How to get rid of deep wrinkles on the forehead: different methods, different effects

June 26th, 2014

 how to get rid of deep wrinkles on the forehead
 Youth of today - it's not just age. It is a measure of success, it's a fashion trend, it's a fetish. Women do everything possible to stay young as long as possible, and even small wrinkles caused horror. And the question of how to get rid of deep wrinkles on the forehead, waves, probably without exception: such evidence of past years do not paint anyone.


Some theory

Of all the age-related changes of the skin folds - most noticeable defect. The reason of their occurrence in that in the skin with age is reduced collagen and elastin - fibers which impart elasticity to the epidermis. As a result, the skin becomes loose and easy-going in ugly folds.

Wrinkles are divided into superficial and deep. The latter usually appear at the age of forty. Depending on the hereditary predisposition, lifestyle, skin care and other factors, the age of the appearance of deep wrinkles on the skin, of course, may vary. First wrinkles are not very deep, but eventually show through all the sharper.

Wrinkles may appear, even in his youth. Expressive facial expressions often plays a cruel joke with young beauties: the habit to wrinkle forehead or frown does not pass in vain, and forehead wrinkles appear unsympathetic, that old face, and make it unattractive.

Sooner or later, the wrinkles, however, appear at all. Though cosmetologists for decades looking for a way to avoid the occurrence of such defects is easier to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, than get rid of them later.

Preventive measures are intended to maintain a constant level of skin hydration and stimulate collagen production.

Permanent high-quality skin care, as well as protecting it from the sun and other adverse factors allow to delay the appearance of wrinkles sometimes for a substantial period. Modern cosmetology offers a variety of procedures designed to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin and moisturizing the epidermis, allowing you to keep your skin young as long as possible. At home, you can use the funds with vitamin E or aloe Aloe - its amazing healing properties  Aloe - its amazing healing properties
 , Mask based on honey, olive oil, yeast.


One problem - many solutions

If the wrinkles on the forehead, despite all preventive measures, all the same there, they can and must be fought. Today there are many ways to get rid of this cosmetic defect, both at home and in the office beautician or by a plastic surgeon.

It is advisable to start with the most simple and affordable home methods. If they prove to be ineffective, then come all the "heavy artillery".


Pets methods

At home, you can get rid of wrinkles with the help of special exercises or cosmetics. Exercising helps to tighten facial muscles, resulting in skin also tightens and smoothes. The exercises are very effective if done regularly. But the exercises from time to time to get rid of the wrinkles will not help.

Creams, masks or serum for home use do not always produce the desired effect. Typically, such means comprises collagen that has to penetrate into the thickness of the skin and compensate for the lack of natural elastic fibers. However, the effect of creams is usually superficial, so they are, at best, help to smooth the top layer of the skin, but are unlikely to have any appreciable effect on wrinkles. The same can be said of the masks or serum. The last means more concentration, than conventional creams, but expect them miracles still not worth it.


In a beautician or surgeon

The most popular remedy for wrinkles - is, of course, Botox. Botox injections cause temporary paralysis of the facial muscles, they stop moving and, accordingly, reduced mobility and skin. As a result, the skin on his forehead smoothed, becomes smooth. It is believed that the skin over time "accustomed" thus acquired to the smoothness, and hence, wrinkles do not arise. But in reality, injections have to be repeated on a regular basis about once every six months.

If Botox makes experienced, the result is bound to be great. If the doctor's qualification is not sufficient, there may be unpleasant complications.

On the second place in popularity - the injection of hyaluronic acid and other substances, which will eventually dissolve. We introduce these substances directly under the wrinkles and how to fill the skin from the inside. As a result, the surface of the epidermis is smoothed. Injections are considered to be harmless, have a minimum of contraindications, and their effect can be accumulated.

Another type of injection involves the introduction under the skin of materials or implants that are no longer dissolve. This category also apply the famous "golden thread", is very popular at the time. To perform this procedure are very important qualifications and experience of the doctor if they are not sufficient, there may be a very unpleasant side effects.

Sometimes the correction of wrinkles used laser skin resurfacing or deep chemical peels. These procedures removed the upper layer of the skin and starts the regeneration of skin cells. The procedure is quite painful, so it is performed under general anesthesia. The recovery period can take about a week, but after that the skin will look noticeably younger. However, in the fight against deep wrinkles on the forehead, such measures are usually not very effective - it is better to give preference to injection methods, implants, or if other methods do not help restore youth, surgical facelift.

Lift the skin - one of the oldest ways to make the skin younger. This surgery is stretching the skin and removing its surplus. The effect, if the lift does a skillful surgeon oshelomitelen, but the operation has a lot of contraindications, and complications from the no one is immune.

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Bezsulfatnye shampoos - cosmetic details

November 9, 2014

  • Bezsulfatnye shampoos - cosmetic details
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 bezsulfatnye shampoos
 Should you use bezsulfatnye shampoo that is included in their composition and the products which companies should pay attention to?


What sulfates

Sulfates - a substance through which shampoos by adding water give a thick rich foam. These ingredients of shampoos, which, incidentally, are also part of certain cleaning products, in recent years has often been criticized for the fact that they cause a strong pushenie hair (especially in people with curly hair), and may damage the painted hair. Many hair salons strongly recommend using only bezsulfatny shampoo after keratin straightening, perms, and a radical change in hair color. This is because the sulfates are particularly harmful for the hair which are already weakened by such aggressive treatments.

Why sulfates are still widely used in shampoos? The main reasons for this are as follows:

  • Foam. This is what we have already said - sulfates form a dense foam, which many are so fond of, and which, incidentally, is not always boast bezsulfatnye shampoos;
  • Functionality. Sulfates, in particular sodium laureth sulfate, which is included in most shampoos (look at the label of your shampoo and you'll almost certainly find it in the first lines of the list of ingredients), among others, are the detergent, ie, cleaning agents. With the problem sulfates cope well - they will quickly wash away the grease and other contaminants, which are not soluble in water;
  • Price. Sulfates are much cheaper to produce than other, less aggressive detergents.


How useful bezsulfatnye shampoos?

Firstly, shampoos bezsulfatnye significantly less likely to cause irritation of the scalp than shampoos, which contain sulphates. However, not all people are sensitive to sulphates, but if after shampooing you often occurs itchy skin and / or red, or scaly skin, you may want to buy only bezsulfatny shampoo.

Moreover, in many shampoos sulfate containing a small amount of a substance such as 1, 4-dioxane. It is a byproduct of sulfate detergents, and besides, a potential carcinogen. In one study, a small concentration of the chemical has been detected in 46% of tested tools for body care and hair care, including shampoos.

The most useful are bezsulfatnye shampoos for people with very sensitive skin Sensitive skin: causes and care  Sensitive skin: causes and care
   head, eczema, dry hair Dry hair: how to restore hair vitality?  Dry hair: how to restore hair vitality?
 And for those who suffer from hair loss, and who want as long as possible to preserve the rich color of dyed hair.


Where to buy shampoo bezsulfatny

Today made a lot bezsulfatnyh shampoos, and can be found in many major stores and, of course, in online stores. However, it is important to carefully read the information on the labels not to buy shampoo called bezsulfatnym because sulfates in its structure were replaced by other, less aggressive chemical compounds.

It is not necessary to buy a shampoo, if it is labeled as bezsulfatny, but its composition has components such as cocamide DEA (Cocamide DEA), komamid IEA (Cocamide MEA), polyethylene glycol (Polyethylene glycol, PEG), or cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaines.

These substances cause irritation, itching and other skin problems The most common skin problems and their solutions  The most common skin problems and their solutions
   not less than the sulfates.

The shampoo composition bezsulfatnogo safe for sensitive skin, typically includes a large number of plant extracts, oils, and other plant products. The list of ingredients, such shampoos may include the following materials:

  • Glycosides - organic compounds that are derived from renewable sources of plant origin, such as oils and starches. For example, lauryl glycoside, which are made from cocoa butter and sugar, is one of the most mild cleansers, currently known;
  • Taurates and fatty acid isethionates. These substances are also derived from coconut oils, and they not only efficiently and gently removed dirt, but act as a hair conditioner;
  • Glutamate - a substance based on amino acids, which are found in many certified organic means for hair care and body care. If large amounts of foods are best avoided glutamates, their presence in the shampoo bezsulfatnogo suggests that before you product which rarely causes an allergic reaction Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat  Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat
   and skin irritation, and it is safe even for small children.

Additionally composed good bezsulfatnyh shampoos should be vegetable extracts and / or essential oils; the latter are natural and, in most cases, the safe replacement of artificial flavors.