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October 17, 2010

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Beauty treatments

In order to visit a beauty salon skin care needs time, financial resources, which are sometimes not, and sometimes they want to save. But in order to ensure their skin care is not worse than in the cabin, you can resort to some tricks at home that will look amazing.

 Procedures | Skin Care: beauty salon at home

Shining eyes

Tea bags, slices of cucumber - the so-called "old wives' care for the skin around the eyes. And they are still relevant, so there is no reason to give them up.

Tea bags have to choose unscented, preferably green tea or chamomile. Before the procedure, they should hold in the refrigerator, then put on the eyelids for 10-15 minutes. The same can be done with fresh cucumber, cut into slices. These procedures make the skin around the eyes smooth and radiant, eliminating puffiness, bags and dark circles under the eyes.

 Procedures | Skin Care: beauty salon at home

Bath Face

Steaming the face - a great way to cleanse the pores and prevent inflammation. Make it at home is very simple - it is necessary to boil the water and a few minutes to hold over steam face, having covered his head with a towel. An added bonus in this case will be the essential oils added to water, which is made of a standard cosmetic procedure aromatherapy. After steamed face and open pores, cosmetic works better and accordingly, the efficiency of care will be higher. Be careful - it is impossible to steam your face while rosacea, severity of inflammation.

 Procedures | Skin Care: beauty salon at home

Deep cleansing

Large salt and sugar is an excellent tool for exfoliation, but in order for it to be effective and painless, they should be mixed with other, softer ingredients. Olive oil is suitable as a pair to the salt and sugar may be mixed with honey. Weight is applied to the skin, which gently massaged his fingers. It is recommended to close the procedure peeling leave a lot on the face for 5-10 minutes, so that the skin moisturizing and scrub it does not hurt.

 Procedures | Skin Care: beauty salon at home

Home Hammam

To relax in this Turkish bath Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures  Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures
 You can try to do something like this in private - it is not so expensive, but very nice and efficient.

Take a cool shower with a scrub, which cleanse the skin, toning it. Then, prepare a bath with aromatic oils Essential Oils - whether they will help in a difficult moment?  Essential Oils - whether they will help in a difficult moment?
 : Invigorate citrus, lavender The healing properties of lavender - not only pleasant aroma  The healing properties of lavender - not only pleasant aroma
   relaxing, soothing aromas of pine. Along the perimeter of the bath, you can lay out the scented candles that will overlap with the selected scent. After taking a bath (not more than 15 minutes), it is necessary once again to take a cool shower, then put on a warm coat and a cup of tea with mint Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness  Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness
 . Applied to the skin moisturizing lotion with argan oil, or coconut.

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Dry shampoo: advantages and disadvantages - Is it worth it to use

December 25, 2012

  • Dry shampoo: advantages and disadvantages
  • Is it worth it to use

 dry shampoo whether to use it

What is a dry shampoo and whether to use it

In case you will need to wash my hair without water - for example, if you are in a hurry, or simply turned off the water - it is recommended to have at hand a dry shampoo. For daily use it is not appropriate, but in some cases, a dry shampoo can be quite indispensable.

Modern cosmetic brands offer a variety of tools for hair care that can more or less successfully replace traditional shampoo. One such tool was the dry shampoo - an unusual alternative to the classic shampoo, characterized fundamentally different texture and properties. Dry shampoo is ideal if, for showering and shampooing grade is simply not enough time: it helps to achieve the purity and beauty of hair in just a few minutes, do not waste time taking a bath.

Dry shampoo available in the form of a spray powder, which must be sprayed directly on the hair, or in the form of rings, which are compressed dry nutrients. Effectively cleansing the hair, dry shampoo allows for clean and beautiful hair in just a few minutes, absorbing dirt from the surface of the hair. Remains of dry shampoo just combed out of the hair of normal comb. Dry shampoo can instantly get rid of the effect of greasy hair, adds volume to them, makes the hair clean, shiny, nice-smelling, it is not requiring water.

In dry washing hair, there is one obvious advantage: a part of the funds did not include the activity of alkaline ingredients, not the best way affect the scalp. The resulting dry shampoo acts exclusively on the hair, and not to the scalp. Of course, entirely replace the traditional shampoo dry shampoo does not work, however, for owners of oily skin Oily skin: Natural and artificial care  Oily skin: Natural and artificial care
   head and hair that falls to wash my hair every day, a dry shampoo can be a good alternative to standard tools for hair care.

In some cases, dry shampoo - perhaps the only means to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of hair.

For example, dry shampoo indispensable when no time full shampooing or when water is simply not present - for example, on a business trip or travel. In addition, dry shampoo is suitable as a supplement to the usual shampoo for damaged hair owners, who use a traditional shampoo every day is simply impossible. Daily hair washing with a conventional shampoo, drying hot hair dryer and styling cause additional damage to the hair - so my head with regular shampoo three times a week, and in other cases, using a dry shampoo, you can significantly reduce damage and brittle hair.

Dry shampoo - the product is not new: such shampoos originally appeared in the seventies as a way to quickly freshen up with a deficit of time. While a decade ago dry shampoos produced mainly in the form of pressed tiles, is today the most convenient form of dry shampoo - a spray, spray on hair powder. To produce a dry shampoo can be at home and on the basis of talcum powder and various herbs.

However, the dry shampoo, for all its benefits, there is one obvious drawback: anyone, even the most expensive and high-quality dry shampoo cleanses the hair is not as good as a traditional shampoo. Rather, a dry shampoo can be considered a means to an emergency, in any case not replace the usual shampoo. In addition, the process of removing particles from the hair cleanser can be a real problem - especially if you do not have a comb with fine teeth or hair itself is very thick, fluffy and curly.

Normal shampoo washes away the sebum, and various pollution - traces of styling products, dead cells of the scalp, and so on. Dry shampoo absorbs sebum, and when his shake and combed, the hair is much cleaner.

In most cases, dry shampoos are made from starches. As a dry shampoo can also be used talc, large salt, clay dry (powdered), baking soda. Best of all, however, give preference to commercial dry shampoos - they are not only better clean the hair, but also more easily combed out of the hair.

 Is it worth it to use | Dry shampoo: advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of dry shampoo

Washing hair - a simple and mandatory part of self-care, but sometimes it is very difficult to find the time. Unlike conventional shampoo, dry shampoo can be used without water and to use it to clean the scalp and hair, only need a few minutes to spare. Dry shampoo absorbs the fat located on the surface of the scalp and hair, and then you just shake off and combed his hair out. But though this product seems very practical, it has not only advantages.

  • Benefits

The biggest advantage of dry shampoo is how much time it allows you to save .  There is no need to undress and go into the shower, wet hair, wash them with shampoo and rinse the shampoo, apply conditioner on them and rinse conditioner, and then another dry and style your hair .  All that is needed - just put dry shampoo on the scalp, wait a minute or two until it absorbs fats, and comb your hair .  Average duration of shampooing, a total of about one hour with dry shampoo can be reduced to five mine .  Another important advantage - compactness .  It is enough to take with half a tablespoon of dry shampoo to quickly bring the hair up after training, work, or after spending the night with friends .  This is much easier than to carry a normal shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer and styling products .  Finally, dry shampoo will allow less frequently wash and style your damaged hair .

Using a dry shampoo, you can extend the life of their little styling, but also slow down the process of "washing" color treated hair. If frequent shampooing starts to negatively affect the condition of hair, you can use a dry shampoo at least once a week to give your hair a break.

  • disadvantages

Firstly, not all dry shampoos are the same, and to choose them difficult, since they are not intended for dry, oily and normal hair (if something like that is written on the packaging with a dry shampoo - it is nothing more than a marketing ploy). Some shampoos plaque left on the hair or visible flakes after other hair remains clean and shiny. When choosing a dry shampoo, pay attention, first of all, in the name of the manufacturer - the products of famous (and expensive) brands, as a rule, is different enough high quality.

Secondly, it is important to remember that dry shampoo will not replace conventional shampooing. It can be used for one or two days, then it will be almost useless.

Third, many dry shampoos, even very high-quality, dark hair left on the bright patina. To avoid this, buy only shampoo for brunettes.

Dry shampoo cleanses the hair is not as good as a normal shampoo.

If you have very oily hair Oily hair: solving the problem of excess sebum  Oily hair: solving the problem of excess sebum
   or dandruff Dandruff: where it comes from, and what to do  Dandruff: where it comes from, and what to do
 , Dry shampoo will be of little use. In addition, dry shampoo is not recommended for owners of strongly and very curly dark hair. Because curly hair Caring for curly hair - a remedy is right for you?  Caring for curly hair - a remedy is right for you?
   Powder is very difficult to comb; on dark hair powder residue can be very noticeable.

Finally, use a dry shampoo can be quite difficult - especially if you ever do not. Many people after the first failed attempts to give up the idea to wash your hair without water. However, most problems can be solved if you buy dry shampoo with an applicator - a maximum simplify your task.

 Is it worth it to use | Dry shampoo: advantages and disadvantages


  • Carefully comb the hair.
  • Apply on the scalp dry shampoo. Do this over a bathtub or sink, otherwise you will have a long time to sweep the floor. Within minutes massage the scalp, then comb the hair to shampoo was distributed over the entire length. If you have a little time, you can apply shampoo only on the hair at the roots - as a rule, most of the sebum is there.
  • Wait. Typically, 5-10 minutes is enough to dry shampoo completely absorbed sebum from the hair.
  • Again, carefully comb the hair to remove the dry shampoo. If necessary, use a hairdryer to blow off any powder residue.

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