

 Colored contact lenses - a safe and fashion accessory

Cosmetic contact lenses

Contact lenses - concave plastic disks covering the cornea. Cosmetic contact lenses function as glasses and replace them. Wearing cosmetic contact lenses can people aged 10 to 70 years. When choosing a lens be sure to take into account the age and lifestyle.

The first hard contact lenses - lenses of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA-lens). They were distinguished by exceptional durability and reliability, but blocked the access of oxygen to the cornea. Today, such contact lenses - a rarity. As a rule, it is now the most common rigid gas permeable lenses (RGP-lenses). Such lenses are better retain their shape cornea than soft lenses, perfectly correcting weaknesses of view, but harder to get used to them than to soft lenses. Some preferred solid-RGP lenses, because they have better optical characteristics. RGP-lenses are more durable and protected from the accumulation of the protein. Hard RGP-lenses are made on the basis of silicone polymers which provide the flow of oxygen to the cornea.

Soft contact lenses are made from a flexible plastic, with a moisture content of up to 90%. Such lenses are also called hydrophilic or hydrogel. Hydrophilic lenses are more fragile and need special care and regular cleansing.

In 1987 he appeared on the market short-term contact lens wear, which caused a real revolution in terms of health, hygiene and convenience .  If the traditional contact lenses had to be replaced every six months or a year, short of wearing lenses can be thrown away after a couple of weeks .  Mass production of high-quality lenses will reduce the cost of lenses that made "liquid glasses" more accessible to different groups of population .  Furthermore, inexpensive lens can be frequently changed .  Lens wearing short perfect for people suffering from ocular allergy, who have to spend big money on contact lenses .  Moreover, short-term lens wear - ideal for those who have increased sensitivity to solutions for cleaning lenses .  Such lenses may eventually prove to be more expensive than conventional lenses, but you will save significantly on cleaning solutions .  The only drawback of such lenses - ultra-thinness .  Lens wearing short and do not correct astigmatism .

 Colored contact lenses - a safe and fashion accessory

Colored contact lenses

Colored contact lenses are colored only to an insignificant degree. Coating lens serves to make it easier to insert and remove them. Typically, the color of the contact lens a little darker than the natural color of the human eye. With the help of lenses can emphasize eye color, make it deeper, but look - a more attractive and hypnotic. Colored contact lenses can also radically change your eye color. You can experiment with bright blue, dark brown or green exotic lenses. For athletes manufactures special contact lenses through which they can quickly distinguish the ball in a kaleidoscope of moving objects and bright colors.

 Colored contact lenses - a safe and fashion accessory

Toric contact lenses

Toric contact lenses differ from conventional lenses. The toric lens has two protuberances arranged at different angles, which astigmatism Astigmatism - lenses, glasses or surgery?  Astigmatism - lenses, glasses or surgery?
   and improve visual acuity. Wearing toric lenses recommended for both reasons. Such lenses are best kept in the eyes and do not rotate. If you are going to buy toric contact lenses, contact your eye doctor because they are available only by prescription. There are toric lenses short and wearing lenses that should be changed frequently, hard (RGP-lenses) and soft lenses. Also on sale are color toric contact lenses designed for people suffering from astigmatism.

Bifocal contact lenses are ideal for people who suffer from presbyopia (presbyopia). Such lenses combine two properties - they are correcting both hyperopia Hyperopia - than it is fraught?  Hyperopia - than it is fraught?
 And myopia Myopia - when visual acuity falls  Myopia - when visual acuity falls
 . There are soft bifocal lens and lens-type RGP. Bifocal lenses may have a concentric structure in which the central region of the lens corrects farsightedness, and peripheral - nearsightedness, or vice versa.

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