Cure for Baldness: how to prevent hair loss

March 19, 2012

 cure baldness
 To date, the most relevant drugs for baldness Propecia and Minoxidil are considered. But before you use them, you need to thoroughly read the instructions, because the use of drugs has several features.

 Cure for Baldness: how to prevent hair loss


The drug Propecia (Finasteride) was developed for the treatment of mild to moderate male pattern baldness on the crown of the head and the middle frontal scalp area in men only. No confirmed that Propecia helps in retreating hairline at the temples.

Propecia - a tool for the treatment of male pattern baldness in men only and should not be used for the treatment of women and children.

If a woman is pregnant or may be pregnant, she should not take Propecia and should not handle crushed or a broken-pill Propecia, as active ingredients can cause abnormal development of sex organs in male babies. If the active ingredient in Propecia hit the skin of pregnant women should consult a doctor.

Propecia tablets are coated, which prevents contact with the active ingredient, with the proviso that the tablet does not fragmented.

According to clinical studies of the drug Propecia, a small number of men experienced certain sexual side effects, such as decreased libido, difficulty in achieving an erection Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man  Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man
 Or decrease sperm counts. Each of these side effects affect less than 2% of men and disappeared after discontinuation of Propecia.

Although the results in different individuals may vary, usually grow back all of the lost hair will not succeed.

 Cure for Baldness: how to prevent hair loss

Regeyn (Minoxidil)

Regeyn drug, trade name of minoxidil, is a tool that is applied directly to the scalp. At the moment it is produced at a concentration of 5% (men) and 2% (for women).

Regeyn was developed based on medication for high blood pressure minoxidil. Minoxidil ingestion can have serious side effects for the heart and circulatory system, and is used only when the high pressure treatment of other drugs have failed. It was observed that patients treated with minoxidil, hair began to grow on the body and it was decided that the use of minoxidil directly with the bald scalp, can result in hair growth in that area. Studies have shown that this is true, although the effect is usually modest.

While minoxidil usually works best on top of the head, it also works to a lesser extent in other areas such as the frontal part of the scalp, if there still remains some hair. It does not apply when the area is completely subjected to baldness. The greatest effect of the medication visible after application of five months to two years, with a gradual decrease in efficiency after that date. Those using minoxidil long-term, will continue to lose hair, but at a somewhat slower pace.

Minoxidil prolongs hair follicle growth cycle (the so-called anagen). This improves the quality of hair by increasing the diameter and length of the hair shaft. It may also cause a new phase of growth. Minoxidil is a direct stimulator of the growth of follicles. Simultaneous use of minoxidil and finasteride, which directly inhibits the formation of DHT (a hormone that causes baldness) can be mutually reinforcing effect in the treatment of baldness, although finasteride is significantly more efficient.

 Cure for Baldness: how to prevent hair loss

Using Minoxidil

Minoxidil should be applied to the scalp twice a day. The drug works only when it is in direct contact with the scalp (not hair), and operates only in those areas where it is applied.

5% of formula twice as effective as 2% solution, but contains propylene glycol, a compound which can cause irritation to the scalp and can make the hair sticky and difficult installation. If this is a problem, it is necessary to consider the use of a 5% solution for a night and a 2% solution (based on alcohol and less sticky) in the first half of the day. When using minoxidil may require 6-12 months before being seen any results. Most patients who see the effect of minoxidil, the observed decrease in the rate of hair loss. The drug also helps thicken existing hair, but most patients grow only a short, thin hairs. It will not help grow new hair on a bald scalp.

Foam Regeyn - a new form of minoxidil 5% based on glycerine Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair  Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair
   and an alcohol. Pena- a convenient method for applying minoxidil on the scalp, it is not sticky does not have the irritating effect of propylene glycol used in the original 5% solution.

Using Regeyna (Minoxidil 2% and 5%) once daily is almost as efficient as the use of twice a day. The reason is that, although Minoxidil has a relatively short half-life (a few hours), when taken orally, topically it has half-life of 22 hours. This suggests that its use once a day - a reasonable choice.

If the use of minoxidil is stopped, the effect of the drug disappears within three months and the scalp back to its former state. If readmission minoxidil lost hair do not grow, so it is better not to stop, but to use it regularly.

Minoxidil is sometimes assigned (off-label) in combination with other drugs, such as retinoic acid (Retin-A), in order to increase its penetration into the skin and thus increase its effectiveness. This combination of drugs, however, can significantly increase the absorption of minoxidil in the blood stream and can increase the risk of possible side effects, including changes in pressure and severe irritation of the scalp, which leads to scarring.

 Cure for Baldness: how to prevent hair loss

Using minoxidil women

Only Minoxidil 2% concentration for use in women. Women tend to be more sensitive to side effects of minoxidil as a reduction in blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing?  Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing?
   (hypotension), and may experience dizziness Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet  Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet
 . Women also have an increased risk of allergic skin reactions (contact dermatitis).

Sometimes women while taking minoxidil develop facial hair growth. Carefully trying to avoid getting the drug on temples and forehead, can reduce, but not entirely prevent this problem.

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The whole truth about mineral makeup

September 11, 2012

 mineral makeup
 According to leading stylists about mineral makeup differ sharply from each other. Some love it, considering, for example, that the mineral base tone looks natural, like a second skin, and is much better kept in the hot and humid summer days than a regular foundation. Other stylists not happy with mineral makeup, believing that it accumulates in small folds, pores, adhere to wet skin and emphasizes its dry patches. In addition, it is very difficult to choose the right shade.

It is clear that his own taste not, but mineral makeup is particularly lively debate, ranging from purely aesthetic aspects, and ending with issues of health and safety. Producers of mineral makeup For whom is suitable mineral makeup and how to use it  For whom is suitable mineral makeup and how to use it
   focus on its strengths, while their opponents are sounding the alarm about the dangers that small particles may pose to health. One thing is clear: the mineral makeup today enjoys unprecedented popularity. According to studies, the behavior of some companies, the profit from the sale of mineral makeup in some countries over the last year is about 6% of all profits from the sale of cosmetics. At the same time this does not include sales at retail stores such as Revlon, L'Oreal and Neutrogena.

 The whole truth about mineral makeup

Mineral cosmetics: myths and realities

The company Bare Escentuals initiated the so-called "mineral revolution" in the mid 70-ies of XX century, the launch of its loose powder. Competitors of the company quickly picked up the trend, claiming that cosmetics made from crushed minerals, much more "natural" than usual.

However, chemists do not see this as any revolution, believing that mineral makeup - no more than a marketing ploy. All cosmetics - mineral - believe some of Cosmetic Chemists. Both regular and mineral cosmetics contain the same components: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide and mica.

Contrary to what is said in the advertisement, the ingredients of mineral makeup is often synthesized in the laboratory. Thus, for example, zinc oxide can be obtained only through laboratory synthesis, and titanium dioxide requires special extraction and purification, as it may contain impurities of mercury and lead.

 The whole truth about mineral makeup

The different composition of mineral makeup on the composition of the ordinary

Especially mineral makeup does not what it is, but rather what it is not. Typically, cosmetics contain stabilizers, esters of para-hydroxybenzoic acid, liquid paraffin, colorants and perfumes. All of these can cause allergic reactions and irritation to the skin, so that, if you tender and easily irritated skin, mineral makeup is more preferable option than usual. Also, mineral makeup is more suitable for women with sensitive skin Sensitive skin: causes and care  Sensitive skin: causes and care
 Or skin prone to acne and pimples. Mineral makeup is suitable even for those who suffer from such problems as rosacea Rosacea - undetermined  Rosacea - undetermined
   or eczema, and allergies.

 The whole truth about mineral makeup

Benefits for the skin

In addition to the aesthetic effect, mineral makeup also addresses a number of other important tasks. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provide the skin's natural protection from the sun's rays. Zinc oxide also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to reduce inflammation.

 The whole truth about mineral makeup

Possible risks

Firstly, it should be noted that both the pluses and hazards of mineral makeup unduly exaggerated. For example, some scientists believe that fine particles of mineral makeup, often called nanoparticles can penetrate the subcutaneous layer and cause chemical reactions are hazardous to health. However, this is nothing more than a myth, as the microparticle mineral makeup has nothing to do with nanoparticles, otherwise they would be invisible to the eye, making them impossible to use in cosmetics.

There is also the view that cosmetic coloring bismuth oxychloride may irritate the skin and cause acne. It even led to the fact that some cosmetic companies stopped using it. Actually, however, bismuth oxychloride may cause irritation only to women who are prone to allergies, but in other cases it is absolutely harmless.

 The whole truth about mineral makeup


Mineral makeup these days - it's not just loose powder, and blush, cosmetic tanning effect, eye shadow, lipstick and even liquid foundation. But this led to the fact that the company started adding to mineral makeup ingredients that initially there were not used, which virtually eliminates its benefits. For example, in the production of foundation Tone Cream: a pledge perfect makeup  Tone Cream: a pledge perfect makeup
 , Which includes the water, avoid the use of a preservative is simply impossible.

If you have sensitive or allergy-prone skin, choose a mineral powder with the fewest ingredients. Women with normal skin can use any mineral makeup, but do not expect miracles from it. Yes, high-quality mineral makeup can help disguise and remove redness, but if you have enlarged pores and uneven complexion, you still have to resort to using a foundation and corrector.

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