How to care for oily skin: the main thing - the regularity - How to get rid of greasy skin

December 7, 2011

  • How to care for oily skin: the main thing - the regularity
  • Getting rid of the oily sheen on the skin

Getting rid of the oily sheen on the skin

Being the owner of oily skin is quite unpleasant - at any time may appear pimples, and even recently a fresh make-up in the middle of the day begins to shine ugly. However, with proper care, all these troubles can be minimized.

You will need:

  • Cleansing Gel without oil
  • Tonic with witch hazel
  • A moisturizer without oil
  • Dust
  • Absorbent wipes

Wash your face with warm water, and the gel is not more than three times a day (usually only two). If you wash your face too often, instead of a positive effect is dryness and increased production of sebum.

Wipe the face tonic. Pay special attention to the fattest areas such as the forehead and nose.

On clean skin Clean skin: the beauty of the need to fight  Clean skin: the beauty of the need to fight
   apply a little moisturizer. This prevents over-drying and irritation of the skin. Choose nekomedogennye creams.

For make-up, use powder instead of creams Tone Cream: a pledge perfect makeup  Tone Cream: a pledge perfect makeup
 . Powder absorbs excess fat and tone the skin cream quickly starts to shine, so you'll often touch up makeup.

Always carry an absorbent wipes for oily skin Oily skin: Natural and artificial care  Oily skin: Natural and artificial care
 . Just apply it to your skin and keep a few seconds. Do not rub their skin, or on your make-up will be nothing left.

If after the application of new cosmetics on the skin appears red or any other changes, see your dermatologist.

 Getting rid of the oily sheen on the skin | How to care for oily skin: the main thing - the regularity

As matting oily skin

Shiny skin - not a pleasant sight. On sale is a lot of money, which should, according to the advertising, makes the skin matte, but many of them contain ingredients that clog pores. Therefore, we must carefully choose the cosmetics for oily skin and in the care of her to adhere to certain rules.

You will need:

  • Face mask based on clay
  • Moisturizer not oil-based
  • Matting agent for the T-zone
  • Mineral powder

Apply to the skin with a clay mask (or entirely of clay) and wait until it dries. Thoroughly wash it off with cool water.

Use the matting agent as stated on the packaging. Keep in mind that it is necessary only for very oily skin.

Apply a skin moisturizer with sunscreen. Desirably, in a cream were jojoba, aloe Aloe - its amazing healing properties  Aloe - its amazing healing properties
   vera and algae extracts.

Avoid matting agents made only on the basis of silicone. After their application the skin actually looks better, but the pores become clogged, and after some time, you may receive a strong acne.

To the skin throughout the day did not come shine, put on it a layer of mineral powder. The stores have a lot of powder with a matte effect, but only mineral powders do not forget pores.

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Acne in pregnancy - how to reduce the effects to a minimum? - Skin care

September 20, 2006

  • Acne in pregnancy - how to reduce the effects to a minimum?
  • Skin care

How to avoid acne during pregnancy: proper skin care

Sometimes expectant mothers faced with the emergence or worsening of acne (acne). Increased levels of the hormone androgen may increase the sebaceous glands and their production of sebum. Excess sebum combined with necrotic skin cells, which "reset" the hair follicles, clogs pores and creates a favorable environment for the rapid growth of bacteria. All of this eventually leads to inflammation of the skin and the appearance of acne.

There are certain aspects of the treatment of severe acne Acne treatment: how to get rid of blackheads  Acne treatment: how to get rid of blackheads
 That should be taken into account if you want to save a child's health and reduce acne to a minimum.

Be sure to maintain a healthy skin care regimen - this will help contain the spread of bacteria every day Exercise - it will help to improve blood circulation and even the flow of blood to all parts of the body, including the skin, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables - it will provide the skin the necessary vitamins.

Cleansing the skin and prevent the accumulation of fat in it is very useful during pregnancy. If your skin is prone to acne, clean your skin twice a day. After washing, wipe the face of a microfiber cloth, absorbing fats.

Infected acne skin should be washed very carefully and handle them delicate soap-free oils. Do not overdo the cleansing of the skin, as you can and at the same time remove the protective layer of fat. Your body tends to restore harmony and balance, and with excessive cleansing of the skin becomes too dry and sebaceous glands produce more sebum.

  • When cleaning do not save water, to how to wash off the soap with the accumulated them with bacteria that can cause skin irritation.
  • Wipe dry the skin and within five minutes after washing, apply a skin moisturizer containing no oils.
  • Try not to scratch the affected portion of acne because that way you can spread bacteria all over the face and the number of spots will only increase.

If you want to use a tightening tool, you'll need some cotton swabs, to process each spot individually. Prizhgite pimple soaked in astringent lotion swab How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions  How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions
 Then discard the swab. For the treatment of acne, you will need each new pad - so you can prevent the spread of bacteria and infection.

Daily exercise can help maintain a healthy balance of all types of skin, as they stimulate the flow of blood to the skin, causing the skin gets a healthy glow. In addition, fitness relieve stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 Which can also cause acne.

Some medications for acne can be dangerous for pregnant women. Only some of them can be replaced by topical means, but if you are not ready to forget the flawless skin, be prepared for complications. Typically, doctors do not recommend pregnant women take some whatsoever oral acne medications.

The appearance of acne is caused by hormonal changes in the body. They will disappear immediately after birth.

 Skin Care | Acne in pregnancy - how to reduce the effects to a minimum?

Retinoic acid is harmful during pregnancy

Medicines which include retinoic acid, used to treat severe acne, it is very dangerous for the unborn child. According to the results of scientific research, retinoic acid (Roaccutane) causes birth defects in development, and in some cases can lead to miscarriage. Topical medications (ointments) containing Tretinoin (Tretinoin) is also considered to be hazardous for this reason.

If you are trying to conceive and are taking retinoic acid in one form or another, immediately discard it. Doctors have determined that this drug within 15 - 17 days after conception increases the risk of birth defects of the baby up to 40%. It also became known that retinoic acid remains in a woman's body at least two months (sometimes up to three months), so doctors are advised to combine with isotretinoin pill.

Scientists Worry also causes high levels of vitamin A in the means of acne Acne: facial trouble  Acne: facial trouble
 Which can also cause birth defects in the child's development, including learning disabilities, various defects of the brain and heart, as well as facial deformity. If you are concerned about a possible lack of vitamin A in the body, it is advisable to eat plenty of red, orange and yellow fruits and vegetables.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict whether you will face the risk of acne during pregnancy. Is immune from this, no woman, and universal and effective cure for this scourge does not exist. You just have to wait. However, the risk of acne reduces a healthy lifestyle.

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