Chapped lips - lips look after properly - protection measures

January 15, 2013

  • Chapped lips - lips look after properly
  • Protective measures

 measures to protect the lips from cracking

Measures to protect the lips from cracking

Sun, wind, cold, heat - the impact of weather events especially feeling the skin, lips, and often suffer the most. Due to the very thin layer of skin and lack of sebaceous glands are often dry, cracked, and require our careful care. Heating homes, sour and spicy food, toothpaste can further worsen the condition of the lips.

In addition, the lips may crack due to lick their habits. When saliva evaporates from the surface, and it is very fast, even greater lip lose moisture. Furthermore, saliva contains substances that help break down food - of course, they do not have a favorable impact on the lips.

Attempts to remove the flakes of dry skin Dry skin: care and treatment  Dry skin: care and treatment
   with chapped lips lead to the fact that the healing process is slowed down. Sometimes cracks on the lips fall bacteria causing the infection. Finally, irritation of the skin chapped lips can awaken dormant herpes.

 Protection measures | Chapped lips - lips look after properly

What to do

To lips look good, they need protection. Lip balm will provide the necessary protection, or help heal lips faster if they are cracked. Choose balms ingredients such as castor oil, safflower oil, shea butter, glycerin Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair  Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair
 . In addition, it is strongly recommended to use a lip balm with sunscreen - even if you live closer to the North Pole than the equator.

Carefully study the balsam. Some ingredients, such as an extract of eucalyptus, menthol, and camphor, may cause irritation and dry lips.

People who are prone to acne Acne: facial trouble  Acne: facial trouble
   and acne, avoid balms, which include Vaseline Vaseline: old friend  Vaseline: old friend

Chapped lips can also be lubricated with various vegetable oils, butter, goose fat. While the lips are not healed, avoid too hot, spicy or acidic foods; gently use a toothbrush - try not to touch the lip bristle.

Pay attention to your diet. Lack of fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids can be one of the reasons that the skin of the lips begins to dry and crack.

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Baldness in men: how to fix the problem - Treatment

December 26, 2011

  • Baldness in men: how to fix the problem
  • Treatment

 treatment of male pattern baldness

Treatment of baldness in men

Over the past few years, medicine has made significant progress in the treatment of hair loss in men. With the advent of inhibitors of 5-alpha-reductase such as Propecia, and development in the field of surgical repair of hair, baldness is no longer imminent. For the first time it became possible to stop or slow the progression of hair loss and regain lost hair surgically received a very natural result.

However, the vast majority of anti-hair loss advertised today, no more than a "panacea."

Funds advertised in men's magazines, on radio and television promise miraculous results in the treatment of hair loss. Unfortunately, most of them do not have a noticeable effect.

Successful treatment of hair loss depends largely on early intervention. It is important to start with an effective means, as soon as it was noticed the beginning of hair loss.

Male hair loss is genetically determined (passed from parents). Although a physician can offer treatment to improve the condition, it may have side effects.

 Treatment | Hair Loss in men: how to fix the problem

What can you do at home?

First of all, you need to determine their attitude to hair loss. With hair loss Hair loss - the distress signal  Hair loss - the distress signal
   facing most of the male population, and different people react to it very differently.

It is important to try to accept hair loss for what it is - something natural. Rather than hide bald spots remaining hair or a wig is probably better to leave the hair as it is, or to shave them completely. However, you can try to restore your hair. Possible treatments are discussed below.

 Treatment | Hair Loss in men: how to fix the problem

How to treat male pattern baldness?

Baldness is generally regarded as a natural state and not as a disease. So if people want to try to recover his hair, he may have to pay for the long-term, expensive procedure themselves.

 Treatment | Hair Loss in men: how to fix the problem


  • Lotion Minoxidil (Rogaine regular strength or Rogaine extra strength). The drug is applied twice daily to the scalp. Minoxidil was originally invented for the treatment of high blood pressure, hair growth is a side effect, which in this case turned out to be useful. About sixty percent of patients in varying degrees, feeling the effect of this agent, which disappears as soon as the medication stops.
  • Finasteride (Propecia). This drug is taken in pill form, partially blocking the action of male hormones (the "anti-androgen"). It is used at a higher dose, to reduce the size of the prostate in men with benign prostatic hyperplasia Hyperplasia - do not be afraid  Hyperplasia - do not be afraid
   Prostate. It is noted that Propecia stops further hair loss and promote regrowth of scalp hair in approximately eighty percent of patients after three - six months of treatment. To maintain the effect of improving the hair growth treatment should be continued.

 Treatment | Hair Loss in men: how to fix the problem

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery may be the only reliable way of replacement of lost hair, and techniques for restoring hair growth are constantly improving. These include:

  • transplantation, when the surgeon moves non-sensitive hairs from the nape to the crown. It is best for men whose hair loss is limited to the front of the scalp. Factors that determine whether a person is a suitable candidate include age, hair color, the nature of hair loss, and then whether the hair is curly or straight.
  • scalp reduction, a technique that is best suited for men with a small, well-defined bald spot on the crown of the head.
  • plastic flap, which includes stretching the skin of the head, which still have the hair. It is possible in cases where the area of ​​baldness Hair Loss - a rather delicate problem  Hair Loss - a rather delicate problem

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