Complexion - use proven tools

January 20, 2008

   There are several different methods and techniques that help maintain a fresh and beautiful complexion. Drinking enough water, proper nutrition and proper skin care - the basic tools that help maintain skin tone, its elasticity and slow down the aging process.

Our skin consists of several layers, and its outer layer is most influenced by the environment. And to our skin was always well-groomed, and the complexion - well, the skin must be protected from contamination and excessive ultraviolet radiation.

These two factors make the complexion dark and dim. To improve the complexion How to improve complexion: 4 steps to beautiful skin  How to improve complexion: 4 steps to beautiful skin
 First of all, you need to get rid of pigmentation. But for this it is necessary to use only natural products and no chemicals that eventually damage the skin.

That is what means should be used to get radiant skin and beautiful complexion.

 Complexion - use proven tools

Proper nutrition

Diet plays an important role, as we need to nourish your skin with nutrients. Proper nutrition can improve skin tone and wrong - lead to loss of skin tone and elasticity. If the diet is too many carbs or fat, the skin is forced to respond in a certain way. It may become more oily and covered with pimples.

At the same time, if a person consumes enough fresh fruits and vegetables, it will also affect the skin and complexion. The skin acquires a radiant appearance and the complexion will become more fresh and healthy. Proper nutrition - it is the faithful and most effective way to improve the complexion.

All this does not mean that it is necessary to completely eliminate from your diet, such as chocolate. After all, many people simply can not resist the temptation to try a prohibited product. But the number of wholesome food should significantly exceed the amount of food harmful. In addition, a healthy diet Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating  Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating
   will saturate the body with vitamins and minerals to strengthen the bones and muscles and strengthen the immune system to resist infection. It is also necessary to pay attention to how leather responds to different products. If some of them have a negative impact on the skin, it is best to avoid these foods or eat them in small quantities.

 Complexion - use proven tools

Program skincare

People often worsen the condition of your skin by using unsuitable care products ha it. You need to know your skin type and purchase the appropriate means to care for applying makeup. For oily skin, regardless of the type of product required cosmetics containing no oils, so that the skin look natural and that was not greasy. Also, production of skin care products should have a dampening effect, without irritating the skin at the same time. Those on the face has a rash, have to remember that you can not squeeze pimples, and that this could lead to an even greater number of them, as well as scars on the skin.

If the color of a person begins to lose the freshness, you need to massage the face and neck with a sufficient number of cosmetic masks made from natural ingredients.

In the means to care for skin with one of the most effective ways to fight wrinkles is a papaya that helps cleanse the skin, cucumber, which will help remove dark circles under the eyes, lemon and sugar for skin whitening and raw milk helps to clean the pores of the face. These tools can work wonders in the fight against pigmentation.

 Complexion - use proven tools

An effective sunscreen

Always when going outside on a sunny day, you should use sunscreen. It is known that agents with natural components, e.g., with more Aloe Aloe - its amazing healing properties  Aloe - its amazing healing properties
   faith in the lineup, effectively protect against excessive sun tanning.

 Complexion - use proven tools

Adequate water consumption

The skin care program includes the consumption of eight to ten glasses of water a day. Water cleans toxins from the skin layers and makes the complexion radiant. And besides, this is the safest and cheapest way to provide the skin proper care.

 Complexion - use proven tools

Reduce your stress level

It is also necessary to remember that in order to achieve a beautiful complexion must be subjected to as little stress. For example, you should not lose self-control, if the skin is poured acne. Experiences and stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
   lead to increased sebaceous glands, and hence to the appearance of even greater amounts of acne. Relieve stress help physical exercise, such as yoga or daily walks in the fresh air. Exercise will strengthen the heart muscle, give you energy to work and help all the body's systems to function properly during the day.

Remember that improve the condition, and hence the color of the skin, - the task is not for one day. It takes a lot of time, and it must always be remembered. You also need to remember that this process may take longer than you expect, but do not give up, just keep a healthy lifestyle, and once you get a fine, fresh complexion. All in your hands. You can also consult a doctor who can suggest other effective ways to improve the complexion.

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Funds from baldness: saving hair

March 22, 2012

 means baldness
 Alopecia occurs in many men and even some women. Some see it simply as a condition caused by genetics or age. For others it is a sign that you need to take active steps to prevent further hair loss, or even grow hair again. For those among the latter, there are several ways to prevent hair loss and regrow hair. Some of them are available without a prescription, while others - only on prescription. In addition, there are surgical methods to combat hair loss.

 Funds from baldness: saving hair


With the help of "smart" haircut can disguise the skin of the head, have been subjected to baldness. Depending on the severity of the situation, the barber or stylist can choose a hairstyle that would look good. Long bangs to help cover up the retreating hairline and a long strands create the impression of thicker hair. You can decide on a haircut machine or completely shave his head.

 Funds from baldness: saving hair

Shampoos, hair bulking

Shampoos that give hair volume, are sold everywhere, but the best option is professional brands. The shampoo for volume use natural extracts and chemicals, bulking and strengthening hair follicles. The idea is good in theory, but the results are different: someone really get thicker, more voluminous hair, but for others it will simply washing your hair - literally.

 Funds from baldness: saving hair

Dyes and thickeners for hair

For thinning and thinning hair cosmetic industry offers several dyes and so-called thickeners, which create an optical illusion of hair. For example, one embodiment, a thickening agent for hair Toppik, consists of organic fibers of keratin, which intertwine with your own hair, making hair visually bulky and thick. These tools can be easily found on the Internet. However, we must remember that they are expensive and sometimes obvious to everyone.

 Funds from baldness: saving hair

Natural hair loss prevention

There are natural ways to prevent hair loss or at least delay its onset. A healthy diet is the key, because the hair is made of protein, so you need to get enough protein from food. It can also help to grow lost hair. Daily intake of vitamin or mineral supplements also helps, because the hair needs certain vitamins (such as vitamin B), so that they can grow properly.

 Funds from baldness: saving hair


Regeyn (Minoxidil) in the form of liquid or cream is rubbed or sprayed onto the scalp to prevent hair loss further Hair loss - the distress signal  Hair loss - the distress signal
   and the growth of new hair. At its core, the tool is a vasodilator. This chemical, which enhances the smooth muscles of blood vessels, and thus when it is applied directly to the scalp, the hair follicles animates shriveled and increases their size, which ultimately leads to a more dense mean hair and the growth of new hair. However, only about a third of those using this tool, do find it useful for the prevention of alopecia and the frontal hair loss is no treats. Average user must use it twice a day for four months before being seen any results. Upon termination of the use of problem usually returns within twelve months. Although side effects are generally insignificant Regeyn can cause serious diseases, such as low blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing?  Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing?
 , Vision loss, irregular heartbeat and chest pain Chest pain is one symptom - a lot of diseases  Chest pain is one symptom - a lot of diseases
 . Rogaine, certainly helps some, but it does not help everyone. Furthermore, the minoxidil may be left on the scalp a feeling of stickiness. There is a special formula of Minoxidil on women.

Finasteride is indicated for the prevention of baldness during otraschivaniya lost hair. The percentage of success when using high. In some men, this tool gives sexual side effects. Before applying it is necessary to consult with your doctor. Finasteride is not for use in women.

Hair Transplants - a surgical procedure in which the doctor removes hair from areas not affected by hair loss, and transplant them into the balding area. Comments about this method ambiguous because some patients get excellent results, while poorly executed operation can lead to an aesthetically unpleasant results.

 Funds from baldness: saving hair

Treatment of alopecia laser

This relatively new form of treatment for baldness Hair Loss - a rather delicate problem  Hair Loss - a rather delicate problem
   using a device that projects the light energy of thirty positions 600 points on the scalp. The light is designed to stimulate the cells, thereby stimulating hair growth in a dead / damaged cells. This non-surgical procedure must be repeated in order to achieve optimal results, sometimes at least once a month.

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