Skin care and habits of how we unconsciously old self

June 24, 2007

 skin care
 Oddly enough, but even the simplest of our daily activities can accelerate the aging process. Learn how wrong facial and body can affect the skin condition, and how not to fall into the trap of overuse their appearance.

Modern society is obsessed with healthy way of life, the idea of ​​a balanced diet, fitness, skin care and hair care. We begin to keep fit and keep track of their appearance from childhood. On the one hand, it is fine and should be encouraged. On the other, we run the risk of becoming victims of their own quest for perfection. At the very young age, girls begin to use anti-aging agents, and decorative cosmetics. But make mistakes, even those who are crazy about their health, often without realizing it.

Not only that, skin care and preservation of its beauty and youth - a complicated matter that requires constant effort and cost, so more recent study showed that skin care can accelerate aging. How is this possible and is it possible to prevent or stop the process? Answers to these and other questions you'll learn right now.

 Skin care and habits of how we unconsciously old self

Stop grimace

Remember as a child my grandmother scares you: "If you do not stop ape, a stay of a lifetime! ". Well, this warning is not unreasonable - some expression may contribute to the premature appearance of first signs of aging - facial wrinkles.

There is a myth that the various "facial exercises" such as raising eyebrows, wrinkling of the nose, wide opening and closing the mouth, helps to maintain the tone of facial muscles, thus preserving the youthfulness of the skin. If you practice this way of preserving youth, stop immediately.

Contrary to popular belief, these facial expressions can lead to the appearance of fine wrinkles at a young age. As a result, every facial movements under the skin formed tiny grooves. As soon as we age, the skin loses its elasticity and droops, and these grooves appear the stronger, turning into wrinkles.

This does not mean you have less to smile, laugh or do not change expression. Our warning applies only to those who deliberately and regularly "trains" your facial muscles for a long time.

 Skin care and habits of how we unconsciously old self

No smoking here!

The harmful effects of smoking on the skin is well known. Smoking not only accelerates the aging process Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions  Aging Skin: The three most common problems and their solutions
 But also gives it an unhealthy dull yellowish tint, which hardly can be hidden by means of tone. Nicotine causes the body's biochemical changes that accelerate the aging process. Studies have shown that smokers skin coarsens, loses elasticity and becomes an unhealthy yellowish hue. In addition, the skin of smokers ages faster. So if you're going to smoke, you should know that each puff with lightning speed brings you closer to retirement.

 Skin care and habits of how we unconsciously old self

Attention, wrinkles sleep

Dream - the most effective means of rejuvenation of the body. After a night of sound sleep skin looks fresh and young, is not it? In principle, this is true, but there is one "but." Wrinkles sleep sees in the mirror in the morning almost every woman, but these harmless strips with age can turn into wrinkles, which is not easy to get rid of.

As a rule, the so-called "sleep wrinkles" disappear soon after you wake up. But if you are constantly sleep on your stomach and the face at the same time all the time is on the pillow and remained in that position all night (and every night for years), wrinkles sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   in one terrible morning, they disappear and turn into full-fledged wrinkles. In women, sleeping on your side, sleep wrinkles formed on his cheeks and chin, and men often sleep wrinkles appear on the forehead (since men generally sleep on your stomach).

To avoid this, try to sleep on your back often - then the person will not be pushed into a pillow throughout the night. If you are used to sleeping on your side, try at times to roll on his back or at least on the other side. The main thing - to periodically change the situation, to avoid the formation of wrinkles sleep.

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Dark circles under the eyes: how to improve the appearance of

December 14, 2006

 dark circles under the eyes
 That the old man the most? Surprisingly, this is not the wrinkles and gray hair, and dark circles under the eyes. Usually, they do not indicate a serious illness or exhaustion, but because they look old people, sick and tired. Dark circles under the eyes can occur in men and women, usually in adulthood, but sometimes they appear in children.

 Dark circles under the eyes: how to improve the appearance of

The causes of dark circles under the eyes

Some of the possible causes of dark circles under the eyes:

  • Allergies;
  • Atopic dermatitis (eczema);
  • Heredity;
  • Lifestyle factors - such as emotional and physical stress, smoking, chronic alcohol abuse and / or other stimulants;
  • Nasal congestion (because of this blood vessels under the eyes widen and shine through the thin eyelid skin;
  • Uneven pigmentation - this is often the cause of dark circles under the eyes in people with dark skin;
  • The habit of rubbing his eyes;
  • Exposure to sunlight;
  • Thinning of the skin as a result of the loss of fat and collagen - which is the normal result of aging.

If dark circles under the eyes appear only on one side of the face, as soon as possible to see a doctor. You can also consult a dermatologist if you want to use to eliminate dark circles, special beauty treatments - such as laser therapy. However, it is important that you have realistic expectations - magic anti dark circles there.

 Dark circles under the eyes: how to improve the appearance of

Ways to eliminate dark circles

In most cases, however, the dark circles are not a medical problem, and with them it is possible to cope at home. As a rule, these are very effective low-cost and simple means:

  • Chill. Apply cold compresses to the eyes - for example, chilled teaspoons or used bags of green, mint or chamomile tea. Do not use bags of black tea - they can make the skin darker. You can also wipe the skin around the eye with ice cubes - but do not apply them to the skin for a long time, to avoid damage to the blood vessels.
  • Extra pillows. Sleep on two (or more) of the pillows to avoid fluid retention under the skin around the eyes.
  • Get enough sleep. Although lack of sleep usually does not cause the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, it causes pallor and sunken eyes does, which is why dark circles will be more noticeable.
  • Brine. If there were dark circles due stuffy nose, four or five times a day, rinse your nose with brine. After a few days you will breathe more freely, and the shadows under the eyes become less visible.

In addition, you can use masking agents to conceal dark circles under the eyes. If following a bluish tint, choose concealers yellow or orange, but not white or gray. To hide the brown circles, fit the white concealers and concealers with gray and bluish tint.

 Dark circles under the eyes: how to improve the appearance of

Vitamins for skin

Purpose of the skin - serve as a barrier between us and the environment. It prevents the body of bacteria, viruses and other contaminants which can cause infection or other disease. Vitamins and minerals help your skin stay healthy and to perform its vital role in protecting the body.

Antioxidant vitamins Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits  Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits
 For example, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, is very important for skin health, because they regulate the degree of damage caused by free radicals (by-products of energy generation in the body) and contaminants contained in the environment, for example, products of air pollution. Among the harmful effects of free radicals - the destruction of collagen and elastin - the fibers that support skin elasticity. The destruction of these fibers leads to the formation of wrinkles and the loss of youthful skin elasticity. Vitamin C also plays a role in the production of collagen, so it is so important for the normal functioning and the beauty of the skin. According to recent studies, the combination of vitamins C and E can help restore the skin after damage caused by solar radiation.

Vitamin A plays a unique role in maintaining the health and beauty of the skin, and in addition, has outstanding antioxidant properties. Even a slight deficiency of vitamin A Vitamin A: An important element of the health and beauty  Vitamin A: An important element of the health and beauty
   may adversely affect the condition of the skin, cause dryness and flaking. Dry skin ultimately contributes Bole striking manifestations of deep and fine wrinkles, making them more visible. However, vitamin A is often contained in solutions for topical treatment of severe acne and reducing wrinkles. Results of recent studies suggest that the topical solution containing vitamins A and C, may in some cases pay the destructive effect of solar radiation and aging.

Lack of vitamin B-complex leads to increased sensitivity of the skin, which contributes to the formation of small cracks, bleeding and damage to the skin, through which the body can easily penetrate different bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances. If we talk about strictly cosmetic reasons, even a slight deficiency of vitamin B-complex can lead to flaking of the skin and loss of healthy color. Topical formulations play an important role in the hydration of the skin, which significantly improves the elasticity of the skin and its overall health.

Vitamin K helps reduce unsightly dark circles under the eyes. Some studies show that creams which contain vitamin K Vitamin K - Vitamin health and beauty  Vitamin K - Vitamin health and beauty
   and vitamin A, is more effective than the cream containing only vitamin K, but this view is still being researched.

 Dark circles under the eyes: how to improve the appearance of

Minerals Skin

The main minerals that affect the appearance and health of skin - selenium, copper and zinc. Selenium in form of a topical solution, or in the form of dietary supplements, plays an important role in the prevention of skin cancer Skin cancer - a full recovery possible  Skin cancer - a full recovery possible
 . Copper, zinc and Vitamin C promote the development of elastin, which keeps the skin supple and healthy.

Topical solutions and dietary supplements help to maintain health and youthful appeal of leather. However, it is important to recognize the effectiveness of these materials and use them in accordance with the standard dose prescriptions, as the abuse of their healing properties can backfire.

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